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Title: Episode 2: When Pokemon do their own show.

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Author: Dougbug322

Category: Crossover

Cast: Charmander, Pikachu, Meowth, The Raz, and the fat dude from Austin 
Powers 2

Pikachu: Hey! I thought Johnny Bravo, Donald Duck, Christina Aquilera, etc. 
were gonna be in this story.
Charmander: I guess the author changed his mind.
Meowth: Folks, you've been ripped off!
Charmander: Hey, have you guys seen Austin Powers 2?
Meowth: Oh, yeah! That Mike Myers guy, plays Austin, Dr. Evil, and the fat 
Pikachu: Isn't the fat dude gonna co-star with us?
Meowth: Here he comes now.
Charmander: He doesn't look too happy.
F.B.(a.k.a. the fat dude): I'm gonna EAT you. I am bigger than you. I am high 
at the food chain. GET IN MY BELLY!
Meowth: How about we don't.
Pikachu: Look. He's got BBQ sauce.
Charmander: RUN FOR IT!
*all three run from f.b.*
Tom Green: Hey.
Charmander: It's Tom Green!
Meowth: Nobody told me HE was gonna be in this story. STUPID CAST LIST!
Cast Person: Sorry. ^ ^
Pikachu: The cast person is in the story, too?
Tom Green: My bum is on the cast person. My bum is on the cast person.
Meowth: Yeah, that's really interesting. Look, we're kinda in the middle of 
Tom Green: My bum is on Meowth. My bum is on Meowth.
Meowth: Will ya please get your bum off me?!
Tom Green((]: My bum is on my name. My bum is on my name.
Pikachu: ^ That's Tom Green's bum.
Charmander: Forget about the bum. What about the fat dude.
Meowth: We forgot about him!
*everything turns dark*
Pikachu: Great. Now we might escape from the fat dude.
Charmander: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Charmander and Meowth sing: Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? We got some work 
to do now.
Pikachu: Will you two shut up?
Scooby Doo: Ruh ruh ruh?
Meowth: Hey! How'd YOU get in this story?!
Charmander: You and those "medling" kids solve the mystery, again?
Golem(in a dopey voice): Dah, I a MorON!
*golem jumps up high*
Meowth: Where'd the hard-headed doofus go?
Golem(in the sky, about to fall on Meowth): GRANDMA!
*meowth runs out of the way and after hitting the ground, golem 
took itself out.*
Golem: Dah, good night to da bed, wiping glue!(faints)
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Charmander: It's about time The Raz showed up!
Pikachu: Yeah!
*the fat dude is out of the story*
Meowth: Thank You, ya jerkish author!!!! ^ ^
*charmander, pikachu, and meowth were transported*
Charmander: Hey, we're back where we started.
Pikachu: YAY!! ^ ^
Meowth: What's with the smily faces?
Author: ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ !!!
Charmander: Now I've seen everything.
To be contiued......
Author: Join us next time when these three encounter Mewtwo.
Meowth: Hah! I'm ten times as bad as that purple pussy freak!
Mewtwo: WHAT?!
Charmander: Save it for the next episode.
Mewtwo: Okay. We'll see who's the toughest cat pokemon.
Meowth: I'll see you in the stadium.
Pikachu: Uh-oh. Now what are we gonna do?
Charmander: The only thing we can do.
Pikachu: Convince them not to fight?
Charmander: No. We're gonna sell tickets to this fight.