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Pokémon 2010


            " Wake up! C'mon, I've done this for a year now! WAKE UP! " " I'M UP! ", Derek yelled stubbornly. He arose and packed up his sleeping bag. " Let's go! I found a shortcut through the forest! If we hurry, we can be out of here by late tonight! " Jay ran off. Derek followed. The walked down the trail quickly, almost jogging. " Slow down, man! We have all day! ", Derek said.

            " I just can't wait to get to Pewter! It's our last badge! The last one we need! I already know which Pokemon I'm gonna use. Venusaur, Kingler, and… Sandslash! Yeah!" Derek could tell Jason was excited, and so could anyone else, for that matter! But Derek did need to think about who'd he  use. Golduck, most definitely. Marowak maybe, and probably, Arcanine, though he might not do well. He had to give it a try. They kept walking until Jason said he saw something in the underbrush. He strode through the bushes and weeds to find an old cabin. He peered in the window. It was dusty, and there seemed to be somebody living there, since he saw a table and a bed. " Hey! What are you doing?! ", said an unfamiliar voice. Jay and Derek turned around to see a boy, around their age. He had six Poke Balls strapped to his waist. " Who are you?! ", the boy asked nervously. " Don't worry. We were just wondering why this cabin was hidden. That's all. ", Derek said. " Well, than stop wondering so much! You'll get us all killed! There's Rockets everywhere out here!…. Get DOWN! " He pushed them both into the ground.

            " There's two Rockets coming down the road. Stay down! They're after me! " Derek was confused. Jay just stared at the boy. But sure enough, two Rockets walked right past them. The boys waited quietly a few minutes after they passed. " Come inside, quick! ", the boy said. They all walked inside. Once inside, the first thing Derek noticed was a yellow Pokemon sitting by the old table. It somewhat resembled a tall lizard. " Oh, wow! A Danryu! I've heard of those! Aren't they electric sheep or something? ", Derek exclaimed. " Yeah. He was my first Pokemon. He's a great fighter. Now let me explain this whole Rocket mess! "


                " Jessie. James. Usually you two idiots cause me trouble. But this time you can be proud of yourselves! You two, actually catching me a rare Pokemon! I think I might promote you soon. Now leave me, before I change my mind. YES! We hit it big this time, James thought. He followed his partner out of the office. Giovanni put the Dragonite on his belt. He was looking for one of those. He sat down to scratch Persian. She purred happily. Giovanni had a meeting to attend in two hours with the President of Silph Co. He would buy Silph whether the President liked it or not.

            Silph Co. had a mechanism, which would speed up the cloning process with Mew. The President's father was a good friend of his, and he never stole from friends. Almost. " Sir, the task force is ready! ", a young man said suddenly. " Good. Send them to Pewter City immediately! "

The man nodded and left. Giovanni had a confrontation with the Mayor of Pewter City awhile back. It cost him millions. He would now show him who's boss around here. He was going to bomb Pewter City. He knew it was terribly evil, but what could he say? That's how he was.


                The boys were sitting down to a bowl of stew. " So you see, They're after me 'cause I stole some file on a Pokemon called Mewtwo. They want it back bad. ", the boy said. His name was Brian. Mewtwo?! Derek thought. He remembered that name. " So what is Mewtwo? ", Jay asked. " The perfect fighting machine. It was a clone of an ultra-rare Pokemon called Mew. They are very powerful. But that wasn't good enough. They tried to make Mew stronger, and they did. A little to much. It destroyed the lab and was never seen again. Team Rocket was its creator. And they don't want this info to get out, so they're out night and day looking for me. The idiots haven't found me yet, but they're getting closer. I'll have to leave soo…. What's that sound? "

            The sound they heard was a low humming noise. It was very loud. They all ran outside. He could barely see through the thick leaves, but he could easily make out black helicopters. They were marked with a red R's. Oh no, Derek thought.