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Chapter IV: The No-So-Real Trainers

    They continued to walk until they saw a big building. "Hey! What's 
that?", Billy asked. "That's the Viridian City Pokemon Center", answered 
Vinny. "Yeah, they keep wounded pokemon there to heal, and there's the 
pokemart. They probabally have some great things to" Brandon 
added suspisously. "Me and Vinny are going to the Pokemart to buy some 
stuff." said Alex. "I'm going to check out the Pokemon Center with Brandon" 
Billy replied. They walked in. "We'll take 5 pokeballs, 4 potions, and 2 full 
heals." said Alex to the cashier. "That will be §2900" said the tall man 
behind the counter. "Okay Vinny, take this, this, and that." Alex told him. 
Suddenly, two people in black ski masks and white suits banged open the doors 
and ran in. They both announced their moto:

    "To Protect the world from devistation, to unite all peoples within our nation.
    To denounce the evils of truth and love, To extend our reach to the stars above.
    Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight.

    "Billy and Brandon?!", Alex and Vinny exclaimed. "We got lotsa new and strong 
Pokémon from the Pokécenter" said Brandon. "Put em' back, they're not yours." 
demanded Alex. Someone walks out. "It's James from Team Rocket, and there is 
Jesse behind him." said Vinny. "Ok, you two. As the newest members of Team 
Rocket you must help us win this battle." said Jesse. Billy and Brandon sent 
out all their pokemon: Charmander, Pikachu, and Metapod. "We'll have to play 
that way too!" Alex told Vinny. Out came Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Weedle and 
Caterpie. The battle was fierce and lond until.... 
    "Bulbasuar your our last chance, Razor Leaf on all their Pokemon!" said Alex.. 
The attack was right on target and accidentally hit Billy. All of their skins 
began to peel off to reveal metal and circuits. "Hey! They're all robots, not 
the real thing." declared Vinny. "Let's get outta here! We can't beat them!" 
he continued. "Okay" said Alex. They run out and behind the building. The two 
hear a mumble coming from inside a very large crate. They look inside and see 
Mike, Fred, and the real Billy and Brandon. They untie their friends while 
helping them out. "Team Rocket did this" said Fred. "Well let's get 'em!" 
said Brandon. They ran back in together. Team Rocket was stealing from the 
Pokémart now. "Hey we challenge you to a battle tournament. We put all our 
pokemon on the line against whatever you stole" screamed Alex. They looked at 
him shocked. "You've got a deal!" exclaimed Jesse.