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This is a one-shot special of a Pokemon battle between, Patrick and Lance, for the right to become a Pokemon Master.


Lance vs. Patrick


            “You made it pass the other members of the elite four, but this is where you reach the end of the line”, said Lance.                 “I’m ready whenever you are”, replied Patrick.      

            “Both trainers shall draw their first pokemon at the same time and from there on it’s going to be a 6 on 6 all out battle”, the announcer said, “Let the match begin”.  Lance and Patrick calling at the same time, Lance called out “Gyaratres”, Patrick sending “Raichu”.


            Gyaratres an evolved Gyarados, towering over 30 foot high making it the biggest pokemon in the world even surpassing Onix’s size.  It has large scaly wings and arms with razor sharp claws.  This fearsome pokemon of Lance is thought to be the only Gyaratres in the world, since none have been discovered in the wild and no other trainer have been able to evolve their own Gyarados.

            With Patrick making the first move, “Raichu, all the Double Team and Agility you got, don’t let it get you”.

             “Raiii”, said Raichu while powering up its attacks.  

            “Gyaratres slam”, said Lance, but no good as the agility high Raichu quickly darted pass Gyaratres while it slammed hard into the ground.  Raichu made a safe distance from Gyaratres and executed its Double Team attack, creating two mirror images of itself and they all headed towards Lance’s Gyaratres at once.  Gyaratres picked itself up and with its massive claws swiped at the Raichu’s, hitting one, but not the right one as the image that Raichu created disappeared on contact with Gyaratres. 

            “Now Raichu, thundershock”, commanded Patrick. 

            “Chuu”, Raichu cried, discharging its electricity at Gyaratres.   Gyaratres yelled real loud shacking the stadium; its tail reflexes to the shock, hits Raichu and sent it flying to the other side of the stadium.  Gyaratres recovered from the attack before Raichu could and made its way to Raichu, just then the other image that Raichu had created earlier with its Double Team attack jumped in front of Gyaratres distracting it from the real one. 

            “Don’t waste your energy with that fake Raichu and attack the other one over there”, Lance said, pointing towards the real Raichu that has started to get up.  Gyaratres was in a rage and didn’t listen to its master; it was still attacking the fake Raichu as it tried desperately to connect an attack with the agility charged mouse.  The real Raichu finally got up and looked towards its master, Patrick gave it a nod, and it nod back knowing what attack its master wanted it to execute.  Raichu, with both hands up it started to use its strongest attack, Thunder, from the open top stadium, clouds started to form.  Lance sees what Raichu is doing and started to yell franticly at his Gyaratres, but it still would not listen, Gyaratres becoming enraged in not being able to attack the fake Raichu that it started to use its most powerful attack, Hyper Beam. 

            “No don’t, yelled Lance knowing that if Gyaratres uses Hyper Beam it would become extremely fatigued and very vulnerable to the real Raichu’s attack.  Gyaratres fires the Hyper beam and it connected to the fake Raichu making it disappear and leaving Gyaratres low on energy.  Gyaratres tired, but satisfied with finally defeating that fake Raichu, didn’t notice the Thunder that Raichu has summoned from the sky, barreling down on it.  The thunder hit Gyaratres on the head; with electricity coursing through its body from head to tail it gave a big cry before falling over and fainted. 

            “Amazing, Lance’s fearsome Gyaratres has been defeated at the hands of Patrick’s Raichu, now what will he use to defeat Patrick’s mighty mouse”, the announcer hollered over the mike.  

            “That, Gyaratres”, Lance said under his breath with his hand in a fist. 

            “Good work Raichu, hang in there”, Patrick said 

            “Rai rai”, Raichu panted back to Patrick. 

            “Lance chooses Dragonair, Go”, Lance said in the third person. 

            “Raichu Agility”, “Dragonair Agility”, Patrick and Lance commanded.  The impressively quick for its size Dragonair caught Raichu and gave it a wrap attack.  “Give it a thunderbolt”, yelled Patrick.  Raichu gave Dragonair a thunderbolt, but unlike Lance’s Gyaratres, Dragonair is strong against electric attacks.  The Dragonair kept on squeezing until Patrick gave in and returned Raichu to its pokeball.  

            “Primeape it’s your turn”, Patrick said, throwing the pokeball to the middle of the stadium, out came a fierce looking Primeape.  “Fury swipes attack”, yelled Patrick, Dragonair still on agility, evaded the attack and quickly wrapped up Primeape.  

            “Now the thunderwave”, Lance ordered.  Primeape, cringing under the paralyses effect of Dragonair’s thunderwave, bit down hard on Dragonair. 

            “Gonairrrr”, screamed Dragonair and forced to release Primeape from its wrap attack.  Primeape furiously leapt up and gave Dragonair an uppercut, knocking it down. 

