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Part Two: Through the Forest


Zeth glanced down at the airstrip through the blimp's window. He could 
barely believe he was finally on his Pokemon journey. As Valencia Island 
faded in the distance, he pulled out his map and looked to see where the 
nearest Pokemon gym would be when the blimp landed. The Viridian and 
Cinnibar gyms would be the closest, but Zeth had heard that Viridian had one 
of the toughest leaders and Cinnibar Island was known for its fire-types. 
[Not a good idea with only Ivysaur and Eevee], thought Zeth. The next 
nearest gyms were the Pewter City gym and the Cerulean city gym, a much 
better choice with a grass-type pokemon. [Pewter it is, then.] "Let's 
see," Zeth mumbled to himself, "the fastest way to Pewter is through Pallet 
Town." [Hey, That's where Prof. Oak lives. Maybe I'll be able to see him 
when I pass through.] Zeth had talked to the Professor a few times when Oak 
had called Professor Ivy at the research center, and had even met him face 
to face when Oak came to a seminar at the center. [I bet he'll be surprised 
to see me,] Zeth thought.

They blimp ride was long, so Zeth contented himself by watching some 
more of the Pokemon League games on the blimp's television set. The current 
match was a Pikachu vs. an Ivysaur, and the Ivysaur blasted the little mouse 
with a powerful solarbeam attack. Remembering his Pokemon, Zeth reached for 
their pokeballs and let them out to watch the games. His Ivysaur, Florio, 
and his Eevee, Eva, immediately started a conversation about which pokemon 
the thought would win the next match. Of course, Florio, cheered for a 
grass-type, and when it was beat by a Flareon, Eva couldn't stop laughing.

Finally, the blimp arrived at its destination. As Zeth headed for the 
Pokemon center, he noticed some beat-up old blimps at one side of the field. 
[Glad that I wasn't on one of those things!] He wondered if they could 
even fly anymore, but if they could, they would give the passengers on 
dangerous flight...

When he reached the pokemon center, he was surprised to find that its 
Nurse Joy looked exactly identical to Valencia's Nurse Joy. He had heard 
that they looked alike, but never expected them to look that similar. But 
as tired as he was from his long flight, Zeth did not have the energy to 
ponder such unusual mysteries. All he wanted at the moment was sleep, so 
that he would be ready to take on any pokemon in the forest, as they 
traveled through it the next day.

After a nice, long rest at the pokemon center, Zeth and company, headed 
up the heavily-forested path to Pallet Town. He kept one of his pokemon out 
with him to keep him company on the hike. At the moment, Eva was skipping 
along beside him, when a flock of Spearow came out of nowhere and attacked 
them. "What the - Ouch!" Zeth yelled. The Spearows slashed and pecked the 
duo. Scooping up Eva, Zeth ran for cover. He dove under a large bush, and 
Eva yipped in fear as the Spearows flapped at the bush, trying to get at 
them. "Florio, go!" Zeth yelled, rolling the pokeball out from under the 
bush. "Use your razor leaf attack to drive off the Spearow." Razor-sharp 
leaves whipped through the air, slicing up the surprised Spearows, who flew 
off, screeching. "Thanks, Florio, I don't know what we would have done 
without you. The Ivysaur asked a question and Zeth pulled out his pokedex 
to translate.

{What DID you do to make those Spearow so mad??}

{Nothing} Eva growled, licking her wounds, {they attacked us without 

Suddenly, a screech sounded just behind them. "What was that!?" Zeth 
asked, looking back at the bush they had hid under. Pinned to the bush by 
four of Florio's leaves, the angry Spearow was struggling madly to escape. 
"Hey, it's one of those Spearow. Eva weaken it with quick attack; after 
that, Florio, use your vine whip to restrain it so I can catch it. 
Normally, the pokemon would have felt that fighting with two pokemon against 
one was unsportsmanlike but the Spearows had already done a group attack on 
a single pokemon, so they had no problem following Zeth's command.

Eva pounded the trapped Spearow with her quick attack, and bit it even 
though she had not been told to. Florio restrained it with his vine whip, 
then gave it a light smack against the ground to be on the safe side. The 
Spearow didn't really need it though, it had already fainted from Eva's 
attack. Zeth finished up the battle with a pokeball, and the unconscious 
Spearow was swept up into it without any resistance.

"Yes! We caught our first pokemon!" Zeth paused, "But we'd better get 
it to a pokemon center, 'cause we hit it pretty hard."

{I agree} said Eva - Zeth had forgotten to turn off the pokedex during 
the battle - {I suggest we get out of this forest before we run into any 
more Spearow.}

"That is definitely a good idea. Let's go." The three started back 
down the path, on guard in case the Spearow should make a second attack....