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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322

Title: Episode 28: The PokeMadness Chatroom

All of the characters have online names.
Dougbug322: Ah, nothing like being in the chatroom.
*meowthdatsrite entered*
MeowthDatsRite: Hey, Dougbug!
Dougbug322: Hey, Meowth292. I wonder who you are.
MeowthDatsRite: Well, I can't tell you who I am or..
PowerPuffBubbles: Hi, Meowth.
MeowthDatsRite: BUBBLES!!! Uhhhh...I mean, POWERPUFFBUBBLES!!! I mean, who's 
Meowth? I don't know anyone named Meowth.
D-oh!: Where's the beer?
Itz-rabbit-season: Quit saying that!!!!
TotoDIAL 911: Chill out.
Mo-Jo-Jo-Jo: How can we chill out? There is no freezer in the chatroom.
MeowthDatsRite: Hang on, Mo-Jo-Jo-Jo. I'm gonna mail you something.
*meowthdatsrite emails rapid ferret to mo-jo-jo-jo.*
HaHaHa: Ha, ha, ha!
D-oh!: Why duz my compooter say yoo got mal
Itz-rabbit-season: Homer, uhhhhhhh, I mean, D-oh!, try to type properly.
Mo-Jo-Jo-Jo: He does not type properly, because he cannot type properly, 
becsuse he is drunk, because he drinks beer, because he is a druken idiot, 
because he..
MeowthDatsRite: STOP TYPING!!!!!!
HorC: tebhrwarkujfeujggujegskujegsuktt
TotoDIAL911: Is that even a word?
HorC: heoihethegthghesenwibug;whitguiewegutirwugtbwagauetgttug
PowerPuffBubbles: I wonder who HorC really is.
Piccolo65: Why do you think it says Hor-C?
PowerPuffBubbles: Huh?
MeowthDatsRite: He's saying that Horsea is HorC. It doesn't know how to type. 
Itz-rabbit-season: Not with those small wings.
D-oh!: How come Horsea gets to type like that? 

Itz-rabbit-season: What a dope.
HorC: zdrjierwiuwer5ewirewtetrjte53873ERhjseresitesirgzdrtuih njyhbif
*horc has pushed the warp button and is warped in the internet*
HaHaHa: Ha, ha, ha!
TotoDIAL911: I don't think Horsea can survive in the internet.
MeowthDatsRite: Hey, HorC! Look out for that MailBox icon!
*horsea was numified in d-oh!'s mailbox*
Voice on D-oh!'s computer: You got mail.
D-oh!: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, numified online horsea.
HaHaHa: Ha, ha, ha! You big dumb jerk!
Itz-rabbit-season: You're despicable.
*itz-rabbit-season signed off*
PowerPuffBubbles: Bye.
*powerpuffbubbles left*
Mo-Jo-Jo-Jo: I hate the chatroom.
TotoDIAL911: Gotta run.
Piccolo65: See you all later.
HaHaHa: Bye, you big dumb jerks.
*they left*
Dougbug322: Well, you guys. I better get going, too.
*db322 left*
MeowthDatsRite: Well, I guess I better get going, too.
*he left*
D-oh!: Now what? 
D-oh!: Guys?
D-oh!: Anybody??
D-oh!: YooHoo!
D-oh!: D'OH!
To be continued................
D-oh!: Where'd everyone go?