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Episode 5: Rattata you are mine! 

Last time, our heroes headed to Viridian City, to heal Matt’s Mewlec. While they waited, they met a girl with brown hair around Mike’s age. Now, in the conclusion, what will happen to Mewlec? And, will Cheryl, Mike and Matt decide to travel together? Find out, in “Rattata you are Mine!”

<In a dark part of Viridian City, up high in a dis-used car park>
“I want that rare pokemon, what ever it takes. This may be the rarest pokemon ever, and I want it.” Said a dark man in a cloak.
“Even rarer than Mewtwo?” Said Tom
“Shuttup you fool! I said never to mention that name to me again! Tom, Lucy, get that Mewlec for me and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!”
“Yes, you can count on us sir!”
<Pokemon Centre, South Viridian City>
Meanwhile, Mike and Matt had returned to the Pokemon Centre in Viridian City with their new friend Cheryl. She explained to them that she was originally from Saffron City but her family moved because of Team Rocket. For her safety, her parents gave her a Drowzee, which only recently evolved into a Hypno. She left home when she was 10 to become an expert on Psychic pokemon.
“I’ve decided that I want to travel with you two, so I can make new friends and go to new places along my journey. Where are you two headed?” She asked.
Matt said, “Well as soon as my Mewlec is healed we’re going to the gym, then to Pewter in the north”
“Oh no, you’ve got it all wrong. Everyone knows that Viridian Gym is closed. No-one has been there for years.” She told us.
“Oh **** , really? Oh well, our stop here will be short after all.”
They walked up to the counter and Matt rang the service bell. Nurse Joy walked up. “Oh, you’re Matt aren’t you? Mewlec is just fine. Next time he gets poisoned just spray him with this.” She handed Matt a small bottle of antidote and he put it in his bag,
A Chansey waddled over. “Chansii!” She said and smiled at them, then handed Matt Mewlecs Pokeball.
“Thanks Chansey.” Matt said. “I choose you, Mewlec!” The red beam shot out of the ball and out popped Mewlec. “Sorry Mewlec, but I had to return you to the Pokeball because I was worried.” Matt said.
“Meeeewww” he said and put his paw on Matt’s leg.
Cheryl walked over. “What Pokemon is that Matt? I’ve never seen it before.”
“This is Mewlec, a fire and psychic type Pokemon.” Matt replied.
“Awwww, cutie!” Cheryl said. “Jigglypuff, meet Mewlec!” A small pink round Pokemon zapped out of the Pokeball. 
“Jiggly jiggly jiggly puff!” It said
There were shouts of terror and everyone ran out of the Pokecenter, all except Laura, Nurse Joy, Mike, the Pokemon and Matt.
“Woah, what’s wrong with them?” Matt said.
Mike said, “They are probably scared of Jigglypuff, its song can send people to sleep.”
“Wrong again, creep!”
They all looked up toward the ceiling. Descending from the roof was Team Rocket and Machoke in a Meowth balloon.
“Prepare for trou-“
“Shuttup!” Mike yelled. “What is it that you want this time?”
“Simple, twit. We want your Mewlec, and every other Pokemon in this Pokecenter!” Shouted Tom.
“Tough, you can’t have any!” Yelled Cheryl. “Goooooo, BUTTERFREE!” With all her strength she lobbed the Pokeball into the balloon, and a Butterfree zapped out.
“Ok, can’t let a girl fight on her own,” Shouted Mike. “Go, VENOMOTH”
Matt quickly caught on to Mike and Cheryl’s idea. Flying Pokemon would be best against Team Rocket. “Go, PIDGEY!” I yelled. Matt’s newly captured Pidgey zapped out of her Pokeball.
The three friends all yelled in unison. “Butterfree/Venomoth/Pidgey, USE YOUR BEST FLYING ATTACKS!”
Butterfree and Venomoth used Poison powder and stun spore at Machoke, which knocked it out cold. Pidgey used quick attack that burst the balloon, but Team Rocket jumped out just in time as the balloon sucked itself out of the roof.
“Grrr, you’ll pay for that,“ Said Lucy. “Grimer, I choose you!”
