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"Brock...." Misty gazed at the blaze that stood behind her. "No...." she 
whispered. She then got up and turned around back to Ash, and ended up at 
gunpoint. Ash looked at her, gun in hand pointed at her head, 5 feet away 
from her.

"You were supposed to be in the tent..." Ash muttered."Huh?" Misty replied. 
Ash sighed. He smiled. " You just don't get it do you... Dead bodies on the 
ground, the tent blowing up, me the only one standing.." He took another step 
closer to her, gun still pointed at he. " We were trying to get rid of you!" 

"What are you talking about Ash!?" 

"Well, you two, we knew, would somehow manage to get in our way." 


"Team Rocket." 

"But Team Rocket's gone, Ash, have you gone insane!?" 

" No. Team Rocket is not gone. It has been hiding and is now reborn. "

There was a short dramatic pause.

"Ash, put the gun down." He didn't listen. "Not joking, Ash, put it away"! 
His smile turned evil.

" And now ,Misty... It's time to go" He settled his finger on the trigger and 
took another step closer as Misty stepped back. "No...Ash" She whispered.She 
stepped back some more, Ash continued to follow." Please, Ash! For the love 
of God! Put the gun down" He wasn't listening. "Please...Ash ! Please! Don't 
kill me! I don't want to die." Misty said pleadingly falling to her knees. 
Ash walked up to her and put the gun to her head. " Too late." He said, 
smiling wider. He stood back, his arm outstretched. Misty clenched her teeth, 
preparing herself. Not like this , God, She thought, My best friend is going 
to kill me. Save me O Lord. She silently prayed. As if God Answering the 
prayer, a blue aura surrounded Ash. He froze, unable to move. The gun fell 
out of his hand. He fell to the ground and seemed to have a seizure. He then 
fell unconscious.

"ZAM ZAM KA! ALAKAZAM!!!!!" The pokemon yelled in Giovanni's office. " What 
is it Alakazam? What happened?" Alakazam calmed itself and started using 

"The link is broken. I led Ash to Misty and a barrier, A psychic barrier got 
in the way. I can't believe I let myslef do something that stupid. I should 
have shot from a distance. Those stupid MR. Mime's! I bet it was them who 
broke the link with their barrier that blocked me. I should have payed 
attention!" Alakazam, so mad at itself, began to hit itself with the spoons. 
"Alakazam, Are you saying that Ash is out of our control now?" " yes" " Well 
get him back!" " I can't." "What!? Why not?!" 

" Well, the barrier was put between us. Right now, I couldn't reach him, and 
when he get's out from the barrier, I won't know when or where, so I won't 
find him and if I don't know where he is, I can't control him" "Leave me the. 
I haved no more use for you" "But, sir! Please let me-" Just go!!" Giovanni 
yelled. " Yes sir' It said to him, then disappeared.

"Ash!" Misty yelled and ran over to him." What happened?" She said. She 
looked around. The tent was ablaze. Then, a small pokemon, no more than 2 1/2 
feet tall ran from the streets over to them. Electrachu looked up at Misty 
when it go there. It smiled " CHaa" It said. " You don't look like Raichu." 
It motioned for Misty to wait a minute. I walked over to Ash and put its hand 
in his. It then sent 1,000 volts of electricty through his body. It easily 
woke him up. "AaAAAAHHH!!!!" He jumped to his feet. 

"Owwww.. my head" He looked around, a little woozy."Ash, Are you drunk." 
"No.." He fell back on the ground, still awake though. " Ash, what was the 
frickin' point of holding a gun to my head!?!" She yelled. 

"What... are you talking about, Misty? I would never do anything like that." 
he smiled" You know that" Misty could tell by the tone of his voide, he 
wasn't lying. "You don't remember?" She said, looking around the field full 
of bodies." Oh my God,Misty, What happened?" " THat's what I asked you. Well, 
until you remember, tell me what that is" she pointed at Electrachu. 

" Sure. IT evolved from Raichu. It's called Electarachu, It's supposed to be 
more powerful tahn any other electric pokemon." "But Raichu doesn't evolve." 
"Actually, Raichu gained much more experience than any other. Here, I'll show 
you." He flipped out the pokedex and hit a button. It had been upgraded a lot 
of times and could now find experience points gained by something. He pointed 
it at Electrachu. 

"Electrachu..." It began" This pokemon has gained exactly 1,132,759 
experience points."

" Over a million! Wow!" Misty siad at the sight of those numbers. "Well, Ash, 
we have to think about what we're going to do about this out here." 

"We may not have time." Ash said, standing up. "The police are here." 

The police sirens wailed as police cars pulled up near the circus tent. Ash 
and Misty looked at the bodies, and knew that they were in trouble.

To Be Continued

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