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Title: Episode 12: Charmander turns up the heat

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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322

Charmander: Hey, guys. I'm back from the gas station. Huh? Hey! Where'd 
everybody go? Pikachu? Meowth? Chikorita? Totodile? The Raz? Homer? Daffy? 
Bubbles? Horsea? Anybody? Could somebody PLEASE tell me what's going on here?!
??????: Nobody is here, because you are in the Twilight Zone.
*twilight zone song plays*
Charmander (very bored): Uh, great. Look, I really gotta find everyone. Who 
are you, anyway?
??????: I am..................................the creator of the rugrats.
Charmander: Ugh! I HATE that show!! (and so does the author)
Creator of rugrats: Welcome to Angelica Pickles comedy hour.
Charmander: AH!! The HORROR! The PAIN! The AGONY of it al!!
Angelica: Hi. I walk up to these dumb babies and I poured sand down their 
Charmander: YOU STINK!! Where's the remote?!
Angelica: Like I say to all my ex-fans, SEIZE HIM!
Charmander: NOW what?! 
*a blue streak beats up the guards, it's bubbles*
Bubbles: Hi, Charmander. I thought you might some help.
Charmander: Come to think of it, I rather do.
Angelica: Hey, you crybaby! I'm the best blonde!
Bubbles: I'll teach YOU to be mean to cute babies,!
*bubbles beat up angelica and charmander finishes her off with a 
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Horsea(in a pot of water): Horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsea.
Charmander: Thank god YOU guys are here. I sure hated that stupid Angelica 
and her stupid show.
*charmander's flame was next to the pot that horsea was in*
Horsea: SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........................
Bubbles: You boiled Horsea.
Charmander: Oops.
Homer: Mmmmmmmmmmm, boiled horsea.
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Daffy: Well, NOW we all know the title of this episode is called, "Charmander 
turns up the heat".
*everyone laughs*
To be continued..........
Coming soon: Movie Special: Attack of the Naughty Freak Squad. Also coming 
soon: Episode 13: Who's Line is it Anyway?
Author's note: I'm really eager to see my Grimers evolve into Muks. ^_^