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Title: Episode 8: Meowth gets jealous

By: Dougbug322

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Category: Crossover

Hey, guys. Before I get started, at another website, I posted a different 
series. Oops, I forgot the name. I'll let y'all know during episode 9.

Charmander: This story bites.
Meowth: Yeah.
Pikachu: Sure does.
Totodile: What were we talking about?
*doorbell rings*
Meowth: I'll get it.
*it's the pikachu from pokemon weirdos inc.*
Meowth: Hey. 
Pikachu(male): Who's this?
Pikachu(female): Hey, a pikachu. C'mere, you hunk o'electricity.
Pikachu(male): I thought you were Meowth's girlfriend.
Pikachu: He's not a pikachu.
*pikachu(female) starts smooching pikachu(male)*
Meowth(jealously): I gonna go to the convinient store.
Pikachu(male): Meowth is gonna hate me for this.
Meowth: Whaddaya want?!
Pikachu(male): Meowth, I'm not trying to steal your girlfriend. I'm not even 
in love with her.
Meowth: You're not?
Pikachu(male): No. I'm trying to tell I'm not her type but, she won't listen 
to me.
Pikachu(female): What's going on?
Pikachu(male): I'm trying to tell you I'm not in love!!!!!
Pikachu(female)(angry)(picking up sharp object): Eat this, heart breaker!!!!
*pikachu(male) and meowth dodge object an it hits horsea into the 
microwave and pikachu(female) leaves*
Meowth: Pikachu, you're a real pal.
Pikachu: I'm glad our friendship didn't break up too easily.
Daffy: This story is despicable. It's too short.
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, microwaved horsea.
*homer eats horsea again*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
To be continued.........
Join us next time when Bubbles(from the powerpuff girls) and Chikorita(from 
the gold and silver version) join the cast in episode 9, This is the BOMB! 
Followed by episode 10, The Madz go on a tour.