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Pokémon 2010


                The three boys were trying to get to Pewter City as fast and as far as their legs could take them. But along the way, they ran into a Rocket member. Jason volunteered, but Brian forced him not to. Jason sighed. Brian was going to make it a quick fight.

" Go Denyru !, Brian said. " Go Flareon! ", the girl yelled. " Flareon, Flamethrower! " Denyru dodged easily. He didn't dodge the Take Down attack so easily though. He was knocked on his back, but got up in a flash. Literally. Denyru speed forward so quickly, he looked like a flash of light. He hit Flareon hard.

            " Denyru, Thunderpunch! " A glow of electric energy surged around Denyru's fist. He the fired the electrifying punches almost as fast as a Hitmonchan. Flareon was paralyzed for a second, but that was enough to finish it off. Just then, Flareon was finished with a Thunderbolt.

The young criminal ran off.

            " Good work Denyru, now let's go! " Brian called back his Pokemon and the boys were off again. Soon they reached a cliff close to edge of the woods. They looked down in complete horror. From where they were standing, they had a good view of the rubble that was once Pewter City. The sky was gray from the smoke and stormclouds. The ground was smoldering from sprinkles of rain slowly putting out the fires. People were dying ( And lying dead ) in the streets. Airspeeders were lodged in buildings. The only good thing about all of this is that there was no sign of Team Rocket anywhere. The boys found a spot where they could climb down easily.

            They made their way through the ruins as best as they could. They made their way to the center of the city in about twenty minutes. Once there, they found a spiky haired man with a Golem, a Rhydon, a Ninetails, and an Onix. There was a Golbat perched on the enormous snake's head. The man seemed to be in his late twenties, about 28. Derek also noticed that the Onix was unusually large for its species. Most Onix were only about thirty feet. This one was well over forty. The group was standing next to a blackened building, with a burnt sign hanging from it. Derek had a hard time reading it, but he could make out " PEWTER CITY POKEMON G… "

That was surely the Gym they were standing next to. So much for the Boulder Badge, Derek thought. And if that was the Gym, that man must be Brock, the Gym Leader of Pewter City.

            " Those ROCKETS! I KNEW THEY WERE BAD, BUT THIS?! ", Brock yelled. Derek stepped forward. " Sir? Do you need any help with anything? " I sounded stupid, Derek thought. Why would he need help? " No. But thanks. Did you come for the Boulder Badge? Because if you did… No can do my friend. " Derek didn't care about any stupid badge right now. " I can't give you the badge because I'm about to set off and find the Rockets. Sorry kid. " " HEY! Let me and my friends go with you ! We hate them as much as you ! And one of 'em might know were they're hiding! Please! " " It's to dangerous for a ki… You know, you remind of a great friend I had when I was young. Sure. You can come. " And with that, the four set off, once again.


Mewtwo and Mew had just passed Mt. Moon after finding some wild fruit that Mew was fond of. He was also relieved that Mew had stopped pestering him. They were still weeks away from the colony. But they would get there soon enough. Mewtwo was also practicing his mental powers, so he could take anything Giovanni had to throw at him. Little did he know, he would be tossed into the first battle he wouldn't win.