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Fallen Friends


    Ash Had just beaten the Elite 4. He had beaten them and many other pokémon trainers from around the world. Now he was finally a pokémon master. No, he was THE pokémon master. Nothing could stop him. His mother, Brock, Misty, 
Professor Oak, and even Gary were there to congratulate him as he was inducted into the hall of fame. He was the happiest trainer on Earth. He was on top of the world. 

Two years later......... 

Chapter 1

    Ash had been a master for a whole 2 years, going from town to town, raising his pokemon's levels, and seeing if anyone would challenge him. He had not lost a fight for at least 2 years. He had caught more than 135 species of pokémon. He had patented his own TM's and created new moves for his pokémon. Ash and Misty had now been boyfriend and girlfriend for a year (I don't care how it happened, read about it in other fanfics). He was en route to Celadon City, traveling on a road through the forest when it took place. 
    They decided to make camp for the night, and let the pokémon get some exercise. Ash let his 6 pokémon he carried along out. His team consisted of a Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Gengar, Articuno, and his Raichu. (His pikachu and him both agreed that it had been passed time to evolve it) Brock started preparing dinner. Ash kept training his pokémon 
    "Tonight, we're having spaghetti," Brock reported. 
    "Where does he get the ingredients to make this stuff?" Misty commented lightly. 

Chapter 2 

    Suddenly, they heard a sound like something whistling through the air,then a very light thud. Brock grabbed the side of his neck as a small trickle of blood came out. Then he fell over and stopped moving. 
    "Brock!" Misty yelled. 
    Then came another whistling and a spot of blood came from Misty's arm. She gritted her teeth in pain, then she, too, fell over. 
    "Aahhh! Misty!" Ash said. 
    He ducked down and felt Misty's neck.....She had a pulse. Then he jumped over to Brock.....He was also breathing. 
    His pokémon were still out of thier pokeballs. 
    "Venusaur! Sweep the bushes in the area and show me what you find!" He hoped Venusaur would grab whoever did this. Venusaur didn't find anything. 
    "Rats! pokémon, return!" He put most of the pokémon in their pokeballs. 
    "Charizard, scorch the earth around here, we might have to come back to look around!" Charizard made very dark burn marks. 
    "Return!" Charizard entered its pokeball. "Venusaur! We have to get Brock and Misty to a hospital. Grab them with your 
vine whip." Venusaur picked them up and held them close to his body so they wouldn't bounce around. Raichu hopped onto Ash's back. Ash hopped onto Venusaur, in front of the flower, and pointed it toward Celadon. 
    "Hurry, Venusaur, we may not have much time." Then, Venusaur started galloping (yes, galloping) toward Celadon City. 

Chapter 3 

    They got to the city in a few minutes, having less luck from there. It was hard getting past traffic, but Venuasaur tried to get between cars and stay on the sidewalk as often as possible. They finally got to the hospital. 
    Ash jumped off and flew inside. "Stay out here, Venusaur, I'll be right back." 
    He ran to the front desk and rang the bell a bunch of times. An attendant came to him. 
    "What's the problem , little boy?" she asked. 
    He started yelling really fast and was barely able to make out. "My 2 friends and I were out on the road in th-the forest, when suddenly, something comes through the air, and hits them, then they're unconscious and I can't tell 
what's wrong with them!" 
    "Oh My!" She replied. "Where are they?" 
    "Right outside" 
    She took a microphone and over the PA system, he heard, "We have an emergency! Would the most able doctor report to the lobby with 2 gurneys!?" 
    Suddenly, a Large man with a gray mustache, followed by 5 nurses ran into the lobby with gourneys. 
    "Over this way!" Ash yelled to them. They saw him and ran toward him. 
    "Follow me!" He ran outside , where his Venusaur was loyally standing, but 
drawing a crowd. 
    "Put them on the stretchers!" Ash yelled to his pokémon. Venusaur put them onto the gurneys and they were pushed into the hospital in a hurry. Ash did his best to keep up. 
    1 of the nurses asked him "What happened? Where were you? What did it look like?" 
    Ash thought for a second. "We were on our way to this city, when we set up camp. Suddenly, we heard something whizzing through the air. Then I saw some blood on Brock's neck, and the same happened to Misty" 
    "Thanks" She replied. 
    Another doctor came by. "Sorry, kid, no unauthorized personal beyond this point" 
    "But..." He began. 
    "No excuses. You aren't aloud past. You should probably go to the waiting room" 
    "Ok" Ash replied reluctantly. 
    He went into the waiting room, and fell asleep. 

Chapter 4 

    The next morning, Ash went to the counter, to check on Misty and Brock. 
    "How are they?" 
    "Follow me the attendant replied. They went to a small room where Brock and Misty were still unconscious on hospital beds,where their hearts were monitored. The attendant heald up a bag with a lead pellet in it. 
    "This was found in Brock's and Misty's wounds. It was shot from a rifle. It released some poison causing them to fall into Semicomatosis (pronounced Sem I coma tosis) Major, a sleeping sickness, from which they may never awake." 
    "Oh man!" Ash replied. 
    He had to tell Misty's sisters. 
    He took a piece of paper and pencil and wrote the letter. Ash then let Articuno out. "Articuno, take this to the gym of Cerulean City, then come back here, I'll be waiting" 

The letter read: 

Dear Cerulean Sisters, 
    I am sorry to tell you that your sister , Misty, Has fallen into a coma-like state, along with Brock. They were shot by someone unknown. They may not survive. I write this in hopes that you will come and visit them. I hope that you can come. While you are here, I will be hunting down the person . Pray that I will find him. 

Your friend, 
Ash Ketchum 

To be continued......
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