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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322, star quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

Title: Episode 15: The Madz meet Frieza

Charmander: Huh? Who's Frieza?! 
Meowth: That's the freak from Dragonball Z.
Pikachu: Everyone on DBZ is a freak!
Meowth: Watch what you say, Pikachu. There might be DBZ fans reading this. 
Also, I'm in another series with Vegeta, who's also from DBZ. If he reads 
this, he'll become a super-saiyan and he'll have your butt for this.
Totodile: Uh, guys. What about Frieza?
Chikorita: Is that him?
Meowth: No, that's Mewtwo. THAT'S Frieza.
Frieza: I will find all of the dragonballs and wish for immortality! You guys 
can never stop me! 
Meowth: Uh,.......Dragonballs?! Well, why didn't ya say so? I got all seven 
of them.
Charmander: Where'd you get them?
Meowth: I stole them from Giovanni. He thought they were rare pokeballs. 
Dragon: You may have 3 wishes.
Frieza: I wish for......
Meowth: Looihiawugoawirhnfyujlehyvbsuehybghyrzdgbiry!!!!!!!!!
Dragon: Yes, it shall be done. I will do something bad to the one you call 
Horsea: SEAAAAAA!!
*horsea glows and explodes*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmm, bits of horsea.
Frieza: I wish for.........
Meowth: Ojiwegtuuerhiuhweuitgiqegiejbailklanjeiruerhwiouhreig!!!!!!
Dragon: Yes, it shall be done. I shall put the one you call Vegeta on this 
Vegeta: Huh? What am I doing here?!
Meowth: Hey, Veggie! How's it goin'?
Disclaimer: Vegeta is from Funimation productions inc. You can also find 
Vegeta in Jesusfreak's Pokemon Weirdos Inc. Just because you'll find him 
there dosen't mean we both own Vegeta. That's why I put up the disclaimer, 
Vegeta: Gleep!
Frieza: Dragon! Grant me immortality!
Dragon: Sorry, Frieza. The rules say you cannot wish for eternal life from me.
Dragon: Yes, it shall be done. I will give you the power to destroy the evil 
Vegeta: YES! Say goodbye, Frieza!
Frieza: Oh, no! Wait! Stop, it's not ME you want. It's Goku! You wanted to 
show him that you're stronger than him! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
*vegeta knocks frieza into next friday*
Vegeta: Well, gotta go! Bye.
Meowth: Bye, Vegeta! Thanks for being on the show!

To be continued.........................