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A Master in the Making: Part 4: Boulderbadge Battle!

by Seth Bowman (   How am I doing?


    "We can start the battle as soon as I get my pokemon back from the pokemon center," Zeth said.  "I'll be right back."  Zeth ran for the center at top speed.  [Wow, a chance to get a Boulderbadge right off.  I can't pass this up].  Nurse Joy was surprised by his early arrival, but fortunately, his pokemon were ready to go.  He scooped up their pokeballs, and ran back to face Brock.


    "We weren't in that much of a hurry," said Misty, as Zeth gasped for breath.


    "He's just excited about the chance to get a badge," Ash said.  "I know what that's like."


    Zeth managed to catch his breath.  "Let's start this match."


    "Okay, but don't be surprised if I win.  Is three pokemon each fine with you?" Brock asked.


    "It's great. Send out your first pokemon."


    Brock nodded, then flung down a pokeball. "Go, Geodude!"


    "Eva, I choose you!  Use your speed to counter Geodude's strength!  Quick attack!"  The little pokemon lunged at the Geodude, and managed to connect the hit and escape a swat from Geodude's stone arms.


    "Geodude, use your rock throw and tackle attacks."  Geodude started hurling baseball-sized stones at Eva, who tried her best to dodge.  One rock connected and knocked the Eevee flat, and Geodude took the opportunity to tackle her. 


    Or at least, tried to tackle her.  Eva rolled just as the floating boulder hurled itself at her, then kicked dust in its face as she scrambled to get away from its flailing arms.  As the Geodude tried to rub away the dust in its eyes, Eevee bit and scratched at it.  Blinded and confused, the Geodude flailed madly, but only dealt a glancing blow to the agile Eevee.


    "Geodude, defence curl!"  The Geodude tried to obey, but a tail whip in the face followed a tackle put it out of the fight.  "Return." Brock pulled another ball from his belt.  "Good start, Zeth. Now see how good you can do against Onix."  He threw the pokeball.  "Onix, bind!"


    [Not good!], Zeth thought.  Eva had no chance against the giant rock snake.  Onix swung its massive tail at Eva, and she just barely dodged.  As Onix started to circle the Eevee, Zeth made a quick decision.  "Eva, return.  Go, Florio!  Use your razor leaf attack!"  The Ivysaur's sharp leaves were very effective against Brock's Onix.  It roared it pain and tried to flatten the Ivysaur with its tail.


    "Bind, Onix!" Brock yelled again.  The snake wrapped its tail around Florio and squeezed.  Florio twisted and managed to get one vine whip loose, then started smacking Onix's head with it.


    "Florio, use your solarbeam attack!"  Zeth heard Brock murmur something under his breath.  [He knows Onix can't take that!]  Being wrapped in Onix's coils, Florio had no chance of missing.  The powerful beam of light slammed into Onix and knocked it senseless.


    Brock was silent for a moment.  "Onix, return."  Then he smiled strangely.  [Uh-oh, what does he have up his sleeve?]  Brock pulled out his third and final pokeball, "Vulpix, I choose you!  Use your flamethrower."


    Now Zeth knew how Brock felt.  Vulpix could carve up Ivysaur easily.  [But at least Florio will be able to weaken it].  "Florio, dodge and counter with vine whip!"  The Ivysaur tried to avoid Vulpix's attack but he still got badly singed.  He only got in two good smacks with his vine whip before a fire spin from Vulpix finished him off.


    Only one more chance to beat Brock.  Zeth reached down for his Spearow's pokeball.  [I hope he doesn't let me down].  "Okay, Spearow, let's see what you can do!  Peck Vulpix!"  The Spearow materialized with a loud screech.  It dove at Vulpix, slashing and pecking savagely.  [Wow, this Spearow sure is violent, I hope he doesn't decide to be difficult, like Ash's Charizard].  Vulpix ducked away from the vicious Spearow and blasted him with a flamethrower attack, setting feathers ablaze.  Spearow squawked and flapped, trying to put out the flames with some success.  It flew high enough that Vulpix couldn't hit it again, then dove and smacked Vulpix with its wing, knocking the fox down.  Before Vulpix could recover from the attack, Spearow landed on it and pecked it between the ears repeatedly, quickly knocking it out. 


    Brock recalled Vulpix, looking quite unhappy.  "That is one mean Spearow you have there, Zeth."


    Zeth stared at the triumphant Spearow, who was strutting around, looking proud of itself.  "Yes, he is.  Your Vulpix is going to have one killer headache.  Uh, good job Spearow, return."  The bird glared at Zeth, then returned to its pokeball. 


    Brock reached into his pocket and pulled out a small object.  "Here, Zeth, take this Boulderbadge. You've earned it."


    Zeth looked at his first badge, "Thank you, Brock.  I can't wait to tell my parents and Professor Ivy."  He looked up, "Speaking of which, shouldn't you be on your way now?  It's a long walk through the forest, and you shouldn't waste any time."


    Ash nodded, "He's right guys; let's get going.  Goodbye, Zeth and good luck."


    "You too"  At this Ash and company turned and headed toward the forest path leading toward Valencia Island, leaving Zeth alone to consider where he should go next.  [Well, I got the Boulderbadge, so should I go back toward Cinnibar Island or to Cerulean City as I had planned?]  After some careful thought, Zeth decided to head for Cerulean City.  [It may not be closest, but I still have a better chance of winning there.  Right now though, I have to get back to the center. That fight really took a lot out of my pokemon.....]