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      " Derek! Derek, time to get up! Wake up idiot! JEEZE! You're such a turd!! ", Jay said madly. " I'M UP!! ", Derek yelled back. His bed was bathed in sunlight. He looked out the window. The sun was high and burning brightly. The sky was as blue as the ocean.

     " What time is it? ", Derek asked, confused by the position of the sun. " It's almost noon. I knew you were tired, so I let you sleep. But you got to get up now, because we got a busy day ahead of us. We got to get to Pewter. I, all-ready got new supplies, and canned food to last us two weeks. C'mon, get up! " Derek rose slowly out of bed. He got on his clothes and walked out the door to follow Jason.

     As they left Viridian, Derek thought he saw something. It was a Pokemon… wait, two. One was larger than the other. They sort of looked like cats and they had no wings, so Derek was wondering how they were flying. The smaller one was flying circles around they other. They were flying in the same direction as the boys were walking. They then disappeared from view. Jason was looking at the map. Must have been my imagination, Derek thought.

CH. 2-PART B ( Note:: This is now from Mewtwo's point of view. )

      " Will you please stop? You are annoying me. ", Mewtwo asked politely to Mew. She just snickered, " MEW, MEW, MEWWW! " " Fine. ", Mewtwo said. He was thinking about his plan to destroy Team Rocket and Giovanni for lying to him, and using his powers for evil. Mewtwo himself had turned evil himself once. A little boy named Ash, with the help of Mew, who was flying circles around him at the moment, saved him. As he passed the boys below him, he knew they would help in his plan to save the world in the months to come. He was watching them for a few days now, and found out they wanted revenge on Team Rocket as much as he did. Team Rocket would be destroyed soon, but not with Mewtwo's powers alone. He knew they had ways of retaining even his powers. He would need help, and he would get the best help there was.

     He was heading to a cave, way up north. He knew there were a colony of Mews that lived there, and no humans knew about it, for it was too cold for humans to survive. He would get them to help him. He would then go on a search for all five legendary birds. Articuno, bird of ice. Zapdos, bird of thunder. Moltres, bird of fire. Lugia, bird of the ocean. And finally, Houou, King of the birds. Their powers were greater than his and Mew's combined. If they existed, he would ask for their help also. Then his team would be unstoppable. But that would take months. But he had enough patience until then. Plenty of patience. " MEW, MEWW, MEW! " They flew forward.


      " Finally! Viridian Forest! ", Derek yelled with joy. They were walking for six hours and finally made it to Viridian Forest. It would take at least two days to get through the maze-like forest. And that's if they were lucky. There were lots of Pokemon to stop them on the way, including Beedrills, so they had to be careful. There were also the Rockets to worry about. Who knew were they could be hiding.

     " It's getting dark. We better settle down. Let's eat… Chicken Noodle! Get a fire going! ", Jay ordered. Derek found some wood and released his Arcanine. " Okay!

Arcanine, Ember! " Arcanine released a fireball from its mouth and started a good cooking fire. " Good! Let's eat! "


       Giovanni was siting comfortably in his 600$ leather chair, stroking his Persian gently, making it purr… " So, I have another Mew in my possession. Perfect. I have modified my cloning machine to my specifications. Perfect! " He was talking to one of his lead scientists, Gary Oak. " I want you to clone it, but make it more powerful. AND DON'T SCREW UP! You know what happened to the previous scientists who messed up so many years ago. I know that slimy beast, Mewtwo will be looking for me, and when he finds me, and I’ll have the ultimate weapon to stop him."

     He looked at Gary. " I want it finished in three months! No less! And when you're finished, call it Mewthree. Now leave me in peace! " " Yes sir! " He walked out of the room. " For now, we have Pewter City to take care of! ", he chuckled. He walked to a filing cabinet a pulled out a folder marked " BOMB ".