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Love at a Carnival

By: Ash’s #1 Fan




Narrator: Today, our heroes are talking a short break at Velencia Island. As usual, Tracey is looking for new Pokemon to study, Misty is trying to teach Togepi its powers, and Ash is looking for Pokemon to capture. When suddenly…


Ash: Oh, wow! It’s a Pokemon! (gets out his pokedex)


Dexter: Tentacool. This jellyfish Pokemon is both water and poison. It weighs around 100 pounds and is about 2’’11’. Its most powerful attacks are supersonic and acid. It is usually found swimming in warm, shallow waters.


Ash: Cool! I’m gonna capture it!


Then Misty holds his arms down before he can throw anything.


Misty: Ash, let me capture it.


Ash: What!? No way, Misty, I saw it first!


Misty: But water Pokemon are my specialty and I…


Tracey: Hmmm…interesting.


Ash & Misty: What?


Tracey: (looking through those binocular things) This Tentacool isn’t no 2 feet long. It’s a little over 5 feet! Wow! I never saw a Tentacool that big before.


Ash: Great! It’d really special so I HAVE to capture it!


Misty: Not if I do it first!


Ash & Misty: Lapras/Staryu, GO!


Both Pokemon popped out.


Ash: Lapras, ice beam attack, NOW!


Lapras did the attack, but Tentacool deflected it.


Misty: Staryu, tackle it!


Staryu hit it as hard as it could and Tentacool fell back in the water.


Ash: All right! Pokeball, GO!


Ash threw it in the water.


Misty: Hey, Ash that’s no fair!


Ash went in the water and picked up the pokeball and sure enuogh, he caught Tentacool.


Ash: YES! I caught Tenatcool! (does his pose)


Misty: What do you mean? I’m the one that weakened it, so it should be mine!


Ash: Well, it isn’t in your pokeball, it’s in mine, so there!


Misty: Oh Ash, no wonder you’re a bad trainer! You have other people weakin’ the Pokemon for you and all you do is through the pokeball!


Ash: Take that back!


Misty: No, because it’s true and you know it is , ‘cause it just happened!


Tracey: Why don’t you guys just share the Tentacool?


They just stared at him, then their heads got really big.


Ash & Misty: NO!!


Ash: I caught it so it’s mine!


Misty: Well, it was Staryu who hit it. Not Lapras!


Tracey: (sweatdrop) How ‘bout we just get going?


Ash and Misty did start following, but they arged the whole way. But then Tracey spotted something…


Ash: Well, it wasn’t…


Tracey: Look you guys. (points to what he sees) It looks like a carnival.


Ash: Oh WOW! We have to go!


Misty: YEA! I just love carnivals!


Both Ash and Misty forgot about their fight. All three of them ran down to the carnival. When they got there, they bought TONS of food, played games, (even though they didn’t win) and went on some rides. Then, Ash spotted a roller coaster.


Ash: Cool! I have to go on that! Tracey, do you wanna ride with me?


Tracey: Ummm…I’ll pass on that. I get sick on roller coasters.


Ash: Oh. Misty, will you…huh…Misty?


Ash looked behind him, but she wasn’t there. He looked around and then saw her over at a game booth, about to through a ball.


Ash: Hey, Misty, do you want…


Misty: Wha!!??


She threw the ball right over the counter and it rolled off the side.


Guy behind counter: Sorry, that was your last ball.


Misty: Oh man! Ash, look what you made me do!


Ash: Sorry, Misty. What were you doin’?


Misty: I was playing this game to try to win that stuffed Horsea, then you came over and made me mess up. And I don’t have any more money left to play. Oh well, so, what do YOU want?


Ash: I wanted to know if you would go on that roller coaster with me?




Ash: Yea, do you want to?


Misty: No way! I get freaked out on those things. I hate them!


Ash: How can you HATE roller coasters??


Misty: Well…I just heard a lot of people getting hurt on those things.


Ash: Misty, you won’t get hurt. I promise you.


Misty and Ash looked into each other’s eyes. Misty didn’t really want to go on it, but also she REALLY did want to, mostly because she was gonna ride with Ash. But of course, she didn’t want it to sound too obvious.


Misty: Why don’t you go on with Tracey?


Ash: They make him sick.


Misty: Well, they make me sick too, so we’re a match.


Misty didn’t like how she said that. The thought of her and Tracey seemed sick! And Ash didn’t like how that sounded and started getting really jealous and knew he had to get her on  that roller coaster.


Ash: Misty, please.


Ash gave her these big puppy eys that made him look about 5 years younger. Misty couldn’t stand it, she thought he looked sooo cute, that everything told her to say “YES!”


Misty: Well…o…


Ash: GREAT! Come on.


He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the coaster where they had to wait in line. But every time she saw the coaster go, she kept getting more scared. Then, finally, they were next in line and she saw the people getting off.


Misty: Ash, I don’t know about this…


Ash: Come on Misty, you can’t turn back now.


Misty: Ohhhhhh…


She hated the position she was in. She saw the guy open the gate for them to go in. She was just standing here, when he felt Ash pushing her toward the coaster. Finally, she got in, then Ash. They buckled up and then a thing above them went around them, resting on their shoulders. Then it started moving.


Misty: WAIT! What am I doing on this ride?! I want off!


Ash: Misty…


Misty stopped talking and looked at him.


