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Chapter V: The Win Or Lose All Tournament

    "Gulp...are you sure about this Alex?", worried Billy. "I'm sure!" He 
answered. Alex continued,  "Ok, here's the tournament chart" Everyone looked 
closely. "Since I made the chart I'll announce the battles till I go." He 
pauses momentarily. "The first match is between the two Billys" They both 
walked to the middle of the field not moving their eyes away from each other.. 
    Mike dressed in a striped ref-shirt started the match. "Go!" Both Billys 
threw their pokeballs out at the same time, and out came two Pikachus. The 
robot ordered a thundershock which singed Pikachu's fur. "Piii!" he cried in 
pain. Billy started to squint. "Thunder, now! Pikachu!" The sky darkened. 
Loud rumbles echoed from above. A large bolt of energy came down and lit out 
the robot's Pikachu. A cloud of smoke rose. When it cleared away the Pikachu 
was untouched. "Uh... oh" Billy mumbled. "That's the fake Pikachu... try to make 
it short-circuit!!!" advised Brandon. "Okay" thought Billy while grinning. 
    Billy threw a small item at his Pikachu. Alex squinted at the airborne 
object. "Wha... is that a...TM?" he asked astounded. "Can't stand the 
suspense. What attack is it?" Alex said to himself. Billy commanded Pikachu, 
"Wait, wait, wait, now! Pikachu, Bubble beam!" Bubbles started to form on the 
electric sacs of Pikachu. He projected them at the other Pikachu. Sparks 
began to shoot out of the fake Pikachu. It started to spin, then exploded. 
All that was left was a pile of nuts, bolts, and wires. "Billy de Toma is the 
winner!" , announced Mike. In a deep voice Alex shouted "Billy will now go on 
to the semi-finals" "Yeah!" celebrated Billy. "Next up", started Alex, "is 
Brandon vs. his fake" The young man ran to his place ready as ever. "I'll 
teach you..." he said. "Go Metapod!!!" Everyone gasped. "What are you 
doing!!!" scolded Billy, "his only attack is harden." "I want him to gain 
experience and evolve" replied his brother. Billy walked away silently. "G-o, 
Ge-o-dude", said Brandon's double. "Metapod keep hardening til you 
run out of hardens", ordered Brandon. The robot ordered Geodude use harden 
also. Mike started to fall asleep, but then he heard the robot say "Rock 
Throw" Geodude threw a large boulder at Metapod.  Metapod flew into a tree a 
was knocked out. "Geodude is the winner", said Mike. Now, I'm up against 
James", said Alex. He put down the headphones and walked to the field. James 
sent out his Koffing. Alex sent out Bulbasuar. "Go!" Mike shouted once again. 
     "Leech...huh? Where'd they go?", Alex wondered. He saw them sneaking away. 
Alex, Billy, Vinny, and Brandon were quick to react. Team Rocket was fired at 
with electrified water and flaming leafs. "Great double team moves!", 
complimented Fred. Team Rocket dropped the loot and was thrown into the air by 
the force of the attacks. "We'll be back but now Team Rockets blasting off!"