            “Primeape, Seismic toss now”, Patrick said.  Primeape ran up to the downed Dragonair and grabbed it by the tail and started to swing Dragonair around and around till it gained enough momentum and flung Dragonair across the stadium, sending the Dragon crashing to the ground, it did not get up. 

            “Patrick, the trainer from Prism City, has defeated two of Lance’s famed Dragons, will he send out another one to defeat Patrick’s Primeape”, announced the Announcer. 

            “Pri pri primeape”, Primeape wildly hollered while beating its chest.  

            “Yeah Primeape, you can do it”, encouraged Patrick.  Lance angry that two of his dragons have been defeated, tried not to show his anger as he threw his third pokeball. 

            “Lance has chosen Aerodactyl”, the Announcer said.  

            “Oh man”, Patrick whispered to himself.

            “Dive”, Lance yelled. 

            “Primeape watch out”, Patrick panicked.  The Aerodactyl completely pummeled Primeape, as it couldn’t defend itself from Aerodactyl’s rock hard skin. 

            “Whoa, after an incredible win over Dragonair, Primeape goes down quickly at the wings of Lance’s Aerodactyl”, the Announcer said. 

            “That’s ok Primeape, return, now I shall choose Blastoise”, called Patrick. 

            “And Patrick has chosen the Pokemon in a half shell, this should be an interesting match”, the announcer commented. 

            “Hydro cannons Blastoise”, with the command from Patrick, Blastoise popped out its Hydro cannons and started to blast streams of high-pressure water at Aerodactyl.  

            “Dodge em’ with your Agility”, Lance said.  The highflying rocky reptile evaded the hero in a half shell attacks completely. 

            “Take down now”, commanded Lance.  Aerodactyl dived towards Blastoise, panicking Blastoise withdrew into its shell, and Aerodactyl crashed into Blastoise sending them both to the ground.  Blastoise got up first. 

            “Good Blastoise, now Bubble beam”, Blastoise took a deep breath and released hundreds of Bubbles at Aerodactyl.              “Get up and blow those bubbles away”, Lance commanded, Aerodactyl slow at getting up tried to blow some of the bubbles away but ultimately got hit by the highly explosive bubbles, amazingly it was still on its feet, but not after the Body slam by Blastoise.

            “Aerodactyl is out of the match, Lance is down to three pokemon will he finally choose his feared Dragonite to finished off the armored Blastoise”, commented the announcer. 

            “I choose Omastar” 

            “In a surprise move Lance has chosen another one of his thought to be extinct pokemon, will this spiked shelled pokemon be able to do the job”  

            “Omastar attack”, Omastar rolled into a ball and plowed its way to Blastoise.  Blastoise shots some water streams at Omastar, but it was too fast as it gained momentum, leapt up and slammed into Blastoise’s shell, which deflected it straight up into the air.  Blastoise got knocked a few feet back, but still on its feet. 

            “Blastoise heads up watch out”, Patrick screamed, as Omastar came back down and latched itself onto Blastoise’s head. 

            “Use Mega Drain”, Lance said.  Omastar drained all of Blastoise’s power, as it couldn’t shake off Omastar from its head and fell over unconscious. 

            “Could Lance be making a come back with his Omastar and what will Patrick use against the spiked armored pokemon”, from the announcer.  Patrick threw his fourth pokeball and a blob materialized on the ground.  “Wait a minute that blob is a Muk”, again from the announcer. 

            “Muuuuk”, it groaned while forming into its familiar shape.  Wasting no time Lance ordered Omastar to attack, once again it rolled into a ball and plowed its way to Muk.  Muk just stood there and got hit by Omastar knocking them both down.  Omastar was in trouble since it hit Muk right into its body and got completely covered by Muk’s poisonous slime.                 “Don’t let it escape”, Patrick ordered.  Muk’s trying to faint the Omastar by cutting off its air supply by encasing Omastar in its slime.  

            “Omastar use Mega Drain to escape”, Lance stated. 

            “Muuuk”, it moaned as Omastar started to drain Muks energy in an attempt to escape.  Since Poison is strong against Grass attacks, Muk was able to hold on until Omastar finally fainted.  Muk got off of Omastar and was immediately returned by Lance. 

            Only showing the slightest bit of worry, Lance called upon his Dragonite to battle. 

            “Muk, sludge attack”, Patrick said, Muk threw sludge from its arm at Dragonite. 

            “Barrier now”, Lance said, Dragonite formed an invisible wall that protected it from the incoming sludge. 

            “What, try a poison gas attack”, Patrick ordered, Muk exhaled poison gas at Dragonite, which the Barrier wasn’t able to stop, and distracted Dragonite long enough for a Body slam.  Dragonite quickly threw Muk off of it and flew up to escape the poisonous attacks of Muk.  

