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 Title: Episode 4: Do you think?

From: Dougbug322

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Category: Crossover

Charmander: How's our author gonna ruin our lives this time?
Meowth: There's not much characters in these series.
Pikachu: Maybe we can add Squirtle and Bulbasaur.
Charmander: Wha?
Meowth: Me and Pikachu have to go. Bye.
Pikachu: See ya, Charman!
Charmander: Maybe I should get Squirtle and Bulbasaur.
*charmander invite them over*
Charmander: Hey, guys.
Squirtle: You know what this means?
Bulbasaur: It's beginning Pokemon day.
Squirtle: But, they only like our evolved forms.
Bulbasaur: Good point.
*squirtle and bulbasaur evolve*
Charmander: Whoa.
Ivysaur: C'mon, Charmander.
Wartortle: Yeah, evolve and you'll be a Charmeleon.
Charmander: No! I don't want to evolve.
Ivysaur and Wartortle: DON'T WANT TO EVOLVE?!
Ivysaur: Can't you see that you're better off as a Charizard?
Wartortle: Yeah, Charizard has the best fire popularity.
Charmander: Listen, you twits! I'm NOT gonna evolve and that's that!
Wartortle: Oh, yes you will!
Charmander: No, I won't!
Ivysaur: YES, YOU WILL!
Charmander: NO, I WON'T!!!!!!!
*ivysaur and wartortle evolve*
Venusaur: You will evolve!
Blastoise: So, evolve!
Charmander: NEVER!
*charmander flamethrows venusaur and blastoise*
Charmander: When I say I won't evolve, I WON'T evolve!
Meowth: We're back.
Pikachu: Hey, Bulbasaur and Squirtle evolved.
Charmander: If you think for one minute that I'm gonna evolve, you're out of 
your minds!
Meowth: Well, ain't that a coincidence?
Pikachu: We won't evolve, either.
Venusaur: You're all saying that you'd rather be a trio of unevolved plush 
toys than be fully evolved warriors?!
Pikachu: You better believe it.
Meowth: I took on Mewtwo without evolving.
Pikachu: And I beat a Raichu without evolving.
Blastoise: Oh no. These guys are weird. 
Venusaur: We'll have to make them evolve by force.
*all of the sudden, venusaur and blastoise were attacked by a 
herd of tauroses*
Venusaur: My butt.
Blastoise: My shell.
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
to be continued.....
Charmander: What's with the to be continued thing?!
Pikachu: It's always showing.
Meowth: So's your petty coat.
Pikachu: I don't have a petty coat.
Charmander: I don't even know what a petty coat is.
Blastoise: I eat asparugus. Oops. I embarassed myself.
Meowth: Your fault.
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!