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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322

Title: Episode 20: Horsea, the slayed vampire

Charmander: Ah, nothing beats watching a new episode of Buffy the vampire 
Pikachu: You said it.
Meowth: I think Buffy's hot.
Totodile: I wonder who plays her?
Chikorita: Why do you think they have opening credits?
Daffy: One thing that me, pokemon, and buffy have in common is that we're on 
the WB network.
Homer: Does the WB have beer?
Bubbles: I caught my own pokemon, a Jigglypuff.
Meowth: What're ya gonna call it? PowerpuffJigglypuff?!
*everyone else cracks up*
Buffy: Have you guys seen a vampire in here?
Pikachu: What vampire?
Charmander: Can you describe him?
Buffy: Let's see, sharp fangs, pale skin, turns into a bat, wears a black 
cape, and can't stand the sunlight.
Horsea: Horrrseaaa.
Vampire: Ooh, a yummy seahorse. I vonder vhat eets blood tastes like?
*vampire sucks horsea's blood*
Vampire: YUCK! Eet tastes like SEAVEED and GARLEEC!
Buffy: Did I mention that vampires hate garlic?
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Buffy: Shut up, Raz!
Meowth: How many times do we have to tell everyone?! WE DON"T CALL HIM "RAZ"! 
Buffy: Let's go, Vampire. These guys are crazy.
Vampire: Yah, Vhatever.
Horsea: Horrrrrrrrrrrrrsea!
Homer: Horsea's a vampire!
Totodile: Got any garlic?
Chikorita: I got some. Hey!
*homer eats garlic*
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, garlic.
Pikachu: Cough!
Charmander: Aw, MAN!
Meowth: Homer, you're breath is FOOTBALL kickin'!
Totodile: Hey! Horsea's flying away from the garlic scent.
Chikorita: That's no good!
Bubbles: Why not?
Daffy: The sun's coming up!
Everyone: OH, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, well. These things happen.
*horsea gets disintegrated by the sunlight*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, disintegrated vampire horsea.
To be continued.....................................
Meowth: The next episode is where we go on "Who wants to be a millionaire?"!