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Chapter II: Old Friends In The Forest

     Now, they are in Viridian Forest, the home to most bug Pokémon. 
     "Wow, you sure could get lost here!" , said Alex. "Yeah," said Vinny. Then 
they heard a loud crackle from behind the trees. Walking out from there 
hiding spots were Fred and Mike. Hey, what's up guys?" asked Fred. "We are 
starting on our journey like you did last year," said Brandon. "Cool! Let's 
battle Alex. I want to see if your as good as I think you are. It will be 2 
Pokémon on 2," said Fred. Alex said, "Sorry, I haven't caught anything yet." 
     "Ha!......Well you and one of you're friends against me and my brother." 
     "Fine," Alex said determinedly. "Lets do it!" said Mike 'OK, lets see I 
should pick Billy to team with me since his Pikachu has the most experience,' 
Alex thought. "You up to it, Billy?" asked Alex "Yeah, let's show em' what we 
got." They all sent out there Pokémon to battle. Billy and Alex sent out 
Pikachu and Bulbasuar. Fred screamed "Go.......Hitmonlee!" Then, Mike cried 
out, "Go...............Butterfree!!!" "Whoa! A Butterfree!" said Brandon. 
     "Yeah. I caught it here," replied Mike. "You take Hitmonlee, Alex" whispered 
Billy. "OK" agreed Alex. "Pikachu use Thunder Shock on Butterfree," Billy 
commanded. "Tie up Hitmonlee with Vine Whip!" screamed Alex. "Use Fire Kick!" 
said Fred. "Ahhhh! Your Bulbasuar is on Fire!" screeched Vinny. 
     "Bulbasuar...return!" Alex moaned. He walked away and sat down by a tree. 
     "Butterfree fly up high and use Sleep Powder!" commanded Mike. Soon, Billy's 
Pikachu was laying on the ground with a slight grin on it's face. "We win! We 
win! We win!" rejoiced Mike and Fred. "Nice Match," Billy congratulated. 
     "Well, I guess this means we're rivals now ... huh?" declared Fred. "Yes, it 
does," sighed Alex."We'll see you along," ended Alex. The two groups went 
there separate ways as they continued through the forest.