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Part One: Beginning a Journey


Zeth Raltier is a pokemon trainer from Valencia Island. Although he has 
been old enough to train Pokemon for six years, his parents wanted him to 
stay at home until he was sixteen. However, they did let him get a 
Bulbasaur from Professor Ivy at the Valencia Pokemon Research Center. 
Even though he didn't travel off the island, he still trained with his 
Bulbasaur (now Ivysaur) and studied all about the art of training Pokemon 
under the guidance of the professor. Today, he is finally turning sixteen 
and tomorrow he will begin his journey....

"Zeth, have you packed for your Pokemon journey yet?"

Zeth Raltier looked up from the television. "Mom, I've been packed for 
two days now! You know I can hardly wait for tomorrow!"

"Ok, Zeth, just wanted to make sure. Dinner is in five minutes, so go 
wash up. Then after dinner, we'll open presents."

Zeth took one last look at the program he was watching, a broadcast of 
the Indigo Pokemon League Games. At the moment, some kid's Pikachu was KO'd 
by a Bellsprout. [Wow, strong Bellsprout], thought Zeth. [This kid's gonna 
need a lot of luck to beat that plant]. Just then the kid - Ash Ketchum, 
according to the scoreboard on the screen - pulled out a Muk and smothered 
the killer weed. [Well, Muk does rhyme with luck.] He turned off the T.V. 
then went to wash his hands for dinner...

Dinner was good, the cake - better, but the presents were the best of 
all: six new pokeballs to replace the six-year-old ones he had, a black, 
upgraded pokedex complete with translation capability, and to top it off - 
an ultra ball, for the really hard to catch Pokemon. "Wow, an ultra ball, 
that must have cost a lot! Thanks so much!"

Zeth spent the rest of the evening testing out his new pokedex with his 
Ivysaur. "Okay, Florio, say something and let's see if this translation 
option works."

{What should I say?} the Pokedex translated the words almost as fast as 
Florio said them.

Zeth laughed, "Interesting question, but it works." He noticed the 
clock. "Whoa, its getting late. Let's get some sleep before we begin our 

Zeth woke up early the next morning, eager to begin. He flew down the 
steps like a missile and nearly collided with his dad. After bolting down 
his food, he raced toward the door and barely managed to stop himself when 
he heard his mom call him. "Yeah Mom? What is it? I want to get going 

"Prof. Ivy wanted to see you before you leave, Zeth. She said it was 

"Okay, I'll go there first." Zeth ran up the road to the research 
center at top speed. He arrived at the door and had to catch his breath 
before he could ring the bell. One of the professor's three aides answered 
the door. "Hi, my mom said that Prof. Ivy wanted to see me before I left. 
Where is she?"

"She's in the back with the Vileplume," she answered. Since he was tired 
from running, Zeth walked to the back of the lab, and spotted Ivy rubbing 
some kind of lotion on a Vileplume's cut.

"Professor, did you want to see me?"

"Yes, I did Zeth. I wanted to give you another Pokemon for your journey. 
I know I already gave you your Ivysaur; but since you have had to wait for 
six years, I feel that you should have another." Professor Ivy handed Zeth 
a pokeball. "Here, take this Eevee. I know you will do an excellent job of 
training it."

"Thanks Professor Ivy, I've always wanted an Eevee." Zeth let the 
little fox-like Pokemon out of its pokeball. "Hello Eevee, how are you." 
Zeth pulled out his pokedex to translate.

{I'm fine, how are you?} Eevee asked.

"I'm fine too," Zeth said with a smile. "come on Eevee, let's go" On 
the way out, Zeth noticed a strange pokeball. "Trying out a new type of 
pokeball, Professor?"

"You mean the GS ball? We've been trying to figure out how it works, 
but so far we can't even open it!"

"Well, good luck on that. It does give me an idea though. I think I'll 
paint my pokeballs blue instead of red so I can tell them apart from 
everyone else's." They reached the door. "See you later. Try to keep the 
place clean while I'm away, 'cause I won't be around to pick things up for 

"You know that's impossible," called one of the aides as Zeth ran to the 

Zeth's parents and friends were all there to meet him at the airfield. 
"Bye guys, I'll stay in touch."

"One more thing Zeth," said his father, handing him a video cellular 
phone. "Here's another present for you. Now it will be easy to stay in 
touch." Zeth thanked his parents and started up the ramp. "Call us all the 

"I will," Zeth called back as he reached the top. He turned and stepped 
into the blimp, ready to face whatever challenges he must on his journey to 
become a Pokemon master....