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AFC part 6

The gang looked up at the building. They walked to the front door. "Here goes
nothing." Ash said, putting his hand on the doorknob. He slowly turned it,
surprised that it was open. He swung the door forward. Ash took a deep breath,
surprised that it fealt a little wet and humid inside. He looked in0);
he building to see that it was, indeed, very dark inside. He stepped into the
building. The floor was wet. He was followed in bey Electrachu, Misty, and Todd.
"Don't they have towels in this building?" Misty said, looking at the floor.
They walked forward, with Electrachu lighting the way.

Before they got far, the room lit up as the ceiling lights came on. The room
they were in looked like a typical lobby. It had a couch, a desk with a phone
and computer on it, a small TV hanging from the ceiling in front of the couch,
and a door on the side opposite the entrance, with Giovanni in the doorway. 

"I've been expecting you, Ash." he said. "Chaaaaaaa." Electrachu said, charging
itself up. Giovanni, Ash, Todd, and Misty all fealt shocks of electricity as it
happened. "I wouldn't do that." Giovanni smiled. " The floor is drenched in
water. Shock me, and your friends get shocked, too." Ash frowned. "Do you have
a plan B?" Todd whispered to Ash. "Yes." he replied, taking a pokeball from his

"Freeze! Don't move!" a voice yelled from the doorway. Everyone looked to see a
gun leveled, pointing at Ash. The gun was held by Officer Jenny, who was more
than moderately ticked. 

"How did you get here?" Ash asked, putting the pokeball back on his belt.

"I followed you. I saw you and your friend there," she gestured to Misty,"
Running from the circus after an explosion. I kept watch on you from a distance
and followed you here. "


"Officer," Giovanni said, slowly stepping toward her," I assure you, these
friends of mine have done no illegal activity."

"Shut up! I'll deal with you later," She then turned to Ash, gun pointed at him
still," Young man, I'm going to have to take you to into custady. I suggest you
cooperate." She took out some handcuffs. Ash was speechless. He decided not to
struggle and put his hands in front of him.

Suddenly, Giovanni lunged forward, popped her gun up, put her in a choke hold
and grabbed the gun, pointing it at her head. Giovanni smiled."You cannot win,
Ash." With that, he threw a small grey ball at the floor, which blew up in a
smoke-like gas. As soon as they inhaled the gas, they fell unconscious.

Todd woke up, with his face in the water, his whole body soaked, and got up. He
saw Ash laying unconscious next to him, with Electachu beside him." Hey Ash,
Wake up." He said, shoving Ash.

"Huh?" Ash said, waking up, followed by Electrachu. Then he struggled up to his
feet and looked around."... Giovanni! Where is he?!" Ash looked around. Those
three were the only ones there. "Crap! Where did they go?!" "Kaa, Trachuu."
"That's right! Electrachu, could you try to sniff out where they went?" "Chuu."
It smiled and nodded. It dropped to four legs and sniffed around. "Cha." He
pointed to the door in back of the room. They ran and opened the door and found
themselves in a hallway. Electrachu sniffed and pointed to the door in back,
with an exit sign. They opened the door and found themselves in the woods, with
a large dirt path to a large warehouse in front of them. It pointed at the
warehouse."Wonder how long we were asleep," Todd said. They followed the trail
to the warehouse and opened the door.

They looked inside to find themselves in a large cargo room with a cat walk up
top and doors around the sides. It was faintly lit with lights hanging from the
ceiling. And in the middle of the room, was officer Jenny, stripped of her
uniform, bound at hands and ankles with rope. Her eyes were closed, tears
dripping down from them.

"What?" Ash said looking at the scene.

"heheh." Giovanni said coming from the door on the left side. "I knew you'd get
here!" he said, holding a gun in his hand."What's going on?!" Ash yelled.

"Ever seen someone die before your eyes, Ash?" he smiled. "You wouldn't." Ash
said. "Yes I would. I could give her uniform to someon in TR. I got her gun. She
no longer has any use to me." He pointed the gun at her head. He pulled the

The shot seemed to ring out and that moment seemed to drag on in slow motion.
The bullet ripped the Offii?" Jenny. Her limp body fell to the floor. 

"What the F*ck!? Why did you do that?!" Ash yelled consumed with rage. "I should
have Electrachu kill you right now. "No can do Ash." he pulled out a remote
control and pressed a button. A TV monitor lowered from the ceiling and it came
on. It showed Misty lying on the floor of a small room, uncoscious. Smoke began
to pour into the room.

" You should save her first." he said, walking to the door he came in from. "Oh!
And watch out, there our traps in this building. Live ones."

"Why are you doing this?!" Ash yelled. Giovanni stopped. He walked over to Ash
and said to him. "Because I know that mental torture is far worse than physical
torture." And with that, he left the room.

Ash and Todd ran to the two doors on the far wall. "Ash, you take the one on the
left, I'll check the one on the right." "Ok." So Ash and Electrachu ran to the
door on the left and Todd entered the one on the right. Both doors led to
hallways. Todd looked down his. He grabbed the first door on his left, nothing
in that room. He grabbed another door and found out what Giovanni meant by live

Ash grabbed another door and gas poured out. He ran in and picked up Misty, his
mouth tucked in his shirt so he wouldn't inhale any smoke. He ran her out to the
main room they entered in. He put her down.

"Holy Crap." todd said, looking at a giant tentacruel in the doorway. He began
to run, but it grabbed him with 3 tentacles. It began injecting poison into him.
And Todd was helpless to move, when it readied its large blue beak, holding it
at his chest.

Ash grabbed a pokeball and sent Charizard out. "Charizard, take Misty, and fly
her to a hospital. Stay with her until I come and get you, okay?" It nodded.
"Electrachu, I want you to go back home to Pallet Town, with these," he took off
his belt of pokeballs and gave it to him." and stay home till I come get you
too, okay?." "Chaaa." It said." Don't worry, I do have something to defend me. "
He walked over near Officer Jenny's corpse and picked up a handgun. "He dropped
this when he left. Now go, both of you, and no matter what happens, don't come
back here.Okay?" They nodded.Charizard picked Misty up and put her on his back.
Electrachu put the belt on. They walked out the door.

Fire was in Ash's eyes. He walked over to the door Giovanni went out through and
followed to an exit. He walked out the building and there, standing in front of
him, was Giovanni. He held the gun up."Let me guess, you've been waiting for me,
right?" Giovanni shook his head and began to glow, a bright white. "What?"
Giovanni shrunk to the size of a blob, and regained color, purple. "A ditto!?"
Ash yelled. "Giovanni! Where are you?!" Ditto had already begun transforming
again. It grew a round body. It was a Golem. Then the golem began to glow,
adifferent kind of white. I perfect white."Oh no." Ash said, realizing what it
was doing. He began to run, but he knew what would happen. The golem blew up,
with force that took out a block of the woods.

Charizard, who was already flying above the trees looked back at the
explosion,stopped, and gasped. Misty was beginning to regain consciousness and
saw it too. "huh?" She said weakly. Then Charizard continued on his way.

Electrachu looked back. "Chuuu?" Tears began to well up in his eyes, he started
to run back to Ash. After a few feet, he stopped. Electrachu began to argue with
itself, then decided to do what Ash said, go home.

Giovanni looked on from a helicopter, half a mile away. He had first taken
himout mentally, then physically. Ash Ketchum was now out of his way. He
laughed, knowing his evil plot had succeeded.

The end...?

(This is no joke. How do you like the story?  Expect an epilogue soon.)