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These are some Pokemon sites that I recommend you visit.

Strata Strikes draws the best, and dare I repeat it again the best Pokémon on the net.  I have nearly saved all 

of her drawings onto my computer and have used some of her images on my own websites, noticeably the top images on the front page.  Also if you spend your time scanning through her guestbook, you can find that I've signed it, twice!

The UPNetwork, this site became my number one site for Pokémon news and info.  After the late and great Pokémon Forest X bit the dust!  You can find me on their BBS, I'm a regular there, but mainly hang out at their infamous Miscellaneous board.


Home of the longest running Pokemon series to date, Icy & Sarah, a series, originally begun on the PokeWars, that I tend to check up on every now and then, for over a year now o_O  Plus there are other stories from the author/webmaster, Bubbles (a.k.a. IcyPikachu, a.k.a. Frosterfree) like Ri & Billy and others...  Also check out the Togepi's Message Board, a nice little quaint board...
The best Brock site of course, and the Webmaster Eji, is a great artist and writes some of the best Brock fics ever.
This is just an archive site of the infamous newsgroup, known as the Pokéwars.  I considered joining Pokéwars one time or another, but never could adjust to interactive fics, since they take some dedication to join, and as you may notice, I like to take my own lazy pace towards writing quality fiction.


A great site for Gameboy info, and they have huge sections on Pokémon.   Such as well-written editorials and not to mention a thorough G/S walkthrough.
Many sites call themselves the TRHQ, but as far as I can tell this site is best of them all.  With the best TRHQ fanfics located here and more!  Look for an exclusive interviews with Rachel Lillis.  Speaking of Rachel Lillis, Ms. Lillis herself personally recommended Leto's Loose change site (in the interview), now that is probably the highest honor any Pokemon site could receive...
For some reason I found myself visiting this site on a more regular basis.  Anyways, it's just your average fanfic repository site. 
Recently I have become hooked on the Webmaster's, Leto, fanfics.  A writer of over 75 different stories, ranging from ongoing to short stories, they are amongst the best Pokémon fanfics you can read on the net!  Also Leto is one of my favorite Moderators on the UPNetwork's BBS, this is what she really looks like ~~>  ^_^* 
Probably one of the best Pokemon site for fanfics and fanart!  wild charizard, without a doubt, stands out in the Pokemon online world, for her amazing talent, that I envy so much...  I can honestly say that Me & My Flame written by wild charizard (of course) is the best Pokemon Novel out there, I read all 52 parts of the incredible Poké Saga in less then two weeks!  And I continue to visit charizard valley once a week or so, to check out her artwork, such as the one on the left.  wild charizard's artwork is just so realistic, and eye catching. It's sorta like a de-manganized style of Pokemon, which makes it different from all the other Artist that just draws Pokemon "Manga" style...  charizard valley is also my first affiliate ^_^ 

This is a website to another one of my other favorite Admins at the UPNetwork BBS. The webmaster, who is the resident Anime Oataku extraordinaire, at the BBS. Reviews a lot of the lesser known anime, since all the mainstream anime's are pretty much covered, and that's what makes it unique. This is a Pokemon free website though... When the page first started as, Kasumi Violets Page of Anime, before shutting down... The Webmaster had a lot of Pokemon info on her site, but sadly to say, her interested faded into more serious types of Anime. 

I myself would like to get into some more serious anime, other then the mainstream rut that is Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, DBZ, Sailor Moon, and others. One of the reasons why such lesser known animes reviewed on the KVAG aren't noticed, is because of the difficulty to attained them. After all the only way to view them is through video tapes that you have to order, so it can be quite an expensive hobby... But I still would like to get my feet wet in different kinds of anime and this is a good place to do it ^_^;; 





The Dćmos Core FTP Server


I've always been fascinated by Anime, ever since I was a child, I remembered being hooked on Robotech and Voltron, to this day those series remains one of my favorites of all time... Of course back then when I was like 7 or something, and didn't know too much about anime or what anime was, and stopped watching it, because there was none on television anymore *sigh* I slowly got back into Anime though, by renting videos of classic movies, such as Akira, MD Giest, Fist of the North Star, etc...

Then all of a sudden, Anime has returned to the American television airwaves with a vengeance, Shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. got me hooked on Anime again. Leaving me scouring the internet in search of info on my favorite animes, especially Pokemon of course!

Slowly but surely those Anime such as Pokemon, shows that I like to call "Mainstream" Anime, got me interest into the more serious stuff... Recently I've been downloading anime from the internet like mad! All those sites on the left are the sites that I download from. Anime Series that I especially like, and would highly recommend, the most are Neon Genesis Evangeline, Marmalade Boy, Fushigi Yuugi, DNA^2, and I'm sure there are others but I haven't gotten around to downloading them yet ^_^;;


I'm going to tell you this now, downloading Anime from the internet, can be a headache inducing, pain in the ass! Since most Anime files are up to 30MB+ in size, so you're going to need Getright, a downloading manager, and a whole lot of patience. To add further misery to the experience, since sites that offer free anime episodes for downloading, they draw in huge amounts of traffic, and run at high bandwidths! Making the process dauntingly slow, or worst, by leaving the site riddled with connection timed outs -_-;; So if all you have is a 56K modem... then I wish you the best of luck :D Me on the other hand, I use my schools fast internet connection to download, using their Zip drive (and I can't tell you how much I'm grateful for my college using Zip drives) to store it and then bring it home to copy the Anime on to my CD-WR ^_^;;

You can't really complain though, they are after all Free anime your downloading, and you should be grateful, that the webmaster has taken the time to offer us these free, hard to get anime for downloading! Please, when downloading anime from a certain site, you might want to compensate them, by clicking on their ads or voting for their site... It is the least you can do, and anyone that can offer good working downloads of anime certainly deserves it! I myself click on an ad banner or vote for ones site, each and every time I download anime from those site. It encourages the webmaster to upload more anime to their sites, and if you're to selfish or lazy to click on their ad banners, then you should be ashamed of yourself!


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