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AFC part 4? or 5? whatever comes next

"Hey, there are some woods over there, if we sprint, we just might make it," 
Ash said. And so they ran as fast as they could into the woods and kept 
running. A couple minutes later, they slowed down. They caught their breath 
and started walking on. "Ash, do you understand anything that went on back 
there yet?"Misty asked him. Ash closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Giovanni... He promised me that he would wake you guys up and save you..... 
But he had to find some other way to get rid of you and get me and my pokemon 
on his side.....So he enslaved me through an Alakazam....AH! I'm drawing 
blanks! I can't remember!" 

"It's okay Ash, It'll all come back to you." 

They walked on. " Hey, I see an opening in the woods." Ash told Misty and 
Electrachu. "Come on, let's hurry." So they ran out of the forest and onto a 
sidewalk in Viridian City.

"Ash, do you know where we're heading?" 

"Yes, I know one of Giovanni's hideouts. I can only hope that he'll be there."

"You mean we're going right into Team Rocket HQ??" Misty gave him the "You 
have got to be kidding" look."Ash, is your head functioning right, or are you 
still suffering from the side-effects of being controlled?" "Chaaaaa!!! Chu, 
Lectra!" the mouse added.

"We have the element of surprise, Misty. They're probably not expecting us."

"But even so, what do you plan to do when we get there?"

"I'm not sure. I hope that we might be able to destroy the place, and if 
we're lucky, we might capture Giovanni." 

"Yeah, rreeeeaaaallly lucky."

"Misty, don't be such a pessimist. We'll succeed. Trust me" Misty stared at 
him for a while. But she finally gave in." Ok, Ash. I believe in you." She 
said, and followed him down the sidewalk.

Ash looked around. He knew that to get to the hideout, they'd have to find a 
road, that looks burnt on both sides, and is going through the woods. It 
souldn't be to hard. So Ash followed the woods for a while, Misty and 
Electrachu behind them. 

"Ha! There it is! That road leads to the hideout" Ash pointed to a break in 
the woods. They all ran over to it. "Sure is dark in there, isn't it?" Misty 
commented, looking at the pitch-black tunnel." "Yes, but you forget," Ash 
replied, picking Electrachu up," He glows in the dark." "He does?" "Yeah, 
Watch. Electrachu, go into that tunnel a few feet." And so it did and , like 
Ash said, it was glowing, very slightly though, casting some light in the 
area, but good enough for them to see a few feet in front of them. 

So they walked into the woods. 

" Ash, We've been walking for hours, are you sure we're going the right way." 
"Yes, Just Trust me." And so they walked on, completely oblivious to the 
barrel and scope sticking out of the bushes, pointing right at them.

To be continued.......

(*sigh* what is it now, 8 parts all together, fallen friends and AFC put 
together? I've spent a lot of time on this, so I'd like you to tell me how 
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