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    Why create a pokemon site, amidst the literally thousands that one can comb through on the web.  Is it merely because I'm a fan, well it has to be that or this site would not exist.  Rather then try to create a conglomerate of a pokemon site such as The Universal Pokemon Network, which I visit very often to check up on Pokemon news.  I'll create a rather small Pokemon site, in my little corner of cyber space, with original fanfics that I have to offer to any wandering traveler on the net.  I'm also pretty new at creating websites, in case you were wondering why this website looks pretty shoddy and not up to caliber to the other sites and spectacles on the net.  

    My first website that I created is Stories & Such, which I still try to update at least twice a month, was my first trip through the tulpia.  I believe creating this site is good practice for me in the future if I ever want to be serious about web design, but right now I'm an over pressured and over depressed, working college student.  Also since I still have over 10 MB of webspace left on my server, Tripod, so I figure what the hell.  

    One more thing, about submitting your own original fanfics to my website, I'll be surprised if someone does really.  After all I'm just a newbie pokemon site, desperately trying to get noticed amongst the thousands of other sprawling pokemon sites on the net, but if you like my pokemon stories enough and want your own work to reside on the same site as mine, then by all means go ahead.  My email address is Pijoto@Netscape.net, please also send your comments as I would really like to hear them.  All that's left to say now is, that I hope you enjoyed you stay and to spread the word about this site.

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My Profile - for a little bit more then you ever wanted to know about me

Name: Dat Le

Nick: Pijoto or farfetched 
Age: 18
Sex: Male

Nationality: I'm half Vietnamese and half Chinese, but does it really matter.
Home: At my house?
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Color and Style: Black hair, with an asian split down the middle.

Picture: None, but if you want to send me money to buy a scanner, then I'll upload one :p
Best Friend(s): In real Life?, I'm not inclined to name my associates, but some on the internet, are mainly from Message Boards.
Best Enemy(s): My older Brothers (Gotta love sibling rivalry)

My Idols: Bruce Lee, Patrick Stewart, and Robert Smith.
Eye color: Hazel or brown?
Piercing: Never
Tattoos: Not Yet ^_^
Current Residence: Aboard the Deep Space Nine (I'm not crazy)
Current Employment: At Pijoto's Stories, which don't pay Jack!
Position: Writer, editorialist, HTML person, and story archiver.
What he does: Um I think I just explained it on the previous question.
What he Doesn't do: Draw
Co-Workers: Who would want to work for free?
Mascot: Pidgeot, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, and Farfetch'd
Motto: We're all just insignificant cogs, in the giant machine of Life
ICQ: Not to fond of internet chatting in the first place, but my # is 74539267

AIM: Talon of Pijoto  

Haha, you'll be lucky if I even turn either one of them on, but on that rare chance you see me on AIM/ICQ.  I'm either really board wanting someone to strike up a nice conversation, or I'm chatting with someone else on ICQ/AIM.  Please just don't message me to say HI and engage me in a long, never ending, dull, and boring chat...  My time on the internet is somewhat limited and if I say that I need to go abruptly, don't be offended...  Hope I didn't scare you from away from sending me a message by this little rant.  If you have something to say, or generally want to get to know me then feel free to drop me a line...

Been in love? Yes, and no.
Been to Africa? I would sure like to.
Seen the sun rise? I used to be a morning person...
Gotten Beaten up? Does getting beaten up by your older brothers count?
Saw someone Naked? I sure hope so...
Made someone Cry? My little sister Muwhahauuauaah
Ran through somewhere naked? My house when no one was home, I'm sure some of you have to...
Did the Hokie-Pokie? When I was in the fourth grade
Saw a Hooker? I sure hope so...
Slept in Class? Have to stop
Ate at a Buffee? Yes, Many times.
Puked in a Public Place? At a sorry restaurant one time...
Jumped off a Bridge? Yes, those four foot bridges are killers.
Ran a Marathon? I ran a 5K, that's about it
Got Jiggy with it? Define "Jiggy"
Got Rejected? To Damn scared to be in the position to be rejected in the first place
Eaten Dirt? Define Dirt
Had a Dream come True? For some reason I never remember my dreams
Got your Heart Broken? By Love? Yes. By Depression? Yes.
Met someone Famous? Some people may say I'm famous ^_^
Went to a Concert? Yes, but they all sucked, I want to see the Cure!!!
Had a Teacher go insane that he/she had to Countdown from Ten? Nope, all my teachers assigns me tons of homework for punishment

Croutons or Bacon Bits: I love Bacon 
2 doors or 4 (on a car): 2 Doors, I'm a College Student why would I need a four door...
Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper, is the best, Mr. Pibb is just an imitator
Coffee or Ice Cream: Ice cream
Ruffles or Lays: Ruffles
Blanket or Stuffed Animal: My Blankie. 
Exercise or Sleep: I need to get off my lazy ass and get more exercise, yet College is killing me and I long for sleep..
Relationship or Hookup: In a love Relationship, well I hope so.
Purple grapes or green: Purple, one of my favorite colors
Lefty or Righty? Right
Bridges or Tunnels: Tunnels for some reason.
One Pillow or Two or Three: One
Nike or Reebok or Adidas: Reebok
Fast or Slow: Depends, on what you're implying at.
Y2K or 2000 or MM: Y2K 
Fake Somebody or Real Nobody: Real Nobody, I'm pretty much a loner
Shopping or Dieing: What's Dieing, I'm a Cheapskate
Sex or Gamez: Have experienced Games alot more often then the other
Porn or Hentai: no comment
Two Lesbians or Three Lesbians: Not that there is anything wrong with it... but no comment...

