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Author: Dougbug322

Category: Crossover

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Title: Episode 29: Yoda Cracker

Totodile: Ahh, we are in our dressing rooms.
Meowth: The Raz invited his twin brother, The Spaz.
The Raz: Okay, The Spaz. Ryoko is in the dressing room waiting for you.
The Spaz: RYOKO?! WOW!!!!
Homer: Where's the beer?
Daffy: Is Ryoko REALLY waiting for The Spaz?
Bubbles: I don't think so.
Piccolo: The Raz probably tricked on The Spaz.
Mojo: That was not a wise move for The Spaz, for Ryoko hates it when people 
walk in her dressing room unexpected, and now The Spaz is in for it, because 
he shouldn't have listened to The Raz, and.
*ryoko throws the spaz out of the dressing room*
Meowth: Wow, Mojo was right.
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha! You fell for it, you big, dumb jerk!
Yoda: Rude, you are. Vile, you act. A total disgrace to PokeMadness, you will 
The Raz: Butt out, GRAMPS!
Yoda: Cramps? YOU GIVE ME CRAMPS?!
*yoda uses the force on the raz*
Yoda: I have come to train Horsea to become a jedi master like me.
Daffy: Jedi Master?
Bubbles: Oh, boy!!!
Homer: HAHAHAHA! Horsea as a jedi master?! HEEHEEHEE!
Piccolo: Horsea wouldn't stand a chance of being a jedi master.
Mojo: Horsea would be sliced by Darth Maul and Darth Vader's light-sabers.
Yoda: Find out, we shall.
*yoda tried to train horsea, but failed.*
Yoda: Impossible, you are. A jedi master, you will never be. Unless, you can 
handle the force.
*yoda uses the force on horsea and sends it flying toward the wall and 
lands in a toaster*
*horsea pops out of toaster as toast*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, toasted horsea.
Yoda: Leave for now, I must.
Meowth: This is a short episode.
Totodile: A little TOO short if you ask me.
Daffy: Is Ryoko done in there?
Ryoko: Did I miss anything?
Piccolo: Yeah. You missed the whole show and Yoda was here.
Mojo: Yoda was here and you missed him and the whole show, so why don't you 
try not taaking too long in that dressing room and be here on time that way 
we can all..........
*a bunch of business lawyers run over mojo*
To be continued.....................................