            “Another poison gas attack” Patrick ordered once again, Muk’s poison gas was immediately blown back by Dragonite’s wings, “Hyper Beam now” Dragonite executed Hyper Beam and blasted Muk clear across the field. 

            “With a Hyper Beam, Muk is defeated”, said the announcer.

            Patrick stood there for a moment with a grin on his face, with Lance’s Dragonite succumbing to Muk’s poison attacks and being wear downed by the Hyper Beam, he knew defeating it would be easy. 

            “I choose you, Vileplume” 

            “Viiialeploom”, it said. 

            “Will flower power be able to defeat a dragon’s rage, lets find out”, the Announcer commented. 

            “Stun Spore”, Patrick said, Vileplume sprayed stun spore, which was blown back at Vileplume, but didn’t affect the petal pokemon, since its immune to its own Stun spore. Dragonite tried to fly up and put some distance from Vileplume, but the poison from Muk and the hyper beam it fired really wore it down.  

            “Now you got ‘em, Acid”, said Patrick.  The Dragon shifted to the side and avoided Vileplume’s attack, but got its wings clipped by the stingy acid.  Then Vileplume, with the order from Patrick, knocked out Dragonite with a Sleep powder attack, “Here’s your chance, Mega Drain”, Vileplume waddled its way to the slumbering Dragon, before it got to Dragonite, Lance recalled his pokemon. 

            “This is it fans The Dragon trainer from Pallet is down to his last pokemon, what will he choose that will have to defeat two of Patrick’s pokemon, to win the match", from the announcer.  Lance with his last pokeball in hand, “(Whispering) Impressive indeed, (yelling) Charizard go”.  Vileplume took a few steps back in fear of the Fire Dragon.  

            “Vileplume, I don’t want to risk you in battling a fire pokemon, return”, Patrick stated.  From the announcer, “With no contest Vileplume is returned by Patrick, this has been an exciting match fans, with both trainers winning and losing battles as if it were a glorified ping pong game, now it just comes down to this last battle to win the match”.  Patrick with his last pokeball in hand whispered to it, “I’m counting on you”, and then threw it high in the air.  

            “And the last battle to decide if Patrick has what it takes to become a Pokemon Master is going to be an aerial battle royal, as he has chosen Pidgeot, Charizard may have the fire power but in the skies, Pidgeot is the air superiority fighter”, hollering excitedly from the announcer.

            With the order from Lance, “Charizard attack”, Charizard flew up to meet Pidgeot.  

            “Pidgeot Whirlwind”, Patrick said, Charizard tried to stay airborne amidst the powerful gust created by Pidgeot, but its wings just wasn’t as strong as Pidgeot’s, and was blown back to the ground. 

            “Arghh, shoot that bird out the sky, flamethrower now”, Lance yelled.  Patrick retaliating, “Fly higher, make it come to you, and use all the agility you got”.  Pidgeot flew high enough so that Charizard’s flame couldn’t reach it and started charging up on agility. 

            “Charizard go get it”, it flew back up to meet Pidgeot, flame throwing all the way, Pidgeot manage to barely escape with only a singe and wing attacked Charizard, which retaliated with a flaming tail whip.  With Pidgeot being pushed back from it, Charizard foolishly tried a headlong attack, the agility high Pidgeot evaded to the right to escape Charizard’s slashing claws and with its sharp talons, sunk it into to Charizard’s right wing and flung it downwards to the ground.  Charizard in pain and off balance manage to land on its feet.  Charizard no longer able to fly with its right wing clipped, forced Pidgeot on the offensive.  “Pidgeot confuse it with more agility, when you get close enough attack”, ordered Patrick.  Pidgeot got closer and closer, managing to dodge the heavy flame throwing of Charizard.  Pidgeot finally saw an opportunity and dived talon first at Charizard.  Charizard saw Pidgeot coming like a runaway truck, and finally connected a flamethrower attack, but that didn’t stop Pidgeot from crashing into and sinking its talons into Charizard. 

            “Zarrrrrrrd”, with that last yell, the fire breather fainted. 

            Patrick praising his bird, “Pidgeot you did it I knew you could”.  If only Pidgeot was excited as its master was, since it was badly burnt by Charizard and barely could stand after that high-speed crash landing.  Patrick realized Pidgeot’s bad condition ran to the field with tears in his eyes, with a couple of more words of encouragement, he returned Pidgeot to its pokeball.  After the moment was over, the crowd burst in a loud cheer for Patrick, for he has done what most trainers in the world have not been able to, he became a Pokemon Master.  With congratulations from Lance and a few more commentaries from the announcer, the day has ended with a new victor of the Pokemon world.