SILVER: Cheap 
CRY: Baby
PAPER: Money
FLY: Pijoto
WATER: Fishing
LOVE: maybe
LONELY: rescue
FAKE: Wannabie
SHARP: "Friends"
PERFECTION: Me (hahahahahahahahahaha)
PAIN: My Life
BABY/KIDS: I hate any kid under the age of 7
9PM: Sleep
ALPHA: Squadron
SCHOOL: A necessary evil
HD INSTALLATION: Give me a few days
Y2K: Another Year
POKEMON: A possible fad
ANIME: fantasy
HEAVEN: Six foot under
EVIL: alter ego
LINUX: Possibly a fad
MUSIC: Classic
SUPERNOVA: Exploding star
WIN2K: crap
TOO MUCH OF HEAVEN: will lead to hell
DATE: I hope so
mIRC: No microphone thingy...
HACKERZ: Wish I was
CRACKERZ: Little wannabe kids
GAMERZ: Mad thumbs
ARTISTS: I wish I was...

Salad Dressing: Thousand Island
Color of socks: white
Numbers: 3216541354651354632165432165432
Place to be kissed: In the... Lips.
Professional Sport: Is Running a sport?
Movie (only one!): Movies are just two hours for advertising junk
Holiday: The Chinese New Year
Place to Cuddle: My dog.
Day of the Week: Friday, I'm in love.
TV shows: Pokémon for some reason.  It used to be Seinfield, dammit.  Oh Can't forget about Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Word: Pijoto?
Type of Music: Alternative, Classical, some times Blues. --------->Death to teenie bopping pop music<------------
Least Favorite Word: Supercalifracious
Hero: Batman
Subject in School: Engineering
Colors: Blue, Green, Magenta?
Restaurant: Anything with a great Buffet
Flower: In the wild yes, but plucked and sold, only to watch it die a slow and agonizing death in a Vass of tap water... No!
Least Favorite Subject: I say math and Science, but deep down I know they are my favorite subjects
Alcoholic Drink: I'm not going to spend my hard earned money to be some drunk
Fav. Song right now: That one song by the Red hot chili peppers and Kid Roc.  
Fav. Song of all time: Mayonnaise, by the Pumpkins; Friday I'm in love, by the Cure; and Higher, by Creed.
Zoo Exhibit: Last time I went to the Zoo was in elementary school.
Disney Character: Disney bites, Looney toones rule!
Fast Food Restaurant: Trying to cut down
Anime Series: Robotech, Dragon BallZ, and of course Pokémon
PC game: Too cheap to buy PC games, but last cool game played was StarCraft
Arcade Game: I'm not some idiot that spends all his days at the arcade, I'm an idiot that spends to much time on the internet...
Nintendo 64 Game: Can't wait for Dolphin
Playstation game: Once again I'm too cheap
Dreamcast game: Once again I'm too cheap
Game of 2000: I'm a spazz, I'll say Pokémon?
Game of All Time: Not Pokémon of course.

Are you over your last "crush"? Define crush.
Are you over your last boyfriend/girlfriend? probably...

Have you ever had an online relationship: No, but there sure is a couple of people that I'd like to know better...*sigh* I'm the hopeless romantic...
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I'm praying I graduate from college and become a successful engineer. 

Will this site last 10 years? Will Pokémon last ten years?
Have you ever gone skinny dipping? In the bath tub, by myself, taking a bath.
What type of car you drive now? A sorry 91' Camry
What do you do most often when you are bored? The Internet.
What type of a car do you wish you were driving right now? A Ferrari.
Words or phrases do you overuse? Life sucks, whassup.
Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away: Does across the city count as far away?
Name the most romantic thing that someone has ever done for you: NOTHING!
What is your most humiliating moment: My Life
Who's the loudest person you know: My co-workers (in my real job at a Grandy's Restaurant)
Who's the most Annoying Person you know: My co-workers
If you Made a Music Band, what would you name it? Curb side? Pijoto's Band (to selfish), or The Band (now that's original)
If they Made a Movie about your Life, what would they call it? the man with few words
Have you ever had a Sexual Fantasies? Just about every teenage boy on the face of the Earth.
If you could be in a game/movie what would it be and Why? The Hero, shootin demons, and saving my princess
If the World came to the End in one Day, What would you do? Bust open an ATM machine, or try to meet some of my internet "crushes"
What do you have for a Wallpaper on your Computer? I have my dog as the Wallpaper
Say something about the person who sent this to you: I stole it from the Sindex, who stole it from some other site ^_^;  It's a pretty neat site, that's not a Pokemon site, but a site about the webmasters two-cents and interest.
Are you and the Pope, Just Friends? I'm Buddhist, so don't ask!

Survey completed 3/13/2000.
Survey Updated 5/24/2000.


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