My name is Dat Le, I live in Arlington, Texas and I'm 18 yrs old. I'm currently as of August 23, 1999 a freshman at the University of Texas at Arlington where I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering. This my first attempt at a webpage, so forgive me if this isn't the best site out there.  I created this page partly to get my 2 cents heard and my writings published and since the college I'm attending sells Office 2000 Premium edition for only 20 bucks!! with the FrontPage software in it I might as well take a crack at making my own site. 
    I really don't consider my self as writer. I just write every once in awhile in my notebooks. Some of the stuff might seem a little personal, but it's nothing that other people don't live through. I would post more of my writings but unfortunately I trashed a lot of them in high school.