Written by Dougbug322


Episode 1: The Openink (Hey, you screwed up!)

Episode 2: When Pokemon do their own show.

Episode 3: Cat Fite (Someone sue this guy.)

Episode 4: Do you think?

Episode 5: What's your style, Totodile?

Episode 6: Horsea is gonna die.

Movie Special (a.k.a.) The Mall of Doom.

Episode 7: Life with The Raz

Episode 8: Meowth gets jealous

Episode 9: This is the BOMB!

Episode 10: The Madz go on a tour

Episode 11: Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!

Episode 12: Charmander turns up the heat

Movie Special 2: Attack of the Naughty Freak Squad

Episode 13: Who's Line is it, Anyway?

Episode 14: The Spooky Minedigging Person

Episode 15: The Madz meet Frieza

Episode 16: Another Psycho Story

Episode 17: Back where we started

Episode 18: Send in the Furbies

Movie special #3: PokeMadness goes to court

Episode 19: The Headless Horseman reigns Supreme

Episode 20: Horsea, the slayed vampire

Episode 21: Who's gonna be a millionaire?

Episode 22: Misty makes her debut

Episode 23: The Blue's Clues blues

Episode 24: Mojo Jojo goes to make copies.

Movie special #4: The Princess who wouldn't shut up.

Episode 25: Homer meets Evil Homer

Episode 26: Tracey's in the house.

Episode 27: We see Pee Wee

Episode 28: The PokeMadness Chatroom

Episode 29: Yoda Cracker

Episode 30: The dangerous Horsea

Halloween Special

Episode 31: April Fools, you Big Dumb Jerk!.

Episode 32: The truth about Evona and Exorb.

Episode 33: Why do weird things happen? (WAIT! Why am I asking YOU guys?!)

Epsiode 34: You Got Mail! (FANmail, that is. ^_^)

Episode 35: The Evil Spirit Part1


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