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May 27, 2000

     Could Moltres, be the next evolutionary step of Charizard? There has long been speculation that certain small primative dinosaurs may have infact evolved into small bird like creatures. What does this have to do with a Moltres being the next evolutionary step of Charizard? Simple, what are dinosaurs, Lizards! What are Charizards, Lizards! So I theorize that, probably a mellinia ago or something, the rarest and most powerful Charizard ever to exist. May have been able to evolve (maybe with a little help from the radioactive energies of a fire stone) into the legendary, graceful, and powerful Moltres!

May 24, 2000

     Wow! Five months have passed and this section has been barren as the desert of Pokemon lately... What to do to liven this place up a bit, well this is a place for my Editorials, Two-Cents, and most importantly mindless rants :D To kick things off I got this joke of mine that's just plain stupid and sick, but what the hell.

     You all or should know that fart gas is flammable right?  Since it does consist of mainly methane gas, if you don't believe me, try it for yourself >:D  Well a cruel joke to play on a Charizard, would be to feed it all the cans of refried beans it can eat.  After the the great big fire lizard has digested the beans and the food works its way down the Charizard's digestive systems.  Be sure to give the Charizard some room, because when it lets out that gigantic, mother of all fart bombs.  The flame on the end of it's tail will ignite the gas, sending the Charizard rocketing to the moon *lol* 

     This is also a great new attack the Charizard could learn, The Fart Flame Flash Attack, guaranteed to knock out any opponent with one blast :D


December 19, 1999
     What kills an otherwise good Pokemon fan fiction is the introduction of Legendary Pokemon such as Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew, and Mewtwo.  There supposed to be legendary pokemon that trainers around the world have been searching for their whole lives, and here they go saying how they happened to stumble upon them by luck and how their Ratatta was able to muster enough strength to defeat a Zapdos, please.  It kills the realism of the story, if you were a trainer in real life, and seeing how rare they are, you would never be able to capture or even see one.  Now just introducing them as a cameo, is ok, like when Ash saw Houou in the first episode.        
     What also kills a story is when a trainer has a pokemon team of all rare and powerful pokemon, such as Gyarados, Alakazam, Gengar, or Dragonite.  People are more in tune with the underdog characters like Ash, not someone who started out with a Kadabra and with it was able to capture all these rare and powerful pokemon and becomes nearly undefeatable.  

     Another thing that kills a story, besides bad grammar, is the lack imagination and elaboration of battle sequences.  Most battle sequences that I read is a one powerful hit and their gone battle, since they have such powerful pokemon on their team, there's not much pokemon that can stand up to an Alakazam's psychic attack.  The lack of elaboration in their battle sequences, for example:

Mr. Pink: Pidgey gust attack

The Pidgey gust attack the Sandshrew.

Mr. Brown: Sandshrew slash.

The Sandshrew slash the Pidgey.  

The Pidgey fainted, Mr. Brown wins.

I'm not saying that's how most battle sequences go, but you'll be surprised on how much fan-fic's battle sequences are like that.  With a little bias toward my own work, a good battle sequence is my one-shot special "Lance vs. Patrick".  I had that battle sequence played out in my head for so long that I had to write it down in a fan-fic.  I think that that's the problem with most people, they have their battle sequences all played out in their head, but just don't know how to write it down.

     A good battle sequence doesn't all together make a good story, though it is a critical part in keeping readers interested, there does have to be a good plot line to it all.  I admit I'm not the greatest story teller of pokemon, that's why I chose to go the same route as most beginning pokemon fiction, as a beginning trainer who starts out with his first pokemon.  As it turns out I sort of like those stories the best, you can see the characters mature as the story progresses.

     Whether you take my editorial seriously when writing your own fiction, or flame me to death with email threats.  This has just been my two-cents as a critic, and since this is my website, I can do whatever I want.^_^.  Good luck on your stories and if you send them to me via email I'll be happy to read them and post them on to my site.



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