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A Master in the Making: Part 5: What's the Buzz?

by Seth Bowman  (


    After an overnight stay at the Pallet Town pokemon center, Zeth was finally ready to hit the road again.  As he walked down the path to Viridian City,  Zeth scanned for any more Spearow, but the forest was peaceful.  It was a long hike to Viridian City, but at least this gave Zeth a chance to think up a name for his Spearow.  He trudged along for an hour, thinking of names, before he finally came up with a good enough one.  [It needs to be a strong name and something that fits his character, like Deathwing.]  Zeth thought for a moment, then broke out in laughter at the silly name.  His laughter pierced the silence of the forest and startled a family of Rattata, which took one look at him and ran.  In the distance, something else stirred.  [Deathwing!  What a dumb name!  It does seem to fit him though.]  Just then, Zeth had an idea.  [He really sliced up Vulpix with his talons yesterday, so maybe I should call him Talon]  After a moment of consideration, Zeth decided that it was a perfect name for his Spearow.  [It sure beats Deathwing, anyway!]  Zeth broke out in laughter again at the thought of the terrible name.



    Deeper into the woods, a horde of creatures slept.  Suddenly, a burst of distant laughter brought four of them to their senses.  The four glanced around for the source of the noise that invaded their slumber; but, finding nothing, they drifted off to sleep again.  All except one.  The last one was sure that she had heard something, and was carefully listening for a repeat of that sound.  Just as she was about to fall asleep again, the sound was repeated, closer this time.  More of the group woke and murmured unhappily about the noise.



    Zeth had become tired of walking alone, so he had called Florio out to keep him company.  He told the Ivysaur about "Deathwing," and Florio chuckled.


    {It fit his attitude, at least.  He probably would have liked it too.} Florio joked.


    "You're right, he probably would have."



    The creatures were starting to get angry.  Those sounds just kept going and going.  One of them suggested that they go stop the sounds, and the others agreed.  They waited for the sounds to start again, then set off to stop the noise.



    {Zeth, do you hear something?} Florio cut Zeth off in mid-sentence.


    Zeth listened carefully.  "You mean that slight buzzing sound?"  The Ivysaur nodded.  "Yeah, what is that?  It seems to be getting louder."   Zeth gulped as a swarm of Beedrill appeared from above the treetops.  They seemed to be angry about something, and Zeth had no inclination to stick around and find out what was bothering them.  "Come on, Florio.  Let's get out of here!"  Zeth returned Florio to his pokeball, and started jogging away from the swarm.  The buzzing didn't seem to die down though.  Taking a quick look back, Zeth found out the reason for that.  The Beedrill had noticed him, and were flying toward him at high speed.  [I'm in BIG trouble!]  With the Beedrill obviously coming after HIM, Zeth had no choice but to run for his life.  Unfortunately, Beedrill have the advantage of being able to fly, so Zeth had no hope of outrunning them.  As the Beedrill swarmed closer and closer, he made a quick choice.  Escape was no longer an option, so he turned and threw down his pokeballs....


    "Florio, Eva, Talon go!  Eva, use your sand-attack to blind them.  Florio, knock them out of the sky with Razor leaf.  Talon, use your.... Talon?"  The battle-hungry Spearow was already shooting toward the Beedrill.  "Crazy bird!  He'll get himself killed!  Come on!"  Amazingly, the Spearow was actually holding his ground against the Beedrill.  That wouldn't last for long without extra help though, even if Talon was strong against bug type pokemon.  "Florio, distract them with your solarbeam!"  The Ivysaur paused a moment to absorb sunlight, then let out a devastating blast that scattered the surprised Beedrill.


    That was its only effect though.  The grass attack, weak against the bug types, only served to enrage them further!  "Oops, bad idea."  The insects surrounded them and started dive-bombing the group, who tried their best not to get stung.  One close attack sliced Zeth's arm, leaving a thin trickle of blood.  Zeth gritted his teeth and dodged another assault.  [These Beedrill sure play rough!]  His pokemon were barely keeping up with the bees.  Even Talon, who had attacked in such a frenzy, was starting to tire out.  This battle had to end soon, or they would all be seriously injured.  Two more Beedrills swooped down, and Zeth beat them away with his backpack, knocking one down.  He tossed at pokeball at it to keep it busy, then turned and knocked three more off of Florio.  The Ivysaur launched one last barrage of razor-sharp leaves, then passed out from its injuries.  "We have to get out of here!" Zeth shouted at Eva and Talon, returning Florio to his pokeball.  "There's just too many of them!"


    {There's nowhere to run} yipped Eva.  She bit a passing Beedrill, then dove under another one as it swooped down at her.  A third landed on her and stabbed at her with its drill-shaped legs, but a furious Talon plowed into the insect.  She called out a thank-you, then shouted a warning just as seven Beedrills swarmed the bird.  The cloud of pokemon fell away as the injured Spearow fell to the ground..


    "Talon!"  Zeth ran towards his fallen pokemon, smacking aside Beedrill with no heed to the scratches he received.  He rammed the pile of bees still attacking the bird, pulling out Talon's pokeball to recall him.  However, the Spearow somehow still had some fight left in him.  He took off, squawking angrily.  Zeth was about to call him back, when he noticed that Talon was glowing with a reddish light.  [What in the world!?]  Talon gave one last screech, then let loose a powerful blast, scattering the Beedrill.  The injured bugs quickly disappeared back into the forest almost as quickly as they had appeared.  Zeth stared at the exhausted Spearow in amazement.  "What in the world was that?" he wondered, pulling out his pokedex.


    {Sky attack} answered Talon, {It was a sky attack.  Now, if you don't mind, I would like some rest!} 


    Zeth quickly recalled Talon and Eva and was about to resume his journey, when he remembered his thrown pokeball.  [Don't want to forget that!]  He picked up the pokeball and noticed that the light was a solid blue.  "I don't believe it.  I actually caught that Beedrill."  Zeth clipped the pokeball to his belt and continued on his journey.....



    Zeth stared into the campfire, thinking of the events of the last few days.  He had already had so much trouble, was it really a good idea to keep going?  Should he quit now, while he was ahead, or continue on his journey?  As Zeth looked around at his pokemon, he knew there was only one answer.  He smiled as he watched them talk to each other.  They were all getting along just like he had hoped.  Even Talon and Sting, the Beedrill, were participating in the conversation, which relieved him greatly.  [Now if only the next few days can be this peaceful.]