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Episode 1: Bulbasuar

Matt’s journey started in Pallet Town, the town where he grew up. The month was April, Matt was 12 years old and he was ready to face his destiny as a Pokemon trainer. Once a year, Professor Oak meets the new trainers in his lab. There he gives them a Pokedex, his own invention that identifies all the Pokemon known in the world. He also gives them 10 Pokeballs and a starting Pokemon. There were four trainers starting off that day and it was bright and sunny. Matt packed his bag and headed out the house with his own extremely rare Pokemon and best friend, Mewlec.
You probably haven’t heard of Mewlec. He is very rare to capture, and the female Mewlec, are even rarer. The only known colony existing is deep underground on Pokemon Island. Matt had Mewlec since he was five years old.
Matt headed to Professor Oaks Lab. Inside; he introduced him to the other three trainers, Gary, Prof. Oak’s third grandson and Tim, who lives in Viridian Forest.
Prof. Oak led the group to a stand in the centre of his lab. Inside there were three Pokeballs. He said, “Here are my free starter Pokemon. You may choose one each.” He first issued the group with a Pokedex and ten Pokeballs each.
Gary picked a fire Pokemon named Charmander, and Tim picked a water Pokemon, Squirtle. Matt was about to choose his when they all heard a startled yell. Matt ran up the stairs with Mewlec ready, and Tim and Gary sent out their new Pokemon.
Outside they saw a girl about Matt’s age in distress. She was yelling, “No! Don’t take Chansey! Please no!” The group then heard something Matt and Tim would never forget for the rest of their lives. A young man and woman leapt out of a balloon, followed by a Machoke
“To invest the world with internal Damnation! 
“To destroy all peoples within opposing nations!
“To wipe out the evils, of truth and love!”
“To extend our reach to the triumphs above!”
“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!”
“Surrender now or prepare to die!”
“Maaaaaa choke-choke!!

Tim shouted, “What do you three want?”
They replied, “All the rare Pokemon in the world!”
“You can’t do that!” Yelled Tim
Tom said, “Yeah? Watch us!”
“I’ve had enough of this,” Matt said. “Mewlec, use your flamethrower!
Mewlec ran from his masters’ side and leapt high into the air. “Meeeeeeeewwwwww...LECCCCC!!!!”
He let out a burst of flames from his mouth. It hit Machoke and he fell over hard. He shook himself for a moment, blinked and leapt up. Realisation dawned on Matt. Fire is weak against rock!
Lucy said, “Hahaha, looks like your plan didn’t work, squirt! Machoke, use your karate chop!”
Matt’s words came out like an Ekans zapping out of a Pokeball. “Mewlec, jump!”
Machoke’s arm came down hard but Mewlec quickly jumped out the way.
“I choose you! Squirtle!” yelled Tim. “Squirtle, use your skullbash!”
Squirtle nodded. “Squiiiirtllle!”
Squirtle lowered his head. He then sprinted straight at Machoke.
POW! Squirtle head went straight into Machoke’s stomach like a Spearow striking a balloon. 
“Good work Tim!” Matt shouted. “The enemy’s weak. Go get ‘em, Mewlec! Use your swift attack!”
“Mewlec! Leeeeeeeeccccc!”
Like shooting stars on a summer’s night, Blue stars burst out of Mewlec’s mouth, and smashed straight into Machokes face. Before Machoke knew it, he had fainted.
“Great Job Matt!” Said Gary. “Let’s teach those thugs a lesson! GO! CHARMANDER!”
“Charmander, Ember attack!”
“Squirtle, skull bash!”
“Mewlec, Swift attack!”
The three Pokemon used their moves like lightning. They hit Team Rocket with a load CRASH and sent them spinning into the air.
“Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off agaiiiiinnnn!!”
After they had vanished Tim said, “Hey Matt, How come your Pokemon doesn’t stay inside his Pokeball?”
Matt replied, “He’s scared of them. He also is my best friend. I always have him with me.”
Prof. Oak came running up. “Great job you three! Oh, Matt, you haven’t chosen your Pokemon yet! Come downstairs with me!” Said Prof. Oak
Prof. Oak led the young boy back to the stand. 
“I must say it’s lucky that the other’s didn’t choose yours Matt! Your new Pokemon will be the easiest to train! Go ahead, take the Pokeball!”
Matt picked the pokeball up in his hand. It felt cool and shiny. He knew he had to check this Pokemon out.
“Pokeball, GO!”
And out popped a small Bulbasaur. It blinked twice at Matt, then cried happily, “Saurrrr!!”
He pointed his new Pokedex at it.
“Bulbasaur, the seed grass pokemon. This pokemon carries a seed on its back, given to it at birth. The seed sprouts and grows as Bulbasaur grows.”
“Looks like he likes you Matt! Take good care of him.”
“Definitely Professor! I’ll treat all my Pokemon with care and respect.”
“That’s good to hear Matt. If you need new Pokeballs, buy them from a Pokemart in every Town. You can also buy medicines from Marts. It is time you were off. I wish you the best of luck, Matt. The trainers life is a hard but exciting one.”
After stopping by his Mom’s for the last of the supplies, Matt set off for Pallet Woods, thinking about what new surprises awaited him on his quest.