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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322, whatya gonna go when I come for you.

Title: Movie Special#3: PokeMadness goes to court

Daffy and Bubbles' trip to Six Flags was cancelled. Now, them and the 
others are in the court of Judge Melissa Nofair. 
Nofair: The defendents are Pikachu, Charmander, Meowth, Totodile, Chikorita, 
Daffy Duck, Homer Simpson, Bubbles, Horsea, The Raz, and uhh...that's it. Do 
you guys know why you're here?
Pikachu: No.
Charmander: Uhh, did we do something illegal?
Meowth: This is stupid.
Totodile: Do you know why we're here?
Chikorita: Do you have any miracle gro for my leaf?
Daffy: This is despicable!
Homer: Where's the beer?
Bubbles: Is there a puppy?
Nofair: You're here, because your show is to be canceled.
Daffy: Just like our trip to Six Flags?
Nofair: Uhhhhhhhh, something like that. Let's review the episodes, shall we?
Meowth: This won't end well.
Nofair: Here are the results.
Episode 1: Rejected Angelica off show.
Episode 2: Tom Green singing the bum bum song.
Episode 3: Having a cat fight.
Episode 4: Mentioning petty coat.
Episode 5: Profanity at the network censors.
Episode 6: Killing a horsea
Movie Special 1: Burning a girl
Episode 7: Letting The Raz humiliate other people on TV
Episode 8: Jealousy
Episode 9: Bombs
Episode 10: Not doing something you said you were going to do.
Episode 11: Ruining Saturday Night Live
Episode 12: Rejecting Angelica again
Movie Special 2: Using a ridiculous disquise
Episode 13: Ruining Who's Line is it, Anyway?
Episode 14: Improper use of hillbillies 
Episode 15: Using characters of DBZ
Episode 16: Sleeping through showtime
Episode 17: Using reverses
Episode 18: Improper use of Furbies
Totodile: And your point is?
Horsea: Horseaaa!
Nofair: Horsea, you're guilty!
*nofair kills horsea with minimallet thingy*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmm, guilty horsea.
Charmander: HA! You just violated the golden court rule!
Pikachu: Yeah! Judges can't smash itty bitty seahorses.
*nofair went to jail*
Homer: Some movie special this is!
Daffy: This ain't a movie special! That STUPID author's too lazy to make a 
good movie special!!!
Meowth: LET"S GET HIM!
The End

Author: OW! OOH! HEY! STOP! DAW! OW! Maybe making this movie special wasn't 
such a good idea.......