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Chapter Seven


     This is it. No turning back now, Ash said to himself. "You're going to 
pay for what you did to my friends!" Ash yelled. Giovanni just smiled. Ash 
grabbed a pokeball from his belt and threw it, overtaken with rage. Giovanni 
snapped his fingers as his assistants tossed their pokeballs out. Out of 
Ash's came Blastoise. Ash knew that Giovanni's gym had been mostly ground 
type. But he still knew it was a gamble, they could have gotten more pokemon.. 
In front of Blastoise came a Golem, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Onyx, and 
Elactubuzz. Well, mostly. "Blastoise, Hydro Pump!" The huge shellfish leaned 
over blew out the stream of water, throwing the Golem and Nidoqueen straight 
into the opposite wall. "You really have been training well, Ash," Giovanni 
commented. "Elactubuzz, Thunderbolt!" "Blastoise, Withdraw!"Ash had really 
been training. As Blastoise tucked its head, arms, and legs in, the bolt of 
electricity lit the room. Blastoise's shell couldn't even be seen when it was 
     There was silence as Elactabuzz stopped shocking Blastoise. All eyes were 
centered on the shell. But the electric shock was not enough to defeat the 
strongest Blastoise in the world. "Nidoking, Thrash! Onyx, Rock Throw! 
Elactabuzz, Thunder!" Giovanni yelled. "Blastoise, use Blizzard!" Ash called 
to his pokémon. Nidoking started waving its arms around in the air and 
started walking toward Blastoise. Elactabuzz started glowing. Onyx drew its 
tail back and let loose, throwing rocks in Blastoise's general direction. 
Blastoise drew itself back, then started shooting an entire ice storm from 
its cannons. Both cannons began to move separately, so they wouldn't always 
just hit 1 target, but 2. No one could see what was going on inside the 
blizzard. Ash began to shiver at the sudden cold. Giovanni just watched on. 
The blizzard finally cleared, leaving snow all over the ground, and 
Giovanni's pokémon frozen in ice, along with Blastoise itself.
     Round 2. "Okay, Gengar, do your stuff!" Ash threw his next pokéball and 
out popped the ghost. Giovanni once again snapped his fingers. From his 
pokéballs came a Kadabra, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. "Gengar, Night 
Shade!" Ash yelled. Gengar slapped its hands together."Gar." it said as it 
began to darken the area around them. Purple and black waves flew throught 
the air. Jolteon fell first. Then Vaporeon. Then Flareon. But Kadabra stayed 
up. "Kadabra, Psybeam!" Giovanni yelled. "Kaaaaa-DABRAAAAAA!!" It yelled 
holding its spoon out as a purple-ish beam flew out. "Gengar, use Psychic!" 
"Gengar!" Gengar held its hands forward and began to glow purple. The Psybeam 
quickly aproached Gengar as Kadabra began to glow purple."GENGAR!" Gengar 
yelled as it tried harder to defeat Kadabra, but the Psybeam had already 
reached its destination. "Gar." "Dabra" the 2 pokémon said as they fell 
down."Another draw?!" Ash yelled. He and Giovanni were getting frustrated. 
Ash looked around. The lighing wasn't good, but he knew he had to chance 
it. "Come on, Venusaur!" He yelled. Giovanni snapped his fingers. The giant 
seed pokémon appeared from its pokéball. In front of it came an Arcanine, 
Cloyster, Rhydon, and Scyther. "Come on Venusaur, Grab'em with Vine Whip. 
"Saur!" It yelled thrusting 4 vine whips out of its plant. It managed to 
catch Arcanine, Rhydon, and Syther, but couldn't grab Cloyster. "Syther, 
Slash." "Scyyyyy." It said, chopping at Venusaur's whips. "Razor Leaf!" 
"Venus!" It yelled, shooting sharp leaves all over. It managed to take out 
Cloyster and slash near Syther. "Saur." It said, a little weak, it was losing 
sunlight, which it needed. "Arcanine, Fire Blast." It howled as it let loose 
with the five pointed flame. It flew right through Venusaur like a hot knife 
through butter."Venus" It fell to the ground. "Venusaur, return" He reached 
back. "Go, Charizard!"He yelled. His first fully-evolved pokémon, possibly 
his second-strongest, popped out." It gave a roar. "Fire Blast!" Ash yelled.. 
