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A Friends Last Stand part 1

Ash looked down the dark corridor. He looked behind to see total darkness. He 
looked back to the front, and a long way down the hall, he saw a bright 
light. He couldn't tell what lit it, but it was there.

"The Light." Ash heard a voice whisper from nowhere. He started to look 
around, searching for its owner."Go toward the Light." it said. Ash stopped 
looking. He turned back toward the lighted end. Ash decided that Maybe he 
should listen. He started slowly walking toward the light.

"HEY! I found someone!" The rescue worker yelled from inside the blasted 
woods. He reached down and put two fingers on the kid's neck. "Holy mother of 
mercy! He's still alive! Get over here! We gotta get him to a hospital!" Some 
of his co-workers came to his side and looked and the unconscious boy. 
"Man...Looks like he was right near the explosion. How on earth did he 
survive?" "Doesnt matter now, just get him to a hospital!" The men called in 
a gourney and put the kid on it. He was injured very, very badly. He had 
burns all over him, his leg was broken in three places, he had his arm broken 
in four places, the list goes on. One of the men pulled out a walkie-talkie 
and radioed for a chopper.

They waited a minut or two and the chopper came and lowered a cable down from 
above. The men worked quickly to attach the gourney to the cable. The chopper 
reeled it up and took off to the nearest hospital. One of the workers walked 
over and leaned on the warehouse that was apparently right near the blast. It 
hadn't been harmed though. 

Inside the warehouse, news teams, reporters, doctors and others had come to 
investigate on the expplosion and the two people who were found dead inside 
the building. Many were surprised that anything was even going on that far 
into the woods. 

Ash continued to walk. He wasn't very far now. A few steps maybe? Well, he 
was almost there at least. Soon, there wouldn't be anymore need for 

To be continued...

(No epilogue :( sorry. Well, I am far from finished. Cya next time!)