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Part Two


     The wind raced by Ash's face. Then he realized what he had done. He 
didn't understand why, and didn't have time to figure it out. He reached for 
his belt and ripped out the second pokéball and threw it down as hard as he 
could, but he quickly fell past it. It then opened. Ash didn't even wiat for 
it to appear. He didn't have enough time! "Charizard! Come here and catch 
me!!" he yelled. The form appeared and Charizard saw Ash below it. It quickly 
flapped its wings, proppelling itself downward. 

The brute , weighing over 200 pounds, easily caught up with Ash , but only 
one story was left between them and the ground. Charizard reached over to Ash 
and grabbed his arm. Then it tried flapping its wings to slow them down, like 
a parachute. They both hit the ground, but neither was hurt thanks to this.

Ash got up, thankful that his life was once again spared. "Come on Charizard, 
we have to go to Viridian City." Ash hopped on Charizard's back and 
Charizard flew west. He knew it would take a few days to get to get there, 
and he only had five. 

The woods seemed to go on forever. It was getting dark now. " Come on, let's 
get some sleep down there, Charizard." It dropped down to a small clearing 
and Ash hopped off. Charizard layed down and began to sleep. Ash sat down." 
Don't worry guys. I'm almost there. Help is on the way." Then he went to 
sleep too.

The next day, they started early. They had to get there quick. 

The woods finally ended and a small sidwalk appeared." We're almost there." 
Buildings began to appear . Then the city appeared. They landed on one of the 
sidewalks and looked around. It was'nt real crowded at the moment. 

"Hey!" Ash yelled to a man walking across the street and ran up to him. "Do 
you know where Omen Boulevard is?" he asked. The man gave gave him a look 
that said " Are you crazy?"

He smiled and said " Two blocks that way. Take a left into the street that 
goes toward the woods .That's it." Then he walked away, half-laughing.

Ash was mad. What was it about Omen Boulevard? He hopped back on Charizard." 
You heard him. Go there." Charizard flapped its wings and began in that 
direction.Two blocks down the saw a small street break off and head into the 
woods. They landed. The street leading there was cavered in brambles and 
bushes. No wonder he was laughing. There was no way into the street. But Ash 
was already one step ahead of him. "Flamethrower, Charizard." He said 
casually. Charizard burned down the brambles. 

The street finally appeared before them. No light was there. It was covered 
on each side by trees and no light got through it. They walked through. 

"How far is this? " Ash complained after a half-hour of walking. Then 
Charizard pointed to a building that was in front of them. They walked over 
to it. It wasn't too wide, but it seemed to stretch backward forever.

A shadowy figure stood there in front of it. " You're early , Ash." He said. 
"Follow me." Ash listened to him.He put Charizard in his pokeball and he went 
through a door and was amazed that he could see nothing in the dark. A figure 
grabbed him from behind and dragged him around for a while, Ash couldn't say 
how long or far. 

Finally, he was dropped. Lights went on and another figure stood before him. 
He smiled. "Long time, no see." Giovanni laughed.

"How did you escape?" 

"Any idiot has an escape route planned out always. I escaped through a 
spinning wall. Anyway, we are here to discuss the release of your friends. I 
tell you now, I am not a lying man. I am a man of my word. Whatever I say 
will go." 


Gioovanni hit a button on the wall and a glass wall appeared behind Ash. The 
room behind it lit up. Brock and Misty were chained to a wall, still 

"What?!?!" Ash yelled.

"Oh, you will have a time limit. That room is now filling up with poisonous 
gases, you know, Radon, Carbon Monoxide, et cetera(etc.), et cetera(etc.). 
So, Ash, will you join me and have your friends live, or will you oppose me 
and watch your friends die. Ash gritted his teeth. He reached for his 

"Watch it Ash..."

Ash took a deep breath. "Okay. I'll do it, just let them go."

Giovanni smiled. "Fine. He took out a walkie-talkie, and said "Let them go." 
They could here the gases filtering and finally, two men walked in, took the 
cuffs off Brock and Misty , grabbed them, and dragged them away.

"Now that your with us..." Giovanni said and snapped his fingers. An Alakazam 
appeared in front of him.


"It's time to induct you into the Team that is Rocket." 

Alakazam's eyes glowed, and Ash's body also began to glow a deep blue. Then 
Ash blacked out.

To Be Continued....

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