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Fallen Friends

     Ash couldn't tell what was happening. He was to dizzy to know the 
difference. He couldn't tell where up was. Until something plucked him out of 
the air. Ash groaned. He looked at his spinning world. He down to see himself 
suspended 2 feet off the ground. He looked behind to see the grim face of a 
Machamp. It effortlessly held him there with one hand. But not for long, as 
it clenched its fists together, and delivered a blow to Ash's head, knocking 
him unconscious.

     Ash woke up in the middle of a dark room. H was laying face down in the 
floor. He got up. Something warm trickled down his lip. He wiped the blood 
away. "Where am I?" He couldn't see anything, not how big the room was, not 
even his hands in front of his face. "Hello, Ash." Ash looked around. He 
knew the voice, but couldn't quite put his finger on it. "Long time, no see" 
The voice said. He heard footsteps. "Who are you?!" Ash yelled. Suddenly, the 
room lit up. He blocked the light from his eyes until they adjusted. Ash 
looked around. The room was huge! At least a 50 x 50 x 50 ft room. Then Ash 
looked at the man standing in the center of the room. He squinted. "It's me, 
Ash" the man said. " Giovanni?" Ash wasn't sure. "That's right, Ash" Giovanni 
said. "What do you want with me?" Ash asked the nefarious leader of the no 
longer existing Team Rocket. 
     "You probably didn't know, Ash, but Team Rocket has been working secretly 
underground. And we're after more than just 'rare pokemon', we are going much 
farther than that. Bank robberies. Jewel heists. Breaking and entering for 
valuables. We may even kill if we have to. We still go after rare and 
valuable pokemon, but now we do much more. " "And you haven't been caught?" " 
Team Rocket isn't stupid, Ash. We plan months ahead of time to make sure that 
it goes smoothly. Oh, and I'm sure you remember Jesse and James, right? 
They've been fired." Ash stood still. "And we've made new shirts." Giovanni 
held up a black shirt with the letters TR on the front. "The $5.95 if you 
want any." Ash looked at Giovanni." Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering why you 
are here. I know you remember that you have created more than 20 new moves 
for pokemon. Well, I have to. You see, We all know how smart Alakazams are, 
right Ash?'" "Yes..." "Well we've made use of the 5,000 IQ they have and came 
up with 2 new moves. Brainwash and manipulate. I'm sure you can guess what 
they do. Anyway, you being the worlds greatest pokemon trainer, I mean 
master, would make a great asset to Team Rocket. " "You plan to brainwash 
and/or manipulate me to work at Team Rocket?" "Simply put, yes. " "I'd kill 
myself before that would happen." "Then, I have something I want to show 
you." Giovanni drew a glass vial from his pocket. A clear liquid was inside 
it."How about you give me all the pokemon on you, and I give you the antidote 
for your friends' sleeping sickness?" "Does that mean....?" "Yes, Ash, of 
course!" Giovanni started laughing." I shot down your friends." "Why did you 
shoot them down?" "To get them out of the way. They'd only get in the way." 
Ash started to really get mad. Giovanni continued to laugh."And I'm sure you 
remember how Raichu was sent to jail." "That too?" "That too. heh heh. We 
simply rigged the pole and sent electrical signals through it and now..." 
Giovanni reached into his pocket and pulled out a red and blue pokeball."Now 
we have the pokemon that Jesse and James and Meowth were always trying to 
get. It was simple to get it out of jail and replace its ball with a painted 
one. Of course, we did it this way so there was no threat of you, your 
pokemon, or Raichu. " "Why you..." I'm sorry, but I cannot print the words 
that Ash used right here. "So" Giovanni said." Your pokemon, or your 
friends. Which will it be?" Ash got mad. Real mad. Then he gave a sigh. 
"I can't let my friends just die." Giovanni took out a sack. "Good boy, 
you made the right choice." Giovanni walked over to Ash. "Here's 
Charizard."He took a pokeball and dropped it in the sack."Blastoise." He took 
another."Venusaur" Another."Gengar." Another. "And Articuno." He dropped 
another. "Wait Giovanni said." There should be a sixth." " You already have 
it. Raichu. " "Right." Giovanni walked away. "What about the antidote?" Ash 
said. Giovanni didn't answer. "WELL!?!?" Still no answer.

     "Articuno, GO!!!!!!!" Ash yelled, echoing in the room. He took a 
pokeball in back of his belt and threw it. "Quick, get the other pokemon 
back, and the glass vial. " Articuno flew to Giovanni. "I should have known 
you'd keep an extra pokeball." " I gave you the one that was originally for 
pikachu" Ash said. Giovanni watched. He dropped the sack, which Articuno 
took to Ash. He knew he couldn't face the bird. Then he took the glass vial 
and threw it to the floor. "NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Ash yelled, watching, almost 
in slow motion as the glass vial shattered, along with his hopes of rescuing 
his friends."YOU'RE MINE!!! I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" "Well now, 
something interesting." He snapped his fingers and sliding doors on either 
side of the room opened as members from TR (Team Rocket) filed in. "Now, Ash 
, we all know how powerful your pokemon are. So lets make this more 
interesting." Giovanni said. He snapped his fingers . All the doors shut, and 
he could here the electronic locks locking. " You will fight us as we send 
out many pokemon at once. You win, and you get out alive. You lose. And you 
become a member of Team Rocket." Giovanni said." Fine then." Ash said. The 
battle begun.

To be continued.....

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