Ash: It’s ok. You’re not going to get hurt. Here. Hold my hand. (puts his hand out)


Misty didn’t even think. She put her hand right in his and held tight. Ash then held tight back and he felt like he was in paradise. When they were half way up the hill, he looked at her and she looked like she was about to cry.


Ash: Misty, are you ok?


Misty looked over at Ash and a tear trickled down her cheek.


Misty: I don’t like this. I am so scared.


Ash just squeezed her hand tighter as they went down the hill and the rest of the ride. When the ride stopped, Ash was still holding her hand and Misty’s head was down.


Ash: Misty, are you alive?


He was trying to be playful, but when she looked up at him, her face was tear stained and her eyes were puffy. When they got out, Misty immediately put her arms around his waist and started crying into his shoulder. At first, Ash was surprised, but then he put his arm around her and led her down the exit. He sat her down on a bench, but she still wouldn’t let go.


Ash: Misty, we’re off now, there’s nothing to worry about.


Misty slowly stopped her crying and let go of Ash.


Ash: Man! You got my shirt all wet!


He was trying to be playful again and Misty chuckled a bit. She was looking down, but Ash touched her chin and brought her face to his. He then wiped away her tears with his finger.


Ash: It’s all over now. You can relax.


Misty thought that sounded really loving and comforting, and she loved how close she was to Ash at the moment. They both started to lean forward when suddenly…


Tracey: Hey, I was looking all over for you guys.


Ash and Misty went back into a sitting position and acted like nothing was going on.


Ash: We were just…ummmm…


Tracey: Oh me gosh! What happened to Misty?


Ash: Oh, she got a little scared on the roller coaster.


Tracey: A LITTLE?! She looks like she…


Ash: Tracey, lay off.


Tracey looked back and forth, at Ash and Misty and he knew there was something going on between them.


Tracey: Ummm…I just remembered that…there was a show about Pokemon. I have to go see it. Bye.


Ash & Misty: Bye.


They were alone again, but they didn’t know what to say to each other. Then Ash thought of something.


Ash: I’m sorry, Misty. I shouldn’t have made you go on if you didn’t want to.


Misty: That’s ok. You didn’t know.


Ash: No. I’m goona make it up to you somehow.


He started looking around, then he smiled.


Ash: I’ll be right back.


He got up and left and came back about 10 minutes later and he had something behind his back.


Misty: What do you have?


Ash: Where? (looks all around)


Misty: Behind you, silly. (laughs)


Ash: Oh, you have to close your eyes to find out.


Misty did so and she felt something soft go into her hand. She opened her eyes and the stuffed Horsea that she tried to win earlier was there.


Misty: Oh Ash, thank you so much!


She wraps her arms around his neck and he puts his around her waist. She started squeezing him.


Ash: Ahh…Misty, what are you trying to do, kill me?


Misty: (giggle) Sorry, maybe this is a better way to thank you.


She starts to lean in towards him, and when her lips were just barely touching his, she heard a lady scream.


Lady: Please come over to my psychic shop. I can tell you what’s going to happen in the future. Only $1 per person.


Misty: Come on. Let’s go get our futures told.


Ash: Oh…ok.


He was so-o-o disappointed. He thought “finally, Misty was gonna kiss me,” but it was all because of that stupid psychic lady. But he was at least glad Misty was holding his hand as they went over. When they got there, Ash payed for both him and Misty.


Lady: So, what are your names?


Ash: (under his breath) If you’re psychic, you should know.


Misty: I’m Misty and this is my friend, Ash.


Lady: Call me…Madame Serena. Now let me see your palms.


She starred at their palms for a while and then looked at Misty.


Serena: You said you and this boy are just friends?


Misty: Right.


Serena: Well…in your futures I see that you two are going to be quite a couple. You are going to have the strongest love there can be.


Ash and Misty looked at each other and blushed. Serena saw this.


Serena: Did you two kiss yet?


Ash & Misty: No.


Serana: Hmm…come close?


They started blushing again.


Serena: (nods her head) Just as I predicted. Well, it seems that you two are going to have your first kiss…TONIGHT!


Ash & Misty: REALLY??


They look at each other and blush again.


Serena: Yes and that is all I can tell you.


Misty: Oh…well, ok then, bye.


They left and when they got outside, it was pretty dark. Then, Ash spotted something…


Ash: Hey look! It’s a Ferris wheel and it’s all lit up!


Misty: Oh, it’s beautiful!


Ash: Do you wanna go on?


Misty: OK!


They got in line and when it was their turn, they got to go in a cart shaped like a Goldeen. Misty loved that.


The first couple times around, they looked at the whole carnival lit up. Then, their turn was over, but they got stopped at the top. Then, the most wonderful thing happened (or at least to then), fireworks started going off. They were watching them in amazement. Then Ash took something off of his belt and handed it to Misty.


Misty: What’s this?


Ash: Tentacool.


Misty: Oh! (grabbed the pokeball) Thank you, Ash!


She wrapped  her arms around him and hugged him. The she released REAL slowly and started to lean in towards his face, and he was leaning in, too. Then…as soon as a big firework went off, their lips touched and they kept the moment by not releasing.


They kept on kissing, until they got off the Ferris wheel. When they did, they stood there and watched the fireworks…Ash’s arm around Misty and them holding hands. Again, they kissed and Tracey came.


Tracey: Whoa! What did I miss? Are you guys a coupe now?


Ash & Misty: Yep!


They looked at each other and kissed again until the fireworks ended and the carnival was over.