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     I've created a page where people can place any story they choose too.  This is not a particular subject site, but a miscellaneous site.  Where people can see their writings on whatever they choose to write about published.

December 25, 1999
Well I'm here to announce that this website is officially dead, at first I wanted to created this website so I could express my views on life and society, but later on discovered I had little views at all;) Anyway, the lack of visitors really killed my site, out of all those 475 hits, I'll say 450 were my own. I can't really blame it on that alone though, my lack interest really killed this site. The hardest part of starting a website is trying to get the word around and the attention of viewers, while competing with millions of other websites. Why I picked a day like today to kill this site, its because I'm Buddhist and today is just like any other day to me. I guess there will be some wondering traverler who happend to stop by on this site by accident, and I will deeply encourage them to read my stories and relect on my pointless Two-Cents. With that said I guess this is goodbye to my first ever created website.

December 1, 1999

2 cents for the day
For all the lonely kids who eat lunch by themselves, High School is just one bad trip through hell!

November 15, 1999

2 cents for the day
We're all just insignificant cogs in the giant machine of life.

November 10, 1999

2 cents for the day.
With Capitalism brings great pessimism, but damn it I wouldn't have it any other way.

November 6, 1999

2 cents for the day.
In schools across the country girls are excelling academically in all subjects and rivaling male students in courses which were once male dominated. Which will give them an upper hand in terms of finding a job in traditionaly male dominated fields. Creating a future of equality amongst the sexes where males and females will compete on fair grounds both in society and in life. Knowing this all that's left to say is, "The girls are scaring the boys".

November 3, 1999

2 cents for the day.
Nothing is more refreshing on a hot sunny day then a nice cold can of carbonated flavored corn syrup. It's the real thing.

October 27, 1999

2 cents for the day.
Is there anything left to rebel against, when everything worth rebeling has been comodified and used as images to sell you products. Even commercials urge you to be different, different is good, or resist the usuall. When all they're doing is pitching you an ad that as long as your being so different and radical why not drive a dodge while your at and eat that Arby's roast beef sandwich too. We live in an age when being radical is no longer seen as an issue or a bold statement. It is even encouraged by companies who sell us these images and pitching you products to add to your 'individuality'. While your looking like an idiot wannabe, their making a quick buck and laughing behind your back as well. Everything is being comodified, before you know it you may no longer be able to tell whats' different and whats real. The public is being led astray from reality and as long as they're being fed enjoyment and pleasure through mindless products and entertainment they won't give a damn. Since somewhere along the lines it's cool not to care about anything.

October 22, 1999

2 cents for the day.
Nothing is ever truly free, such as this website with that pop-up, I'm really sorry for that pop-up, but there's nothing I can do about. I for one hate visiting sites with any pop-ups.

October 15, 1999

2 cents for the day.
Reality does bite, especially if you spend most of your time out of it daydreaming your life away.

October 11, 1999

2 Cents for the day.
What keeps a person going, generally speaking, is it love, money, pride, or stubbernous. Or they probably just don't want to feel failure for the umpteenth time. The world is becoming more and more difficult to survive in much less finding a job. So what keeps you from becoming a full blown pessimist and spending the rest of your life damning everything for ruining your life. I personally have walk the line of half-full and half-empty plenty of times, but I'm just an overly depressed College student trying to find identity(kind of sound like those damn WB reality shows doesn't it). Anyways what does keep a person going and striving for a better life, well I can't answer that, but you better hope that you can answer that question for yourself.

September 24, 1999

Man I just found out there's about a million sites with the name Stories and Such. That's probably why I get no hits on my page, to tell you the truth out of 217 hits this page recieced so far probably 200 of those were my own. Then again who doesn't do that when someone opens a page.

2 Cents for the day.
What's with this so called freshman fifteen myth. Where by the end of the your freshman year you're likely to gain 15 pounds. I'm a freshman, I'm broke as hell paying tuition, books, food, insurance, etc.. I spend all my free time studying. I neither have the time nor the money to endulge in food. So I'm more likely to lose fifteen pounds by the end of my freshman tenure. So the moral today is if you want to lose weight(and enourmous amounts of sleep) go to college.

September 17, 1999

2 cents for the day.
Why all the labels, why should I be called an asian american when I'd rather just go by being called an american. Why must athiest called them athiest at all is it the need to identify them as something, being called athiest is like making it a religion on it's own. Why do black people still go by African-american when most of them have no ties with Africa whatsoever. Being labeled in such cases is just demeaning it just signifies that we are still being judge by a heiarchial class system.

September 15, 1999

2 cents for the day.
Vote Democrat, Republican suck!!

September, 9, 1999

I've added a new poetry section so if anyone wants to submit one good or bad just email it too me.

September, 2, 1999

Today is the day that this site is finally free of all bugs and all the links should work. So email me and say what you think about it.