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Part Three

"Huh... Where....Where am I?" The girl rubbed her eyes and sat up in her bed. 
"What happened?" Lily walked over to her. "You were shot." "And then some 
poison was put into your system and you went unconscious." Violet added "And 
then you were abducted and some guy brought you back, saying that the guy who 
kidnapped you was put in jail and you were given the antidote." Daisy 
said"Oh..." Misty replied weakly, "WHAT?!?!" She then yelled. The doctor 
heard her then proceded to give her some morphine, not without resistance 
from her."Now now Misty, you've been unconscious for nearly a week, you 
shouldn't spend all your energy at once." He told her, then walked away. 
"What about Brock?" she asked, looking over to his bed. "I don't know, his 
eyes are always closed." Daisy replied."Hey Brock! Are you awake?" Brock 
leaned up and replied." yeah..." "Well, its nice to know your alive, both of 
you." Lily told them. 

"What about Ash?" Misty asked. "He went to Viridian City looking for you." 
Violet told her. "I have to go get him then..." "No you don't" Violet told 
her. " Now that you're awake you have to wait at least one day before you can 
leave."Oh...." Misty groaned.

That night, at Viridian City, a ball of fire appeared in the sky above one of 
the city's banks. Inside, security cameras taped money bags floating out of 
the bank. A guard, watching the cameras from another room, watched on in 
total awe." Oh my God...." 

The ball of fire began to spin around in the sky. It floated down while 
spinning about 40 feet above the bank. The ball grew bigger. Suddenly, a blue 
beam of light shot straight down through the bank. The bank lit up, seconds 
before exploding, taking out half the block. People's screams filled the 
streets as they watched it blow with the fire over it. The money bags then 
floated up to the fire ball, and the flew up into the sky, beyond anyone's 
sight. A police car arrived on the scene soon. They tried and failed to keep 
the peace there. A riot broke out. 

Ash watched on the scene from a skyscraper a few blocks away. He grinned. 
"Hahahaha!!!! This is better than what we planned!!" He yelled in triumph. 
Soon, the fireball with the money bags overhead landed on the roof. The money 
bages floated off of the ball. "Great work , Charizard, Gengar. We couldn't 
have done it without you. You guys really freaked everyone out. I was hoping 
you'd use fire blast instead of your tera flare, but it still looked just as 
good. Let's go." Ash returned Gengar and Charizard to their pokeballs and 
took the money.

"Seeya later sisters!" Misty yelled upon leaving the hospital."Yeah, we'll 
miss you!" Brock yelled." Come visit whenever you can, we'll always be at the 
gym" Daisy yelled back. And so Brock and Misty began to Viridian City.

It took them about a week to get there, but in there minds it was worth it. " 
Hey Brock, another circus is in town." Misty said, pointing to a sign. "Wanna 
go see it once we've got Ash?" "Uh..." Brock took a closer look at the sign 
and began to read it." ' Run by the fabulous Melinda...' That's all I need 
to know." He then got into his own little daze." I can't wait to meet 
Melinda.I..." Before he could sat anything else, Misty had pounded him with 
her mallet." Shut up." 

"Hey is that him over there?" Misty squinted" That's him!!! Let's go!!" She 
sprinted across the street and through a crowd and ran almost right into Ash 
and she hugged him. "Huh?" Ash let out." Oh! Misty!" He hugged her back. " 
Where have you been?I've been looking all over for you?" Ash said,trying to 
sound real, like he wasn't acting. "We were brough back to Viridian City. Hey 
Ash, wanna go to the circus?" "Umm... Okay." He said, again trying to act 
natural. "Come on Brock! We're going now!" 

So they walked across town out near the countryside where the tents were set 
up. "Let's go!" Misty shouted. "Hold on, I have to go to the bathroom first, 
I'll meet you inside." Ash told here. "And I have to meet Melinda." Brock 
said. "Oh.. Okay, I'll meet you inside."

Five minutes later, they were all in their seats, ready for the show to 
start, except for Brock, who was crying there. " She has a boyfriend." He 
sobbed."Should I?" Misty asked Ash. He nodded. Misty then proceded to help 
Brock get over Melinda. She hit him over the head witha mallet. That stopped 
him. "Ssshhh... The show's starting!" someone yelled.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to our circus!" Melinda stood in the center 
ring, talking through the microphone. "As our opening act, we will have our 
crew of Mr. Mimes make a barrier that will go straight up the tent and fill 
the arena. " Boring...." Misty whispered. " I have to go to the bathroom." 
Ash whispered. "Be right back." "Again?" Misty complained.The Mr. Mimes 
proceded to build a barrier.

"He's been gone for twelve minutes. I'm going to see if he's still there" 
Misty whispered to Brock, before getting out of her seat and walking outside.

Misty was shocked at the sight before her outside. Dead bodies littered the 
ground. Some people were frozen and broken into chunks, some seemed to be 
burned to death, some looked like they were shot. others looked like energy 
and life had been sucked out of them. Mistry stumbled to a trash can and 
threw up inside it. Then an awful thought came through mind. Was one of 
them.....Ash? She fell to her knees. Then she saw a lone figure. A kid, 
about 16 years old. It was Ash. Misty got up and ran over to him."Ash!!! What 
the Hell happened!?!?!?!?" She yelled.

Then the circus tent blew up.

To Be Continued....

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