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Fallen Friends

Chapter Six

    Ash was in the hospital room by Misty's bed. He looked at her heart monitor. 
Suddenly, both Misty and Brock flatlined (their hearts stopped beating) at 
the same time. " OH NO!!!" Ash yelled."Get some help!" Soon, some doctors 
came in rolling in a defibulator (the thing with the shock pads). "Set it on 
a few 100 volts!" the doctor yelled. The nurse their turned a knob. The 
doctor rubbed the 2 pads together, "Clear!" He put the pads on Misty's chest.. 
Her body arched up as hundreds of volts sent through her body. "She's still 
not breathing!" the doctor yelled. He rubbed the pads together again."Clear!" 
He shocked her again. "It's not working." He said. Misty died right there.
"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Ash yelled as he looked around . He was in the waiting room 
. "A dream." he said silently. He fealt something tapping him on the back. 
"Aaahh!" Ash yelled, falling out of the chair onto the floor. He turned to 
see who it was. Raichu stood in front of him. "Rai? Raichu?" It said. "Oh, 
it's just you. I completely forgot about you in the rush to get Brock and 
Misty here. Are you okay?" Raichu smiled "Chu." "I'm sorry I left you during 
the emergency." He hugged Raichu.

    "Like, Wow, an Articuno" Daisy said, standing outside the Cerulean Gym and 
looking at the beautiful blue bird overhead. "Violet, Lily, Come out here! 
Look at this!" Lily and Violet came rushing outside and stared in awe at the 
legendary bird they descended upon them. It seemed to have a note in its 
claws. Articuno dropped the piece of paper into Daisy's hands"Like, maybe we 
should read the note."Daisy opened it and read it. "Like, poor Misty!" Lily 
said, beginning to cry. "Where's the hospital?"Violet asked."Isn't this, 
Ash's Aricuno if it's ,like, delivering Ash's message?" Lily said. "You're 
right! It'll, like, know where Ash is!" Daisy said. "Like, stay right there 
until we get back, Articuno"Violet said. They went inside and packed. Then 
they came outside. "Like, lead the way, Articuno" Violet told it. Articuno 
flapped off, the Cerulean Sisters trailing behind it.

    Ash sat in the hospital room in between Misy's and Brock's beds. His cap was 
tipped low to cover his eyes. His face was in his hands . He was crying. He 
decided to go back to the waiting room. He went and sat in a chair, Raichu in 
the next one. 
    Soon, Articuno perched itself on the arm of the chair. "Like, is that you 
Ash?" a voice yelled. He looked up. "You made it!" he said as the Cerulean 
sisters walked in. He took out a pokéball and had Articuno return. "Like, 
where are Misty and Brock?" Lily asked him. Ash stood up. "Ask the lady at 
the counter . She'll tell you where to find them." He told them. "Is anyone 
from Brock's family here?" Daisy asked him. "Huh? No, I didn't want that many 
people to feel bad about him. I don't think they'd handle it too well." He 
told them."Well, since you're here, I better go." "Like, you're right." 
Violet said."Seeya later, Ash." "Seeya" He said, then walked out.
Ash suddenly realized he didn't have a clue how to catch the gunman. "Maybe 
if we check the spot where it happened?" He said."Raichu." Raichu replied. So 
they started walking to the exact area in the woods where it happened.Ash saw 
the spot where Charizard burned the ground. He looked around. "I don't see 
anything." "Rai." Ash looked some more. He couldn't find anything. He decided 
to go back into town to find a place to sleep. They walked along the sidewalk 
looking for the pokécenter. He and Raichu leaned on a light post and tried to 
remember where the center was. "Hmmm..... Wasn't it take a left on east 
trenton street and left on north baker's street?" 
    Suddenly, an electrical current shocked the entire poll."AAAHHHH!! Raichu! 
What was that for?!?" Raichu looked at him, puzzled."Chu?" A stronger current 
suddenly shot through the poll."AAAHHHH! STOP IT!!!" Ash yelled. The bulb in 
each lamp along the street suddenly overloaded and blew out, making the 
street totally dark. He could see lots of people looking around. Ash looked 
around, the buildings around him started to go out."Raichu! Look what you 
did!" Raichu still looked confused"Chu?" Ash looked and saw a single light, 
from a vehicle, heading his way. He squinted to see a bike. I soon pulled up 
to him and Officer Jenny jumped off it. "Young man, Do you have any idea 
whats going on here? That pokémon just been reported to have caused a 
blackout on this entire street! That's a serious offense!" " Ummm...." Ash 
couldn't think of anything to say."I'm going to have to take this pokémon 
away from you. You two may not be within 20 feet of each other until it is 
released." She took out a blue and red police forces pokéball with the 
letters PLC on top. Ash Heald his head down. What's going on?! Ash thought. 
Raichu wouldn't do that and then act like he didn't. Something's wrong. Ash 
helplessly watched as Raichu dissappeared into a beam of red light and was 
trapped in the police pokéball. Then Jenny hopped on the bike. "When can I 
get Raichu back?" Ash asked."We'll contact you" Jenny said back to him. Then 
she rode off. Ash watched as his best friend was carried off. "Raichu!!!!" 
Ash yelled and fell to the ground."NO!!!!!!" He started to cry again. 
He had lost all his friends. He was hopeless now. There was nothing left to 
hope for. Brock and Misty were going to die; Raichu would be in jail forever.. 
And he couln't do a thing to stop it."NO!" He couldn't stand the thought of 
    He walked away, trying to go find the pokémon center. His head hung low. He 
looked up after a while to finally see the center. He gave a sigh of relief. 
At least something went right. He walked inside and sat in one of the chairs.. 
Soon , he fell asleep.
    The next morning, Ash went over to the computer and checked on all his 
pokémon. After a few hours, he was done and on the road again. He took a 
sandwich out of his backpack and ate it. He suddenly ralized he was wandering 
around aimlessly around when he got into the outskirts of the city. He looked 
back at Celadon city, the place where he lost all his friends. He ventured 
on, hoping for something good to happen. But, suddenly, the ground caved in 
and he started falling, toppling head over heels, tumbling into the darkness..

To be continued........

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