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Episode 1: A new friend

Last time, we were introduced to our hero Matt, a young boy from Pallet. Matt started his Pokemon journey today, and headed to Prof. Oak’s lab to receive his first fighting Pokemon.
But before our hero could receive his Pokemon, a mean organisation named Team Rocket interrupted and tried to steal all the Pokemon!
But, the three trainers joined forces and sent the nasty trio spinning. Matt then received a 
Bulbasaur form Prof. Oak! And now, the conclusion.... 

It was getting late and Matt decided to camp out. He was still half-awake, but he could hear an odd pitter-patter of feet and something sniffing. Silently he got out of my sleeping bag, grabbing his Pokeballs and rousing Mewlec quietly. Matt heard a rustling from behind a bush, he jumped out from behind a branch to find a small Ratatta looking for berries. Yes! He thought. A new Pokemon! After two years in the Viridian Junior Baseball team Matt knew how to throw a decent ball. He tossed the Pokeball straight and true. Surprised, the Rattata blinked before it was swallowed up inside the Pokeball. The Ball swayed from side to side violently, then it opened up again and Rattata jumped away into a bush. Suddenly he heard quiet laughter nearby. Matt swerved around toward the voice. “Who’s there?” He shouted.
“Don’t worry, I’m just another trainer, like yourself. Jeez though, I know where and when to toss a Pokeball. You need to make the Pokemon weak first. Here, let me show you.”
Out of a bush stepped a young boy around the same age, with black hair and a rucksack. He held a pokeball in his hand. “There should be another Pokemon somewhere. Oh, there’s a Weedle, right there! VENOMOTH, I CHOOSE YOU!”
From the pokeball he was holding, a curious looking Pokemon popped out. Matt pointed the Pokedex at it.

“Venomoth, the poison bug Pokemon. The dust-like scales covering its wings are colour coded to indicate the kinds of poison it has.”
“Venomoth, use your Psy-beam!” Yelled the stranger. A curious blue beam came out of the Pokemon’s head and hit the Weedle hard. The weedle collapsed. “Yes! Pokeball Go!” He yelled.
The stranger tossed the pokeball straight at the earth next to the fainted Weedle. With a thud the Pokeball hit the grass and swallowed up the Weedle. The pokeball shook for a few seconds then lay still. 
“ Yes! That’s how it’s done. Now you try!”
“Wait, wait a minute, first tell me your name.” Matt said.
“Oh, right. My name’s Mike. I’m from Cerulean City. I’ve just started training to be a Pokemon master!”
“My name is Matt Hone, and I’m from Pallet. I’m training to be a pokemon master as-well!”
“Why don’t we battle?” Said Mike. Matt saw he had three Pokeballs at his waist. Since Matt had two he had to make sure that his Pokemon’s health stayed up.
“Fine,” Matt replied. “Bulbasaur, GO!”
“Ok then, grass type eh? I choose you, Nidoran!”
A male Nidoran popped out of the Pokeball. It stood on the floor waiting patiently. 
“Since you’ve only just started,” Mike said, “You can have the first move.”
“Ok,” Matt replied.” Bulbasaur, tackle attack!”
“Saur! Bulbaaaaa!! He charged. The charge hit Nidoran in the side. It was thrown down into the grass.
“Nidoran, are you Ok?”
Nidoran nodded it’s small head up and down, the returned to fighting stance
“Nidoran, Horn attack!”
Nidorans launched itself at Bulbasaur, with the point shining in the moonlight.
“Bulbasaur, WATCH OUT!” Matt yelled.
Bulbasaur jumped out of the way, but he was too late; the horn hit him in the stomach. Bulbasaur rolled over then leapt back up.
“Bulbasaur, use your growl!”
Nidoran leapt away in fright.
“Well done Bulbasaur! Return! Mewlec, use your Psychic attack!” Nidoran jumped back into the battle.
Mewlec hopped, skipped and jumped into the air. A wave came from Mewlec’s body and hit Nidoran straight on. It stood no chance.
“Oh no! Nidoran, return! Go, Zubat!”
A bat arrived out of the ball. Matt pointed his Pokedex at it. “What’s that?” He said.

“Zubat, the bat Pokemon. It forms colonies in perpetually dark places. Uses ultrasonic waves to identify and intercept targets.”
“Zubat,” Mike cried, “Use your Leech-life!”
A ball of blue light came from Zubat, and hit Mewlec. The blue ball turned around and returned to Zubat.
“Leech-life, one of Zubat’s attacks. This move take’s health from the opponent and returns health to the Zubat’s body”
Mewlec shuddered, then returned to his original stance.
“Mewlec, use your Ember attack!”
A ball of fire flew from Mewlec’s mouth and hit Zubat in the jaw. It didn’t return the attack.
“Mewlec, use Ember again!”
The ember hit Zubat in the chest. Mike used a burn heal on Zubat, then returned him to his Pokeball.
Mike said, “Your good. Venomoth, show them how it’s done.”
Venomoth once again came out of his Pokeball.
“Venomoth, Poison Powder!”
Venomoth started flapping its beautiful wings. Dust flew at Mewlec. He cried out then fell onto the floor, breathing heavily.
“**** . I’m sorry I have to do this Mewlec.” Matt grabbed a Pokeball and pointed it at Mewlec. “Mewlec, Return! Go Bulbasaur!”
Bulbasaur zapped out. “Bulbasaur, use your Vine whip!”
“Saur!” From Bulbasaur’s bulb came two Vines. They slapped Venomoth in the chest, then whacked again hard.
“Venomoth, use your Stun Spore!”
Bulbasaur was momentarily stunned, then shook his head and jumped back up. Great! Matt thought. Stun attacks won’t work on Bulbasaur!
“Yes! Bulbasaur! Finish it off with a Tackle attack!” He yelled.
Bulbasaur leapt in the air, and hit Venomoth in the head with tackle. Venomoth fell to the ground weak.
“Darn it! Venomoth, return! You’re good Matt! Where are you headed?”
“Viridian City, to challenge the gym leader, and to pick up some supplies” Matt replied.
“Yeah? I was gonna do that but I decided to train my Pokemon a little, and get my trainer certificate from Prof. Oak”
“Well, it’s getting late. We’ll head off in the morning.”
I lay thinking. Matt had beaten Mike, but how many other trainers would he face along his journey? Finally, sleep over took him.....