Miscellaneous Editorials  
Non-Pokémon Rants, essays, and loads of BS... 


Just so you know... All these writings are located on The Chaos Board, and as a disclaimer.  These rants are often of mature themes, and can be controversial, depending on the mood that I'm in...  Bah, it's really just me BS'ing about issues that I tend think to think about, etc...

August 15, 2000
Online Relationships... - Maybe I've been watching a little bit too much more Marmalade Boy again -_-;;

August 8, 2000
Cats have 9 lives right? - A philosophical essay, on a person's decision to sacrifice one life, for the life of many others...

August 1, 2000
If only they were real... - I've been watching way too much Marmalade Boy, when I wrote this rant...

July 28, 2000

War, what is it good for... - A short story about war.

You can only BS so much... - A rant about BS'ing in school. 


July 24, 2000

Trepidations in joining a new message board... - An essay about joining a message board for the first time, especially newly created ones like The Chaos Board. 



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