Pre-college stories

    Suddenly you turn around and face the, "What am I doing with my life mirror". Then you find yourself starting to question life for the umpteenth time. Realizing that this is not how you envisioned your life would be like when you're this age to be an outcast at school, work, and even your own family. 
    Never haven't even gone out on a Saturday night, your two older siblings shunning you out of their lives because of conflicting interest, becoming one of those lonely people that surround themselves with cats and dogs, you feel that life has been somewhat unfair to you. Having these physical imperfections that you just can't get over with and blame it for all that is wrong in your life. After all it's a material world and you're caught up in it.
    You start to wonder, "Exactly how different am I from everybody else?" No one else seems too have the same interest as you do and the people that do, don't want to be around you. You thought about changing your image probably two to three times a week and you have from time to time, to only find out it's just not you. "What am I doing wrong", you ask yourself. "Do they not like my appearance", you ask again. Then it all turns into the whole issue of the physical imperfections, but no ones perfect, are they?
    This is when you decide, "To hell with it", you are the way you are and there is nothing you can do about it. You've basically been a loner from kindergarten to the twelfth grade why try to fit in now. You convince yourself you hate the way that everybody acts and that's why you're different from them. "Why try to impress their asses anyways", you snicker. "I'll just live my life in solitude, that's how many great philosophers and thinkers are like". Of course that's how many people go insane, because they can't take it anymore, but you're one of the strong minded one's, right?
    Giving a sigh, you start to understand why people would join gangs or cults. They just want to belong to something. After all you can't deny the human need for companionship.