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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322

Title: Movie Special2: Attack of the Naughty Freak Squad

Meowth: Well, we're here.
Charmander: At the beach.
Chikorita: Now, me and Charmander can bathe in the sun's rays.
Totodile: Look at the waves.
Pikachu: Totodile and I are going surfing.
Daffy: It sure is beautiful out here.
Homer: Where's the beer?
Bubbles: I'm gonna build sand castles.
Horsea: Horseaaaaaaaaaa.
Meowth: THEY'RE here, too?!
Chikorita: They're always around.
Charmander: No doubt about THAT.
Pikachu: Hey. Three other guys are coming this way.
Totodile: What's that in their hands?
Daffy: They look like volleyballs.
Bubbles: Volleyballs, pokeballs, dragonballs,........
Homer: Cheeseballs.
Meowth: DUCK!
Daffy: Excuse me?!
Meowth: I mean uh...GET DOWN!
*those three guys throw volleyballs at them*
Chamander: Who ARE you guys?!
Three Guys: We're the NAUGHTY FREAK SQUAD!!!
Daffy: Hey, I've heard of these guys. The ladie is Swanlady, the idiot is 
Dopeguy, and the leader is Super Saiyan Dude.
Super Saiyan Dude: That's right, MAN! Now, we're gonna destroy you, MAN!
Bubbles: Why?
Super Saiyan Dude: Because, that's our job, MAN! Now, surrender or else, MAN!
Swanlady: Y'ah. Or else, for sure.
Dopeguy: What we talkin' 'bout, eh?
*they whack dopeguy*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Super Saiyan Dude: OH NO, it's The Raz, MAN! Run for your lives, MAN!
Swanlady: Like, I'll handle this creep. Now, get out of here, you.....
*swanlady trips in her high heels*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Swanlady: Like, these stupid shoes. I don't need these. Now, you'll lkie, 
*the raz trips her in the ocean*
Swanlady: Ugghhhh, my HAIR!!! My pantyhose! My Make-Up! My Clothes!
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Super Saiyan Dude: Dopeguy, Get'im, MAN!
Dopeguy: What you talkin' 'bout, eh?
Daffy: Super Saiyan Dude is using you.
Dopeguy: I gonna git you, DudeSuper!
*dopeguy beats up super saiyan dude and quits*
Super Saiyan Dude: Those SIMPLETONS were worthless, MAN! I'll be back, MAN!
Charmander: First Mallzorg, and now HIM?
Chikorita: We gotta DO something.
Everyone Else: You and Charmander do something about it!
Charmander and Chikorita: US???
??????: Perhaps, I can help you two.
Charmander: Whoa.
Chikorita: It's a Wartortle.
Wartortle: I'll help you stop Super Saiyan Dude.
Meowth: I'm goin', too. The rest of you show if you need t.....OR then again, 
I have a important encounter with that chick.
Charmander: Are you sure this is the way to find Super Saiyan Dude?
Chikorita: I don't even Goku could take HIM on. Super Saiyan Dude's worse 
than Captain Ginyu, Frieza, and Garlic Jr. put together.
Wartortle: We're here.
Cyndaquil: What's the password?
Wartortle: ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
Charmander: Wha?!
Chikorita: Smiley faces?!
Cyndaquil: Go on through.
Wartortle: This is the place, guys.
Charmander: I don't like it here.
Chikorita: Wartortle, do you know wha......Hey, you're not a WARTORTLE!!!
Wartortle: No, I am.......Super Saiyan Dude, MAN!
Everyone Else: ATTACK!!!!!!!!!
*the madz start attacking*
Author: This is taking too long. Let's fill up time. Okay, Opera Moron. Do 
your stuff.
Opera Moron: 









Author: Now, back to our program.
*the madz keep fighting*
Super Saiyan Dude: It's no use, MAN! You can never beat a super saiyan, MAN! 
Now, to finish you all off, MAN!
Pikachu: THUNDER!
Charmander: FIRE BLAST!
Totodile: HYDRO PUMP!
Chikorita: SOLAR BEAM!
Meowth: PAY DAY!
Daffy: Uhhh... IT'S RABBIT SEASON!
Homer: Uhhh......GET ME SOME BEER!
*all their attacks weakened super saiyan dude*
S.S.Dude: I'm weak, MAN! Can't fight back, MAN!
Pikachu: Now, let's kick him out of the story.
*no more s.s.dude*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Meowth: Well, I'm glad THAT'S over wi.....Oops.
*meowth accidently activated laser beam which zapped horsea*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, zapped horsea.
Chikorita: I'm bushed.
Charmander: I'm tired.
Meowth: I'm exhausted.
Pikachu: I'm sleepy.
Totodile: I feel like a Snorlax.
Daffy: I wanna hit the sack.
Bubbles: I wanna go to bed.
Homer: I'm POOPED!
*everyone else spewed*
Homer: What?!
Author: I can help you get to sleep quickly.
Charmander: How?
Author: By showing the credits.
Totodile: At least he didn't hire Jigglypuff.

Author, Director, Editor, etc.: Dougbug322

Cast: Pikachu, Charmander, Chikorita, Meowth, Totodile, Daffy Duck, Homer 
Simpson, Bubbles, Horsea, Cyndaquil, Super Saiyan Dude, Swanlady, Dopeguy, 
Wartortle, and The Raz.

Dopeguy: What that author talkin' 'bout, eh?
*author blows up dopeguy*