It spat out the ssame type of star that Arcanine did. IT ripped through 
Syther and hit Rhydon. Being a rock-type, it was able to resist it, holding 
the star-like force back for a while. Giovanni snapped his fingers and Syther 
was returned. "Okay, Charizard, Fire Blast Explosion" Ash yelled. Charizard 
shot a small fire ball out toward Rhydon. Upon contact with the Fire Blast 
star, it exploded. Arcanine looked on from the side, taking the oppurtunity 
to use Take Down. It flew into Charizard, knocking them both to the ground. 
When the explosion cleared, Rhydon was still up, but barely. "Charizard, 
Slash!" It kicked Arcanine off and slashed it across the side. "Arcanine, 
Bite!" Arcanine bit Charizard in its side. Rhydon, too made a chance to use 
Take Down, but the force was too much and it fell over after it knocked 
Charizard down. Then it was just Charizard and Arcanine."Arcanine, use Fire 
Blast!" "Charizard, finish this up with Tera Flare!" Arcanine shot the star 
at Charizard. Charizard, dazed , stood as tall as it could. It flew up, and 
drew its head back, and from its mouth came a beam of blue light, shot 
stright down at Arcanine. It also created an explosion as soon as it hit the 
ground, a blue explosion that looked almost nuclear, except blue. When the 
blast cleared, Arcanine layed on the ground, and Charizard flew to the 
ground, weak from using its attack. Giovanni snapped his fingers and one 
pokéball was used. It was a Dragonite. "Charizard, give it your all, use 
flamethrower!" It blew out a stream of flame. Giovanni looked on in disgust. 
"Dragon Rage." He said. Dragonite gave a roar as a tornado of water flew from 
the floor, catching Charizard. Charizard was stuck in a cyclone of water. It 
had no chance of escape.
     "Okay, Charizard, return. Go Articuno!" The mystical bird flew out of the 
ball. "Use Hyper Beam, Dragonite." "Articuno, Agility!" The dragon flew to 
Articuno's level. The bird began flying at extreme speeds. Dragonite did its 
best, but couldn't hit Articuno with its beam of blue light. It began to 
hover, recharging from its attack. "Now, use peck!" Articuno flew past 
Dragonite and pecked it again and again. "Dragonite, Slam." Dragonite flew 
through the air and managed completely by luck to hit Articuno. The bird 
fell. "Articuno, don't give up, hurry and use Ice Beam!" Ash yelled. The bird 
flew up, flapping hard, it had trouble staying up. It drew its head back , 
then shot at Dragonite. Dragonite got caught in the beam and was forced 
backward, toward Giovanni and his assistants. Dragonite crystalized and flew 
to Giovanni. Giovanni dove out of the way as the frozen pokemon collided with 
the ground next to him. The blue and red pokeball on his belt fell down, 
unnoticed by anyone. He stood up as the ball rolled away." You little Brat!!" 
"Well, you ready to say I won? Let me leave now." Giovanni gave an evil 
glare to Ash."No." "But..." Ash began as a white light came from the center 
of the room. The ball was opening. "What?!" both Ash and Giovanni gasped. 
Raichu formed in the center of the room. "Come on, get it!!" Giovanni yelled 
as everyone on his side threw their pokéballs. Many different pokmon 
appeared, including Golems, Machamps, and Nidokings. They converged on 
Raichu. "Chu?" It said , completely confused, not knowing what was happening.. 
"Raichu, save yourself!" Ash yelled. Raichu looked around."Chu!!!!" It 
yelled, sending bolts of electricity out and around, not affecting most of 
the pokemon. They were closer now, almost in rage to grab it."I was hoping 
never to use this" Ash said to himself."But I'm desperate." Then he 
yelled"Raichu, Lightning Storm!!!!!!" Raichu looked around. It jammed its 
tail into the floor and lept up, suspending itself using its energy. 
