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 Title: Episode 5: What's your style, Totodile?

Category: Crossover

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Pikachu: Hello, everyone. We have added a new character in our show.
Charmander: His name is Totodile.
Meowth: Totodile is one of the new beginning pokemon from the gold and silver 
Totodile: I'm here! Whazzup, you guys?
Pikachu: Hey, Totodile.
Charmander: Welcome to the group!
Meowth: Glad to have you aboard.
Totodile: Glad to be here. By the way, who are those guys?
Charmander: What guys?
*they see new characters*
Homer: Hey, there's no beer!
Daffy: This fanfic is despicable!
Meowth: Uh, can we help you guys?
Homer: Yeah, where am I?
Daffy: We're in a fanfic, stupid.
Pikachu: Well, looks like we got more characters in our show.
Totodile: Look, it's a Grimer.
Charmander: Where'd you come from?
Grimer: From the table of contents, with the other grimers.
Meowth: Which one are you?
Grimer: Uhhhhh......................Bye!
*grimer left*
Meowth: We'd like to take a moment to talk about the things we hate about our 
Charmander: Almost every week, we get letters saying, "Meowth is stupid" or 
"Charmander sucks" or "Kill Pikachu!" We also get some letters that say, 
"Pikachu should evolve into Raichu" or "We want Charmander to evolve because 
we want Charizard". Well, THAT AIN'T NEVER GONNA HAPPEN SO, GET USED TO IT!!!!
Pikachu: And, what about those letters saying, "What's with The Raz?" or "How 
come The Raz always laughs at injuries and humiliation?" Those kind of 
letters come from the network censors. Those good for nothing, psycho censors 
better mind their own businesses or, we'll show them what quality 
entertainment is about!
Meowth: Don't forget about the letters saying, "Put the Backstreet Boys, 
Brittney Spears, or Ricky Martin in your show." We don't even know who those 
people are! So, we can't put them in our show unless we've heard of them.
Totodile: You guys sure hate your jobs, don't you?
Meowth: You're friggin' right we do!
Network Censor: We can not allow that word in this show.
Meowth: Shut up, ya stupid idiot!
Pikachu: Listen, lady! This is OUR show, and we can say whatever we want! So, 
@#$% you!!!!
*network censor runs crying*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Charmander: Thank god she's gone!
Totodile: This show is GREAT! I'm staying here!
Charmander, Pikachu, and Meowth: AWSOME!
To be continiued..........
Totodile: What's with the to be continiued thing?
Charmander: That's what we're trying to figure out.