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Part One


     No prologue. If you want to know what's going on, read Fallen Friends parts 
1-4. I can't simply give you a good prologue. But please , read Fallen 
Friends before you read A Friends Courage. It makes understanding things a 
lot easier.

Now on with the story.

Ash looked into the night sky. His large mouse by his side. He looked 
at Celadon City, and at the terror that had just struck. He didn't want to 
get caught up in the commotion, so he and Electrachu ran into the woods. As 
they neared a clearing, Ash fell to his knees. 
He looked around at the area. A small area of land was scorched. This was 
the place where Brock and Misty were shot. Their backpacks and Brock's table 
were still there. Ash and Electrachu gazed at the area. Tears began to roll 
down Ash's face as he began to cry. He stayed on his knees."Why God? Why 
them?" Ash cried out into the night. But all who heard, was his Only living 
friend. Electrachu."Chaaaaaa." Tears began to well up in its eyes too.

After a while, Ash got up. He walked over to Brock's and Misty's 
backpacks and picked them up, all he had left to remember them by. Now was 
the difficult part. Telling it to Misty's sisters. 

Ash still had tears in his eyes as he walked out into the night. The busy 
streets were not very busy after TR's hideout was destroyed. He stayed as far 
from it as possible. He wanted nothing to do with it. Now his friends would 
die. Soon, the hospital came into view. 

Ash looked at the huge building. The sisters were probably in the 6th 
floor, where Misty's and Brock's room was. Ash walked into the hosptital with 
the backpacks in his hands. He looked around, trying to be as inconpicable as 
possible. He walked to the nearest elevator and rode it to the 6th floor. 
The door opened. Ash took a big sigh. He crept out of the elevator. He walked 
down the hall. 

Then, Ash was suprised by Daisy flying at him with tears in her 
eyes."There gone!!!!" She yelled, before grabbing and holding Ash. He sighed 
. "I know" he wispered. "How would you know ?" She said letting go of him. " 
It only happened a few minutes ago." "What?" " First there was a blackout, 
then smoke filled the room, and then they were gone, capoot, vanished!" "oh." 
Ash dashed to the room where Brock and Misty were to see the other sisters, 
with Brock and Misty missing. 

Suddenly, the phone in the room began to ring. Ash dropped the backpacks, 
dove and picked the phone up."Hello?" He spoke into the receiver. "Ash?" A 
familiar voice said. " You fool!!!" The unmistakeable voice of Giovanni 
blared." Aren't you in jail!?" Ash replied."Never. I was smart enough to have 
a trap door built into my hideout. I easily escaped. Now, about your 
friends..." "Bring them back now!!!!!!!" Ash yelled." You've got to make some 
choices first. If you ever want to see your friends-alive- again, come to 
Viridian City, 666 Omen Boulevard. Meet me there at noon in 5 days and we'll 
discuss your frinds' release....And do not bring that Electric rat of yours 
or your friends will be dead before I say a word!" "But.." It was too late. 
Giovanni had hung up. Ash dropped the phone onto its hook. Then he ripped it 
off the desk and threw it against the wall. " Ash, stop!" Violet yelled.Ash 
ran over to the huge window on the wall. He opened it up."Him or me." Ash 
wispered. He put his foot on the window sill. Then he thrust himself out of 
the 6th story window. "Ash wait!" "No!" He couldn't tell whcich sisters said 
what. He did know that he would die when he hit the pavement, six stories 

To be continued.....
(I'm not finished with Ash yet. There's a lot more in store next)