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Category: Crossover

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Author: Dougbug322

Title: Episode 24: Mojo Jojo goes to make copies.

Meowth: Those double-crossing pokemon rejected all of us to form their own 
Bubbles: They'll appear in movie specials.
Homer: Where's the beer?
Daffy: Hey, Homer. Y'wanna say something different for a change?
Homer: No.
Chicken: Whatever.
Meowth: Hey, Mojo. Go to the copy machine and print out some copies of this 
Mojo: I will go to the copy machine and print out some copies of this poster, 
because we would want more than one poster and.....
Meowth: WILL YOU GO, ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Mojo: Okay, just don't have a hissy-fit!
*mojo and horsea set off*
Mojo: Why did I get mixed up in this crazy fanfic? Is it because I am evil? 
Is it because I've planned evil ways to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, which 
one of them co-stars in this fanfic with me? And why did I get stuck with 
Horsea?! Horsea is no use to me at all, I don't know why it tagged along, 
which is not a good thing for this little pokemon to follow me in my car. 
Good thing I put it in the trunk in the back of the car, so that it won't 
follow me when I go to make copies, which is what the others want me to do, 
which is a BIG responsibility, which is...............
Author: Uh, let's stop there for a moment.
Author: Some of you can't stand listening to Mojo Jojo's mindless chatter. 
Some of you don't know what he's talking about. Most of all, some of you 
don't really care what he's talking about. So, we're gonna show you something 
better that beats listening to Mojo. We are pleased to present, "The Best of 
Frank Sinatra!"
Author: FINE! We now return you to PokeMadness.
Mojo: Well, here I am at the photo copy machine. Time to make some copies.
Horsea: Hoooooorrrrrrrrsssssssseeeeeeeeaaaaaa!
Mojo: I thought I told you to stay in the trunk, but you didn't, because you 
followed me here to help me make copies, which I do not need your help, for I 
can do this myself, and you will mess everything up, because you are so 
clumsy, now GET LOST!!!!!!!!
Horsea: Horsea!
Mojo: Oh, alright. Just don't get in the way.
*mojo puts poster in copy machine*
Mojo: Yes, it is almost complete.
Horsea: SEA!!!
*horsea gets caught in machine and becomes a printed piece of paper.*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Mojo: All done. 
*mojo heads back*
Mojo: Here are the copies.
Meowth: Hey, what's that blue thing in there?
Bubbles: It looks squished.
Daffy: It looks familiar.
Chicken: Whatever.
Mojo: It's HORSEA! I told you to stay out of the way, but you got in the way 
anyway, which I told you not to, but you did.
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, printer-squished horsea.
To be