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Chapter I: The Journey Begins

One afternoon while Alex and Billy were eating Pizza and playing 
with Billy's pet Pikachu, Connie called to see if they wanted to come over 
for a swim. What a great idea! It was so hot outside. On the way over to the 
pool Billy saw a wallet on the ground. Billy picked up the wallet and saw 
that it belonged to Brandon. "Hey, we got to find him," said Alex. Inside the 
wallet were two concert tickets to see DMX, a visa card and $15.00. "Let's 
call him I've got a cell phone right here," said Billy. He wasn't home but 
his message said "Hi, I'm not here, but if you leave a message after the beep 
I'll return your call as soon as I can." So they waited for the beep and left 
one. Then Alex and Billy forgot about swimming and spent the rest of the day 
waiting for the phone to ring. After that Billy got a phone call. It was 
Brandon. "To go to the concert with the tickets," he said. When they got 
there they found two back stage passes to the concert. They saw Alex's 
brother Vinny but no one could find DMX. Then, they spotted Beth, she had 
kidnapped him. Billy told his pet Pikachu to do a Thunder Shock. Beth was so 
fat that her blubber insulated her from the electricity. Then Pikachu used 
swift. Beth used her stomach to reflect the attack it hit Brandon then she 
tried to eat him. Suddenly from the distance came a big shadow. Vinny 
screamed, "It's Godzilla!" Then Brandon said ,"No, it's Anthony!" Anthony was 
the Pokemon know-it-all. He kicked Beth with a roundhouse and she ran away. 
"I don't want this to happen again," said Anthony. "Instead of protecting you 
guys I will give you all one Pokemon. You can pick from Bulbasuar, 
Charmander, and Squirtle. Vinny you pick first." "I chose you Squirtle!" Then 
Alex chose Bulbasuar. "I guess that means I get Charmander," said Brandon. 
"Hey, wait a second I didn't get one!", said Billy. "You will use your 
Pikachu," said Anthony. Then they started on their journey together to become 
Pokémon masters.