"Rai-Rai-Rai!" It yelled. The lights began to burn out as Raichu drew energy 
from the electricity. The room grew dark, but at the very center, Raichu 
glew, a bright, pale white, so bright that you couldn't see any of Raichu's 
colors."Raiiiiii-CCCHHHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" it yelled, uncurling its 
body and letting loose the strongest attack it had. An electrical tornado 
grew from Raichu's body. It quickly grew to the full height of the room. Ash 
ran back for cover. The electrical cylcone began to emit thunderbolts and 
waves while drawing in the pokemon that were surrounding Raichu. When they 
entered the cylcone, they were zapped with over 200,000 volts of electricity, 
while being thrown around the room and twirling in the tornado. Not even the 
rock and ground types were safe. Raichu was still hanging on by its tail. 
Pokemon began to fly around the room. A Golem crashed into the wall next to 
Ash. He couldn't see through the tornado to see what was happening to Team 
Rocket, who Raichu was trying to divert the storm to.
     The ceiling of the place began to crumble and fly around, too. 
Apparently, the ceiling was right below Celadon's streets. A traffic jam 
began to come out as the area of street in front of them began to crumble 
away. Ash could see some people flying throught the cyclone. He couldn't 
tell if they were Team Rocket or not. Then the tornado picked him up. Ash 
never got throught the tornado. He was thrusted up onto the streets. 
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" he yelled while going through the air. 
     The storm soon died down. It was night time."Hey, what's the hold up?" " 
Move it or lose it, people!" " Come on!" People yelled from their cars. Ash 
looked down. Pokemon were laying down everywhere. Including Raichu."Raichu!" 
Ash yelled down to his pokemon. It slowly got up, exhausted by the storm. It 
looked up at him."Chu!" It happily yelled, waving up."Heh." Ash smiled, 
happy to see that Raichu was back. Raichu began to glow a bright white 
again. "Huh? No, Raichu, not again!" Ash yelled. But it wasn't charging for 
an attack. Instead, it began to grow a little. "AAHHH!! Raichu doesn't 
evolve!" Its tail began to grow longer. When it stopped glowing, Ash saw its 
new colors. Its stomach was black. Its body was orange. Its hands and feet 
were black, too. Its tail was striped. Red,black,yellow was the pattern of 
stripes on his tail. Ash flipped out his pokedex. It was dusty and he thought 
he'd never need it again. He aimed it at the ex Raichu. "Electrachu : A 
pokegod. As with other pokegods, its existance has never been proven and is 
believed to never have existed. Pokegods are said to have evolved after 
gaining extreme amounts of experience and are of extreme power.Electrachu's 
have been said to have enough power in a sneeze to power an entire city block 
for a month." it reported. "Electrachu, huh?" Ash said looking down at it. 
     "Young man, do you have any idea what's going on?" a familiar voice 
said. "Officer Jenny?" Ash turned to see her. "Are you in any way, shape, or 
form involved with what happened here?" "Umm...Yes." Ash replied. "Well, out 
with it!" She said to him. "Well..." Ash started. He explained to her about 
what happened with Raichu, and Team Rocket, and the cyclone."How can I be 
sure what you're saying is true?"She asked him. "Well, look at them down 
there." He pointed into the hole in the street." And ask them, they might 
tell you." Jenny began to think."Well, I'll let you go, for now." She said.
     A crane arrived on the scene soon and helped get the people and pokemon 
out of the hole. Most of them were unconscious. Except Electrachu. When it 
was pulled out, it looked around for its trainer. It then ran to Ash. 
"Electrachu.....How are you doing?" "Chu!" It smiled. "Hey, kid, what 
happened here?" A news reporter ran up to Ash. "Not now." He said to him. 
"Can you tell us what cause that electric storm and... what is that pokemon 
next to you." "He's just a friend. Leave me alone for now." He remembered 
about Brock and Misty. "Well, come on! Tell us something!" "Eeelectraaaaaa!" 
Electrachu said, charging up the news caster."Thanks." Ash said. 
     Then he sighed. "Let's go. We have to tell Misty's sisters." They walked 
off. Ash had completely destroyed Team Rocket. He would prove the existence 
of another pokemon. But his friends were going to die. He walked off, his 
head hung low. Electrachu walked beside Ash, trying to comfort him. But, he 
couldn't. They walked toward the hospital. Toward Misty and Brock, their 
friends, who they couldn't help.

To be Continued

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