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 Title: Episode 3: Cat Fite(Someone sue this guy.)

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Category: Crossover

Author: Dougbug322(your worst nightmare.)

Charmander: Hopefully, you read episode 2.
Pikachu: We sold tickets to see Meowth and Mewtwo fight.
Charmander: It's a Pay-per-view event.(well, in this case, pay-per-read.)
Mills Lane: Okay, I want a good, clean fight! Okay, let's it ON!!
Mewtwo: I will destroy you!
Meowth: What kinda name is Mewtwo, anyway? Let's change it to 
PurplePuss: PURPLEPUSS?! That's it. My first attack is Mega Punch!
*meowth blocks mewtwo's mega punch with woody allen*
Woody Allen: Owwwww.....That really hurt.
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Mewtwo: Hey, I got my name back. Why are you drinking soda at a time like 
*meowth's burp blows away mewtwo's fur*
Mewtwo: Oh NO!! My fur. I'm NAKED!!!
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
*meowth pulls out barney the stupid purlpe dinosaur*
Mewtwo: HEY! You can't do that!
Mills Lane: I'll allow it.
Barney: Hello, purlpe kitty. I love you, you love me.....
Meowth: Okay. Barney, you're fired.
Barney: Hey, that's not nice.
Meowth: Neither is THIS!
*meowth boots barney out of the stadium*
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
Mewtwo: Now, I'll destroy you for sure!
Voice: Hoooorsseeeaa!
Meowth: Time out! Someone wants my autograph.
Mewtwo: What?! He can't...
Mills Lane: I'll allow it.
Meowth: Thre ya go, little fella.
Mewtwo: I remember you You're the horsea who humiliated me at the Unknown 
Meowth: Wha? You know this guy?
Mewtwo: Now, I want to fight Horsea.
Mills Lane: I'll allow it.
Meowth: Okay, let's get it on.
Horsea: Horrrrsea.
Mewtwo: DIE!
* mewtwo picks up horsea and crushes it really hard*
Guy 1: Hey, you're killing my horsea!
Meowth: I'd stop if I were you.
Mewtwo: No, this horsea must pay!
Police: Mewtwo, you lose the fight. Meowth wins.
Mewtwo: Oh, NO!
Meowth: Go on, say it.
Mewtwo: Meowth is the top cat.
Meowth: AND?
Mewtwo: And he makes me......wet my diapies.
The Raz: Ha, ha, ha!
*mewtwo got sued by guy 1*
To be continiued..........
Meowth: Who's da top cat?! Oh, yeah, baby!