“Ugh,” Said Cheryl. “Hypno, destroy that piece of sludge!”
This was the first time Matt had seen a Hypno in his life. He pointed Dex, (PokeDex) at it.
“Hypno, the psychic Pokemon. When it locks eyes with an enemy, it will use a mix of Psi moves such as Hypnosis and Confusion. This Pokemon usually carries a round pendulum, for moves such as Hypnosis.
“Hypno, CONFUSION!” Said Cheryl. 
“Huh? Who are you people? What are we doing here? I don’t get it!” Said Tom and Lucy.
Mike started laughing hysterically. Team Rocket quickly regained their senses. Matt decided he would end this match. “Bulbasaur, use your Vine Whip on Team Rocket!”
Bulbasaur zapped out of his pokeball then smacked Lucy and Tom on their backsides with his Vine Whip. “Bulbaaa!”
“Ow! Oooh! Stoppit! Machoke.... Ow ow ow ow ow!!! Return!” Cried Lucy. 
“Let’s get outta here!” Screamed Tom. Team Rocket ran out of the Pokecenter as fast as they could. Suddenly, just after they had gone, Bulbasaur’s Bulb started glowing.
“Wow!” Said Mike. “Is he evolving?”
“I don’t know.” Cheryl said.
But, a second later the glowing stopped, and it was the same old Bulbasaur. Nurse Joy, after tending to an injured Cubone in the fight jogged over. “No,” She said. “Your Bulbasaur hasn’t evolved. It’s learnt a new move, Razor leaf!”
“Wow, that’s a good move Matt! Your Bulbasaur will thrash Brock at Pewter City Gym!” Said Mike.
“Cool, you really think so?” Matt said.
“Of course. Brock uses rock Pokemon. Grass has the advantage over Rock!” Replied Mike.
Matt walked back over to the counter and a small Chansey walked over and handed him his Pokeballs.
<Right, > Matt thought. <I’ll get my Boulder badge off Brock, and then I’ll head to Cereluan City to get my Cascade badge. >
The three friends thanked Nurse Joy and went out of the Pokecenter, into the warm afternoon sunlight.
They were walking through the north side of the city when Matt stopped. “What’s wrong Matt?“ Cheryl asked.
“I thought I heard something,” Matt replied. He turned around, and heard the noise again. It was behind a small bungalow; they headed toward it. Suddenly a Rattata jumped out onto the path next to Mike. “Huh, you always have to make it hard,” Matt said.
“Oh no, not Rattata again!” Gasped Mike.
“I’ll settle this once and for all. Pidgey, GO!”
Matt threw Pidgey’s pokeball, and Pidgey flew out. “Pidgey, GUST attack!” The attack blew the Rattata into a wall, which weakened it. “Yeah! Pokeball, GO!”
Surprisingly, the Pokeball didn’t shudder at all, and locked immediately. “Yes! I captured RATTATA!” Yelled Matt.
“I don’t get it. Why are you two making such a fuss about this Rattata?” Cheryl asked.
“It’s a long story” Mike replied.
After getting his Rattata healed in the Pokecenter, Matt and his friends finally got to the north of the city. Mike then spotted the gym not far off. Matt ran as fast as he could, forgetting that the gym was closed. Suddenly a shadowy man stopped me. “Hey kid, if your heading for the gym, forget it. That gym has been abandoned ever since Icy the Pikachu won in there.”
“Icy the Pikachu?” Matt said, but the stranger had already vanished into the shadows. He turned to Mike and Cheryl. “Geese, can anyone tell me WHY I can’t get into the gym?” But before Matt’s friends could answer, a young man dashed over with an armful of leaflets.
“Hello there. Say, you look like Pokemon trainers. How would you like to go on a trip on the SS. Dove II to the Golden and Silver Islands? It’s only 1000 dollars each!” he said.
“Gee I don’t know. You said 1000 right?” Mike asked.
“Yeah, only 1000. Go take a break in the luscious green forests of Golden Island! Visit the beach on Silver Island! All expenses paid in the 1000 credit fee!”
Cheryl said, “Why not Matt? It’ll be nice to take a break.”
“Alright! I accept!” Said Matt.