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    Like I mentioned on the About Pijoto section, I would like to become another fanfic repository site, even though there seems to be a race among fanfic sites to archive more and more stories.  Anyway if you like my stories enough and want your own to reside in the same site as mine then email it to me at

    I do have some requirements though.  One, you must tell me if you intend to build on your stories later on (and separate it in chapters, parts, or if you intend to give your chapters titles), these are the stories that will go under the Ongoing Stories on the front page.  If you submit a One-Shot special kind of stories they'll go under the Some one shots on the front page as well.

    Please check for errors, if your stories are a hack job riddled with errors then I won't accept them.  Now this is the most important part about submitting a fic, please separate your paragraphs! I recommend that you go to Notepad and separate all the paragraphs, because if you send your stories over email, which will be in .txt form, it erases all the indentations and if your paragraphs aren't separated it'll look like one giant chaotic paragraph, and I'll just send it back and tell you'll to separate them for me.

    One more thing, when you click on the email link, Outlook (by default) loads up.  Maybe I should register or configure it or something, but that email program never sends my email for some reason?  That's why I send and receive all my mail from Netscape.  If you know how to get Outlook working or if you have other programs like Eudora then kudos for you!

Page Update - 2/10/2000

    Have you ever wanted to see just how many people have read your story when sending it to a fanfic repository site? Well a new feature that I'm adding is that if you send me your ongoing stories, I'll give you the option of placing your own counter on the archive page of your story.  The rules (of course there'll be rules or there'll chaos) you have to follow!!!!

1.) I will only except counters from, No other counter will be accepted!

2.) You have to send me your story first, after I've created an archive page for your story and uploaded everything then, I will allow you to have a counter place on the archive page only!!!

3.) You will have to go through the process of getting your own counter by your self, I will not do it for you, nor would I have the time to help someone with it.  Besides all you have to do is follow the necessary steps and even a monkey can get one, then choose the counter that looks like the one on the front page of this website.  After you have received the source code for that counter, cut and pace the thing and email me the code (unaltered!!).

4.) I'm lazy at doing emails, so just check the front page of my site for updates and I'll tell you there.  Also give me a solid week to put it up after that you can email me again incase I forgot.

Update # 2    

    Ok I just want to get this announcement out - give me a solid week to post up your stories, I do have a life in the outside world you know.  Now I'm going to explain the whole process of the pokemon you receive on your archive page.

1.) I pick the pokemon you receive on the archive page, nah nah, so if you don't get the pokemon you want then hard nookies for you.  

2.) Your pokemon can evolve on the number of chapters or parts you send me.

    a.) All non-stone evolving pokemon will evolve on the same number of chapters you send.  Like if you receive a Squirtle, it evolves on Lv. 16, so if you write up to chapter 16 then your Squirtle will evolve into Wartortle, chapter 36 for a Blastoise.

    b.) For stone-evolved pokemon, if your pokemon is evolving into the second stage with a stone, the you'll have to send in 25 chapters (Pikachu evolving into Raichu). If your pokemon is evolving into its third stage (Gloom evolving into Vileplume) then it'll only take 15 chapters.


3.) You will not receive a non-evolving pokemon (for example, Electabuzz), those I'll save for some other day.


4.) Please and I stress this, Please do not let this incentive get in the way of the quality of your story.  Like writing shorter chapter or rushing your story so you can accumulate more chapters to evolve your Pokemon faster.  I'd like quality stories on my site, this is just a neat little thing I thought up and it is not to be abused.


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