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Episode 4: Viridian City

Not long after that the two friends spotted a few houses and tall buildings. Matt knew this was Viridian City because he had often came here with his Mum for holidays. Excited, he ran down the path.
“Hey wait Matt, we’ve been walking for ages! Could you slow down a little?” Yelled Mike above the gushes of wind.
“Its not far now, and Mewlec need’s help.” Matt replied.
Soon we arrived in Viridian City. It was as big as Matt had remembered it. There were buildings, shops and houses everywhere, not to mention swarms of Pokemon trainers gathering here for a badge from the gym. Mike had started humming the tune to ‘Viridian City’
The pair arrived in the centre of the city later on. They couldn’t help but notice the big Pokemon Centre. They rushed in. Inside there were more people and Pokemon, though most of them were Chanseys helping out the Nurses. There was a counter in the middle of the room, seats dotted here and there, some telephones and some Computers for trading and withdrawing Pokemon.
Mike and Matt walked up to the counter and a beautiful young red haired woman greeted them.
“Hi,” She said. “My name is Nurse Joy. May I help you?”
Mike stood rooted to the spot with his tongue lolling down his lower lip. Matt decided he should do the talking.
“Pleased to meet you Nurse Joy. My name is Matt Hone, Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town. My Mewlec has been poisoned badly and needs Medical Attention.”
“Who did the poisoning?”
“My friend’s Venomoth while we were battling”
“Oh, I see, But I’ve never treated a Mewlec before, but I have treated plenty of Psychic Pokemon over the years. Don’t worry, we’ll make it happy and well in no time. Chansey? Over here please”
A small Chansey waddled over with a stretcher trolley. Matt pointed his Pokedex at it.
“Chansey, the egg Pokemon. A rare and elusive Pokemon that is said to bring happiness to anybody who captures it. It is also known to be a very good Nurse.”
“Chansiiiii!!” It said.
Wow, a Chansey! Matt thought as he placed Mewlec on the stretcher. He had seen a Chansey before, an old woman next door had had one as a helper around the house because she was too old to clean it herself. Many girls consider Chansey cute. He did not know at the time, but Matt would face many Chansey on his adventures. 
Matt turned to face Mike. “We’ll have to go back to Pallet soon.”
“No, it’s ok. My membership can wait.” Replied Mike
The two friends were asked to wait for a while, so Mike suggested a Cafe. In fact, a cafe was only half a block away. Inside, we saw a girl squabbling with an older boy. When they listened closely, they noticed that they were quarrelling about Psychic pokemon.
“No, Abra is better!” I heard the girl say.
“No way. The best has to be Mew!”
“Nah, that’s just a legend. I’ve had it with working here. All you do is criticise my Pokemon and me. I quit!” The girl threw her apron down in a huff and stalked out.
“Woah,” Matt said to Mike, who was stone still watching the girl outside. “Hey, Dozy, I thinks she’s a bit stressed. I wonder how much she gets paid” He said in the middle of a Coke.
Mike replied, “Let’s just pay and leave. We’ve ate all we want.” In some kind of trance he wandered out the door. Matt couldn’t believe it! He had to pay for both of them! Angrily he paid the waitress and followed Mike outside. By the time Matt had got out, Mike was busy flirting with the girl. She was the prettiest girl Matt had ever seen.
“Hey Mike, whatcha doing?”
Suddenly Mike’s face went red with embarrassment and quickly said, “Don’t mind my friend Matt please, he’s just a bit too young.”
“Hey, I’m older than you! “ Matt yelled.
As if not hearing Matt shout, Mike introduced the two. “Matt, this is Cheryl. She is around our age and is from Celadon City. She is training to be a master in Psychic Pokemon. Cheryl, this is Matt from Pallet Town. He is a Pokemon trainer.
“Pleased to meet you Matt” Cheryl said politely.
“It’s a pleasure!” Matt replied
The three new friends walked back to the Pokemon Centre laughing and joking, not knowing that the Rattata from earlier on was watching them.